Saucony ProGrid Mirage or Brooks Ghost 4?

Hi all - I am looking to move in to more minimilist running and have just bought a pair of the vivobraefoot range.  However I also need a new pair of everyday/gym trainers that I can also use for running (during both transitioning from normal to minimilist running and also for running longer distances (as I plan to run a couple of marathons before the end of the year and do not want to do these in the vivobarefoot shoes). SO - basically I am torn between buying the Saucony ProGrid Mirage or Brooks Ghost 4 as this pair.

DOes anyone have any experience/recommendations on this front?

Any help very VERY much appreciated! I am lost!




  • I haven't tried the Brooks Ghost 4 but I love the Saucony ProGrid Mirage. I am a forefront runner and they have plenty forefoot cushioning to stop the burning balls of feet pain I used to get when wearing more supportive/heel cushioned shoes. They are pretty light and I have narrow feet and they fit well. Maybe worth going and trying both out on a treadmill at one of the running stores.

  • I really am tempted to try the Mirage's,  I currently run in Guide 4's but I am a little bit worried that I won't adjust to the lower heel to toe drop.

    Guess there's only one way to find out! will get a pair at the end of the month and see how I go.

  • To be honest if you want to move to more minimalist shoes try something with lower drop- brooks pure flows have lots of cushioning but 4 mm differential. I personally like ghosts 4, and still run them but this is because I had had them when decided to try something more minimal and I use as rotation. If you're serious about going minimal I would probably not invest in a new pair of ghosts
  • Hi all thank you for your help!

  • To be honest I am slightly sceptical that the differential in the Mirages is really 4mm. They don't feel substantially flatter than my DS trainers. That might just be a function of the way they are built though. They are by no means minimal, they have plenty of sole still. They do peeved have quite a firm feeling heel and they are on the more flexible side so they do still encourage a mid-foot strike.

    I also find the fit a little odd. They are slightly on the narrow and pointed side for my foot shape and they feel very odd when standing but curiously they feel much more comfortable when running. For all that they are lightweight, grippy and feel pretty good to run in.
  • I have now got my Mirage 2's, only done a 4 and a 5 mile run in the so far but tey feel great. Nice and light, the front does feel snug but not uncomfortable.

    Definitely a different feel to running in my old Guide 4's and will take a little bit of getting used to. I am very happy with them so far.

  • Hi there I also run in mirage 2's I love them. Can I ask what trail shoe you run in if you do, as I am looking for a new trail shoe along the same lines...
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