Cross or Weight training for Marathons

I love running marathons - well, I just starting training for number 8 and 9. I really hope to get a GFA time this October when I do Chester, and will run Snowdon again the same month. I usually run 4 or 5 times a week even when not training and hills are my speciality. I try to get some gym work in, stretching and strength work, and also try to get to a few Spin sessions a week, but find my commitment to walking my 3 dogs daily quite time consuming ( I sometimes run with them). I really love Body Pump classes and go to 2 a week, so what I am finally getting round to is... Would I be better off leaving off the Weights class in favour of usual cross training that rests my legs? I'm female, fit and 55 and like to think I'm quite tough but I'm not really that strong - I squat and lunge with no more than 20kg but do lots, and, because my legs and rear are really lardy, would like to improve the look AND carrying ability of my stumpy pins. But is this counter-productive? Help!
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