Which Garmin for running?

Hi all, My other half and I are considering getting a garmin forerunner as we are fed up of carrying our phones and using apps! I've read so many reviews but still ant decide which would be best for our running, and a bit of cycling! I've kind of narrowed it down to the 610 or 310xt... But can't work out which is better for mainly running! The biggest thing for us would be the gps route tracking and the ability to have the watch tell us when we are failing at a set pace. Any advice and experience of either watches, or any garmins for that matter, out there? Much appreciated J


  • Hi John I bought a forerunner 110 about 2 month ago and I think it's great does everything I would want it to do and seems very accurate everything is easily updated to your computer so you can look back through previous runs total runs etc... And it shows everywhere you run very clearly and best of all the value think I paid just over ??100 which for technology like that I'd say was very cheap!!! Good luck
  • I bought a 310xt and have nothing bad to say about it, I appreciate its for a bit more than may be required for running however its future proof for when I decide to get biking and swimming.


    I know some people think its quite big however I see it as an advantage, who doesnt want a big display? And anyway it doesnt feel big on, its really light and comfortable.

  • I'm wanting a 310xt at the moment mainly for its long (20 hour) battery life and waterproofness! It hasn't broken but I do frequently seem to have a water bubble under the glass of my 305!

    If I didn't care about the long battery life and waterproofing I would go for the 610 as it looks better!
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    I have the 610 gad it about 5 weeks fantastic, works a treat, very reliable, nice and easy to use virtual partner is fun. Clean interface simple to use and not to big.

  • I have the 410 (which is not one you have asked about, but hey!) I habve been using it for 3 weeks and it's great bike and running. It has all the doings I need, the ANT+ hook up with my PC is great AND it links to Strava for all of the app related fun!

    The thing that decided me? £135 from Amazon!

  • I have the 310xt and find it very good. I like the large screen and, particularly, the long battery life. I have small wrists and wear it over a sweatband - but I need to do that for other sports watches as well.

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