Marathon Funnies

I know it's not Friday yet but came across this funny "reader's letter" in the Framley Examiner which is a local newspaper spoof.

Thought it seemed somehow relevant to the forum ;-)

Also did you know that if you rearrange the letters in The London Marathon you get

Hot old man runs on


Torment! Hand on halo

My guide to entering the London Marathon


  • Bounce, bump, whatever.

    It is Friday now and hopefully this will give you a laugh - particularly needed if you live in London and you had the journey home like I had last night after the power cut ;-)
  • V good ! I like it !!
  • i had completely forgotten about this publication - thank you annie. must bookmark it
  • btw - the bbc article is an excellent overview of the entry system. rw - why not plagiarise it for the mag or web??
  • Why thank you fat-buddha-fit (top nickname), most kind of you to say thank ;-)
  • By that I meant it's good you like it I'll definitely approach Annie to borrow/plagrise some of it for our site too as she was in touch with us for info.
  • only 32 weeks to go!! , well minus christmas weeks cos no one runs then so thats 30 then there's the taper three weeks before so .. 27 oh and of course you'll have a couple of colds over that time which take a week or so to get over so 23 , ah but then there's a chance you'll have a birthday between now and then so thats a saturday night out on the beer and you don't want to be running with a hangover so 22 ah and of course there's injuries .. bound to have one in that time , which take at least 4 weeks to get over so ..18 . ah forgot new years eve which leaves you with a hang over for at least a week .. oh and of course there;s all those sunday mornings when you really can't be bothered to get out of the bed because its raining .. oh and the wedding aniversary and wifes birthday , both of which you are expected to bring her breakfast in bed and take her out for the day .. so that leaves 4 weeks !! then there's all the d.i.y jobs she expects you to do on sundays that you haven't done because of all the hangovers , birthdays , and bad weather , so that leaves us with one week to train ...... hmmmmm think i'll defer till next year !
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