New shoes - need help deciding

I went into Sweatshop the other day and had my gait analysed on a treadmill. I apprantly land on the outside of my feet and then roll inwards, but my left foot rolls a bit to much.

I currently have a pair of Mizuno Wave Nexus 4's and I tried on the 5's and they felt fine but I'm assuming that's mainly down to being used to the make and model.

I also tried on a pair of New Balance shoes, but the toe box was to narrow as I have quite wide feet.

I then explained that the sides of my big toes get tender and so the assistant got me to try a pair of Asic GT 2170's with the aim of adding more support and cushioning. They felt really comfortable and he said the biometrically, they were the best shoes out of the one's I tried on. However I decided not to buy them because, and this may sound really strange, they were very white and because I run down country lanes I could see them becoming very dirty very quickly and horses also use the lanes as well!!!

Since then I've been in another shop and tried on a pair of Brooks but again they were quite narrow but I also tried some Asic Gel 3030 and they also felt comfortable but I couldn't try them on a treadmill. They were also quite a bit more expensive.

So here's my question. It seems like I need medium support/cushioned shoes, so do people have any other recommendations or should I go with either the GT 2170's or Gel 3030? If so do people have experience of either shoe?

Also, when it comes to the two Asic's pairs, is there any other difference than the colour in the following?

GT 2170

Gel 3030

Compared to red that a lot of sites seem to have but in limited stock. Also the one's I tried on wer Green with grey mesh.


  • Has no one got any experiences of the GT 2170's or Gel 3030's?

  • After gait analysis because of numerous niggles and shin splints it was suggested I go for these trainers (gt 2170) I too needed support in running trainers.

    After getting these the injuries stopped and they felt like the most comfortable trainers I've ever owned ( and for the price they should be!)

    It's now 5 months later, I've only covered about 200 miles in that time and the niggles and splints have come back. The trainers are meant to be good for anything around 500 miles, depending on weight of the runner. I will be going back and seeking advice.

    Anyway, comfortable trainers. I've just seen that they are reduced online! (??65.99)
  • Hi

    When I started running Sweatshop did my gait and recommended Asics Gel 1160 and went up a size to a 6 (always go up a size)  which I purchased and absolutely loved image I never had one problem with them.  When I came to change I wanted the same and they didnt have them so they recommended the Mizuno ( I was doing a HM in 3 months so wanted them quick to run in otherwise would have waited for the Asics to come in) these were a 5.5 in size.  Although these have been ok they are just not Asics and not as good in my opinion.  So, as Sweatshop have a sale on and I have the code for a further £10 off I have purchased another pair of Asics but the 1170 (updated version of the 1160) and got them for £36 image what a bargain and I can keep them for a few months till they are needed image

    Basically if you find a pair of runners you like them get them regardless of colour image mine have all been white and within a matter of weeks they are grey or as my Mizuno ones look after all the rain and calf high in puddles, black haha image

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