Tour de France

Following the good fun had with the Giro fantasy cycling, heres details for Le Tours fantasy league. Fatman to Ironman Tour de France league now set up. Create your team & join the mini league. Code is 23123333 Good laugh, easy to do.


  • oiyouoiyou ✭✭✭


    Bradley had better have a good Tour then.

  • I daresay everyone will have Bradders in their team so we'll all be in the same boat if he decides to do acrobatics againimage
  • anyone picking Cav, Wiggins and Evans will be deducted 40 points.......image

    Oh and i think everyone should have to pick a Katusha rider.

  • 7 teams in the league now.

    Everyones got Wiggins, one person hasnt gone with Cav.
  • Just entered. Very new to cycling and looking forward to it. Got Wiggins and Cav. Had to sacrfice the rest though. I may have picked some people who have never cycled before, I dont know, or the only cycling they have done is a 3 mile commute to work on the wifes bikeimage

  • Welcome aboard. Anything can happen. A few of the cheapy Giro riders scored a lot more points than some of the popular pro's in that comp.

    good luck image


  • Tremble in Fear people - I shall be entering a crack squad to steal the victory again. 

    Bwaa Haa Haaa.

    <swooshes cape and disappears out>

  • Look out, the demon domestique's about image

    11 entries in the league now
  • [ blink ]

    Who *was* that masked cougar??

  • I am picking ONLY katusha riders where possible. Cos they rock, and all you jonny come lately sky fans can kiss my botty.

  • [spins floatily in a Kate Bush sort of way]

    # Katusha, Katusha, Katusha ya-yaaaaaaa...#

  • I picked a Katusha rider..... mainly cos I was short of cash !


    Oh I'm in btw


    (A masked Cougar and a floating spotty leopard, I thought it was the riders on drugs ....... image)

  • Thought I'd get in on this seeing as how after a couple of years glued to eurosport I'm now a fully qualified armchair expert.

    14 entries now.

    Edit: That's an armchair cycling expert btw. Not an expert in soft furnishings.

  • I went for the tried and trusted method of picking names I'd heard of, on the grounds that I'd have heard of them because they'd won something.  Although given this is the TdF, it's possible I've heard of them because they've crashed into a barbed wire fence or failed a drugs test.  Hmm, perhaps I won't be winning.

  • Welcome aboard all. 14 teams now.

    Katusha, who ? image


  • I was going to have a team but you know I'd show you all up with my expert knowledge. I shall be mostly not reading twitter for the next month to avoid spoilers...unless of course Katusha win a stage and I'll get a text from Bassy image

  • Just entered. Go on Mrs F - you know you want to. 

  • First round choices made- still plenty of dithering time before the 30 June cutoff.

  • i'm in,  couldnt bet against wiggo this year though

  • Great turn out guys. 18 teams in the league now image
  • Ive not had time to sort team Bassytusha yet, But the russian machine will thump you all anyway.

    go kolobnev. oh he isnt there. Go Oscar then, and Denis (I can fall off in a straight line) Menchov too.

  • Right Im in. It wouldnt let me just select the entire Katusha squad, sadly.

  • Not a clue what I'm doing, but I've got a team in!  image

  • Up to 20 in the league now!  image

  • i am in, where is thor hushovd this year? 

  • menintightshorts 

  • Womaninhotpants
  • Thor has had a virus and is missing the Tour this year
  • B- gutted. Wanted him on my squad!

    Menintightshorts not kylieinhotpants (0;

    What do I do know I've entered and picked my squad?

    Wait for it all to roll round on Saturday?
  • He was amazing last year, shame he won't be there .. tho I am sure it will still be great image
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