Saturday 23rd June

Lyrics: "If man is 5 / then the devil is 6 / and if the devil is 6 / then God is 7."

Morning all. Can't sleep. Was going to run the Bolton parkrun this morning for the first time but there's been flooding on the train line yesterday, so that's in jeopardy. Let's assume it occurs.

WHAT: 5k parkrun

WHY: It's good to get out.

LAST HARD: Wednesday 20th June, 13.5 miles.

LAST REST: Thursday 21st June.

NEXT WEEK: Long run Sunday, then taper toward HM on July 1st, breaking the week up with a 5 miler in Derbyshire on Wednesday.


  • Morning all,

    7D - Hope you got some sleep before 4:49 this morning! are you looking forward to your HM? Good luck if you Parkrun. Forgot to congratulate you on the weightloss yesterday! Most impressive and well done!
    Blisters - From what I hear, swimming plateaus and then clicks into another improvement. You progressed really well!! You'll bust through 1k with decent form, I'm sure!! My only recorded 400m time is 9:xx (can't remember specific) I tend to swim at about 10min/400m. If I go any quicker I get shattered!! I'm awaiting the breakthrough though! Oh, and I understand that the marathon is free. However, like you say, the nature of the course will condense the crowds!
    Paddy - The torch bearers have to pay £199 if they want to keep the torch. BUT, this is a bargain apparently because each torch costs £495 to make. I believe there are 8000 torches in total.
    LMH - No racing this weekend. Will be swimming and running though. My mate tried to get me to enter a short tri but the ladies of the house are off horsing around. Will probably do an Aquathlon on Thursday. Next tri is 21st July. Good news on your swimming! Good to see you are happy!!!

    So, up and early with the hounds for me. One of them has got a bad toe, so may be a trp to the vets later. He was haring around the garden and came in limping. Hopefully he hasn't displaced it or anything (Greyhounds are susceptible to this). Foot is a bit swollen and he hasn't moved off the sofa yet this morning, so can't assess if he is better/worse than yesterday.

    Up the caravan again this weekend. Cursing the lack of Sky TV here as I listen to the Wales v Aus rugby on the radio!

    What: Swim/run later. One or the other, or both.
    Why: Need to swim and run
    Last hard: Racing on Sunday
    Last rest: 1 day

  • Blisters: Your a cynic

    7D Good luck at the park

    Was out with the chain gang this morning 40 miles at 26.7MPH not sure why everyone was in such a hurry, first time I've ridden in a peleton for months, I had forgotten how easy it is to draft

  • Morning

    7d: Early start to todays thread. 'Pot calling the kettle black' me saying that right enoughimage

    Yesterdays lyrics: Stereophonics 'Maybe tomorrow'

    Wet and windy up here again.

    All the best to those racing today/tomorrow in case I forget.

    Olympic Trials this weekend. Await some drama. Gonna watch itimage

    Back later now catch up time.

  • Blisters - it's all relative. That's not a fast time for 400m for me but I was pleased to be able to hold it consistently over the 1600m and it was a lot less effort than the 8 min 400m's I was swimming a couple of weeks ago. My big breakthrough came when I attended a swimming day run one February by Rich Stannard in Aldershot. £99 for the day and worth every penny - the video footage and feedback explained a lot to me that helped me to improve.

    Glad you're ok Pammie.

    Where in Derbyshire are you racing 7d?

    Alex - I hope it's not a broken toe.

    DD - pack your thermals.

    It's dry here (forecast rain soon though) but windy. Could be another tough LSR.

    What:             LSR
    Why:              the only way to make them easier is to do them
    Last hard:       it's been a while
    Last rest:        11/6

    Lyrics - no.


    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Lyrics - yes.  That's a damn fine tune, and I've had it on internal jukebox on many a run or ride recently, don't ask me why.  Good shout.  image

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Greetings all,

    What - Andover Parkrun just missed out on sub 20, 20:03 so is best time on that course this year....
    Why - Local and need the miles, did 3 other miles and will be out later too
    Last Hard - just done, though the wind was tough too
    Last Rest - Thurs

    Lyrics, interesting, but no

    Take care

  • LMH - I was targetting this race, but not for a fast time. The course isn't easy, but its a big local race and it'll be a good gauge against familiar foe. My back has been playing up a bit but seems nicely settled now. It hasnt been perfect prep but i has stopped me over training in the last 10 days or so. It's the race where I met my waterloo last year and had to walk away after mile 1 into a very long layoff. The year before i ran as part of a relay and did the first 5k. Hopefully tomorrow i'll complete the course for the first time!!.

