OMM Kamleika jacket or smock for trail running?

I am running the Lakeland 50 in July and I want to buy either the OMM Kamleika smock or the jacket, however not sure which to go for. Anyone got any ideas which is best, does the jacket justify the extra money or is too heavy too run in???


  • ShivaShiva ✭✭✭

    I have the jacket... its comfortable, keeps you dry and i thoroughly recommend it

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Depends what style you like, really.  Smocks feel more like shirts, jackets feel like coats.

    I've got the jacket - I always prefer the full length zip so that you can get it on and off quickly.  The extra weight isn't really an issue.

    Very good to run in - I'll have it with me when I come to the L50, although I hope it'll stay in the pack rather than have to wear it!  Unlikely!!  Completely waterproof but very rather than extremely breathable.  Stretches, and above all doesn't rustle.

    I've also got the Cypher jacket but that does feel like a coat and only use it for walking.  That one is extremely breathable.  A very fine garment indeed.

  • Thanks for the advice guys and good luck T-Rex with the L50?
  • I have the smock, absolutely love it, mega bit of kit, but I'd probably get the jacket if I had my time again as I think a full zip is better on balance (less faffing around)

  • Not OMM but I run in the Rab Demand smock and really like it. Best bit is unpacking it in heavy winds on the side of a mountain in then Brecon Beacons......just wish it had a two way zip and cuff seals.
  • I'm happy with the smock. It doesn't flap around so much when trying to get it on in the wind and the zip is two way as far as it goes. There is a chest pocket too.
  • By far the best combination for potential bad weather and a race as long as 50miles would be the smock and matching trousers.

    It's highly unlikely that the jacket version wil let in any significant water due to the full frontal zip, but the smock has fewer pockets and zips and is just as good as the jacket.
  • I have the smock it's great and the zip is long enough to still be able to get it on and off quickly!
  • Lots of Marmot Jackets available in Sports Pursuit website



  • The Inov-8 Raceshell smock looks good too. I know a couple of people with them. I went with a Montane Minimus when I saw them cheap. Not as rustle-free though.

  • I prefer the jacket style. Full zip (doesn't mess with the hair do (I know I'm vain). I wouldnt worry about any loss of waterproofing with the full length zip. The OMM stuff all seems to have this really cool zip design going on anyway that protects the zip opening. I got the OMM Kamleika Race Pants too, got a good deal from these chaps: For me the OMM kit is like Ronseal, it does exactly what it says on the tin plus more in my experience. 

  • Neither. I would totally avoid using OMM all together.

    I purchased this jacket 3 weeks ago and the drawstring for the hood came loose from the inside stitching. As this was a cash purchase OMM have denied any help or support. This is the second OMM product that has been faulty (luckily I had a receipt for the first). I would look for alternative products for this kind of price I would expect top quality in terms of the garment and the customer service. OMM provide neither.

  • VDOT52VDOT52 ✭✭✭
    So you bought something via non standard transaction and are then surprised that you get non standard customer service. Amazeballs.
  • The new Phantom Hoody by OMM, is even better, same material, just as versatile, and a better designed hood, and weighing around 30gms less.
  • Going to put in a good word for smocks in general. I find them easier to deal with in poor conditions.

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