Outlaw last minute questions ??



  • Swim Bike Run EAT DRINK

  • cougie wrote (see)

    And its Swim Bike Run - yeah ?

    Damn, I thought it was Swim Bike Pub!! Is it too late to get a refund!!

  • Cougie - it is for me. I think you do drown, bike, mince?

  • who I am to take the piss? my last one was swim-bike-run-munch concrete-nee-nah-nee-nah-nee-nah

  • How do they know what size bike to provide for me?

    When will they release the details of the venue - how am I supposed to find it?

  • Is it near Silverstone?  And can anyone give me a lift if it is?

  • imageimage Behave yourselfs kid's there might be newbie's bricking it. image 

  • LOL mellifera ! DBM it is ! image

  • What do you eat on the morning ? I ws just gonna get up about 4 ish and have porridge n fruit etc , but I'm being told that I should also get up at about 1am and have 1500ish calories and then have breakfast 3 hours later ? No way will I get back to sleep if I get up and eat at 1 ??
  • Good god no ... Personally I would eat well on Saturday but nothing too heavy and nothing too late
    Sunday morning I wont have much at all really, a couple of croissants or something for me

  • Same here melds . Biscuits n coffee for near instant energy release an hour or so before the off
  • Indeed ... too much food followed by swimming is never a good idea 

    Stuff yerself on the bike I say image

  • Ok cheers , I thought it sounded a bit much and also I'm terrible swimming even after a drink nevermind loads of food !
  • just had my wibble!  I thought i'd better check that my mini bike pump works. Bl**dy hell, they are sh*t, it took me ages to get the tyre inflated. I suppose it's too late to learn how to use co2 canisters?!

  • Jack be confident in what you have tried up until now, no sudden changes and that especially relates to food
    Try something new on race day is a good old pirate tradition but dont try it with food  image

  • I'll be having porridge and bannanas. Whatever my manservant prepares for me.

    Silverstone PS? Surely Dorney is the only place to have a lake that big?

  • Strong coffee, really really strong and some bread and jam at 4am Race Day. Time enough for it to settle in stomach and then enough time to get all my stuff together and panic!! image
  • Running postie

    C02 is easy, if you buy a inflator that protects your fingers...

    Otherwise they will stick to the cannister when it goes to -15 when the tyre goes whoosh

    Buy some extra cash and practise the night before

    As meldy says its good to try something new on race day image
  • Yep CO2 a doddle.
  • Tinned rice is a good unbfor race morning all you got to do is open the can and scoff wash down with a double expresso and 2 imodium and jobs a good one
  • Why the immodium?
  • Cos it makes the rice tastevniceimage non cos it bungs me up for 12 hours and i have medical probs down that region which may otherwise nessitate many loo stops image
  • And it stops me being ill from  the pond water i always drink.

  • *Adds immodium to the kit/ drug list* image image image

  • It's a must for anything longer than oly distance for me too image and take some pain killers in a zip lock bag for the run
  • It's OK, I've already sorted my painkiller strategy!! I need them for the bike once the distances get above about 75 miles (depending on the hills)! image image

    I have 2 ibuprofen and 1 paracetamol for the bike in my bento box, and I will probably take the same in my belt for the run!! image 

  • all this talk of immodium and tablets..................just a reminder it probably not the best time to start experimenting with new drugs..............

    if you have raced shorter distances and trained without the need for immodium i wouldn't start now................

    for those who have discovered in the past that they have problems then fine................its a sensible addition.........

    also painkillers........take what you would normally take on your long rides...........and if you never need them in the past them just maybe take a few mild ones just incase...........

    use of drugs when you don't need them isn't recommended...............but for some of us they are sadly needed for the long racesimage

  • No thanks! Ibuprofen and paracetamol taken at the same time supposedly have better painkilling properties than many of the stronger painkillers. I know I'm OK with this combination.

    I don't know what the side effects of using diclofenac are likely to be, even though I was prescribed it when I had my knee "fixed".

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