    Resting today.

    RFJ - Sounds like progress.

    7d - same question as LMH (my old patch and was wondering what was going on!!)

    DD - Nice speed.

    Alex - Maybe Austerity has gone to my head by 4 million on torches seems a bit of a waste.

    Blisters may be cynical in his comments but i'm sure if they could they would do exactly as he says.Surely the marathon is the race for the public. And if the course was to be ticketted the plans would have been out by now!

    Keep swimming Blisters - it'll come

    Ale - as i ended up on a flight at silly o'clock next friday morning to manc i might fit a run in (might!!!) Any suggestions of runs starting from City Centre??. I deffo wont be running Sat Morning due to self inflicted sickness!!

  • DD - That's good riding mate!
    Birkmyre - Will be trying to catch some of the trials. Should be interesting. Keen to see what the hype about young Gemili is all about.
    LMH - Don't think he has broken it. Nor is it displaced. Just a bit swollen now but he is walking much better on it. Greyhounds can be a bit wussy at times, but he has done something! I'm hoping to get some swimming tips off my fast swimming friend. Need to keep an eye out for sessions like that though!
    RFJ - Nice must be pleased!
    Paddy - fingers crossed for tomorrow!! And yes, it is a lot of money!!!

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭


    Blisters i admit they were easy lyrics

    Paddy - Good luck tomorrow

    Was it Madame O or Chickadee that half tomorrow i think Best of luck there

    Alex hope your greyhound will be ok

    Was up arly today not as early as 7D but at 6, went back but up at 7 but while this is unnatural for me at least it won't be too bad getting up tomorrow she says with suh optimism

    What: 1.64 miles
    Why: Easy trot before tomorrow
    Last Hard Ages but i know when my next one will be
    Lyrics No googled out of curiosity though



  • Alex: Yeah or watch it on iplayer.

  • Hey all. Bolton parkrun. Hilly. Wet. Windy. Somehow a PB - 21.10. 

    The Derbyshire run is the Round The Resers 5 miler at Tintwistle nr. Hadfield. I've never actually been but it's cheap on the train and I can make it in time after work, so worth a punt. What can I expect?

    Alex: hope your dog is alright!

    Paddy: hope you beat the injury. but don't make it worse, eh?


  • "Cross training" for me today, aka the Curchyard Working Party. It is true that nobody works harder than a volunteer, and I could hardly opt out because it was my suggestion. Much undergrowth chopped and lopped from the trees, aided and abbeted by Small One. It's nice to be able to see the results of your work, and after 3 hours of graft we were all a bit pooped.

    Wifey challenged me to tidy up the office and she's just arrived home so I'd better get the finger out.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    goos X training Blisters

    Good PB 7D well done

    Another 6.5m done for me... as Sats normal double readying for Thunder Run 24 hour (relay in a team of 5)....

    Take care

  • 7D - Well done on the PB!!
    Birks - Any thoughts on the trials thus far? I thought that a lot of athletes looked a little off the pace. Won't give specifics in case people don't want to know anything about the outcomes. Maybe the Euros will show some more form.
    Blisters - Sounds like thw sort of thing I need to do to my garden!!!image
    RFJ - When is Thunder Run? apologies if you said before!
    Pammie - Are you racing tomorrow?

    15-1600m swim done for me. 43:xx. A few stops to chat with the kids and fix their friend's snorkel mask. So probably around the 40min mark. Must stop procrastinating at the ends of lengths too!!

    Dog is much better thanks. He still has a bit of swelling but he had a walk no problem and doesn't seem to be in pain. Thankfully, it looks like it is just soft tissue and no vet trip required. Will keep an eye on him though!

  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭

    Alex yes a 10km but not in proper race fitness so will be a run around and to see where i am fitness wise then it shall be full steam ahead for Southend in October 

    Good swim 

    Good news re the dog

  • Excellent stuff...hope it goes well! Let us know how you get on! image

  • Evening
    What nowt
    Why Saturday
    Lyrics fine tune

    I have a jungle at the back of my house if your intrested Blisters.

    LSR tomorrow

  • Agent Orange, Postie

    Just harvest the silage and keep the peace.

    The best thing I did was to gravel the front garden bed and let Chief Gardener plant up plenty of pretty pots. Gravel. Pots. Gorgeous.

    This afternoon was playing with engine components. Happy stuff.

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