Runners Feet (aargh)

have to end Tim's monopoly of curious surveys.

Runners feet seem to get huge abuse (mine are dreadful!) and I was wondering how people try to make them more normal again:
Lots of creams potions & unguents
using the industrial rasp or similar
pumice (wet or dry)
professional chiropodists
use of semi-professional virtual nurses (!)
walking on hot charcoal
walking on thin ice

from my part the feet get no pre-run treatment and an occasional attack with the pumice in the shower.

I wondered as to whetehr posting this shows an increasing obsession, but there again I looked at some of tehotehr titles and realised this wasn't as weird as some others.


  • I use pumice, but my dad has a cheese grater thingy!
  • Coat my feet in Superdrugs own moisturiser, dirt cheap but very good, put on socks and leave overnight, not a big turn on, but lovely soft feet in the morning.
  • I just use tons of Astral before going to bed. And occassionally, i sit and pick the big hard patches of skin that grow on the side of my big toes. I flick the bits around the living room for a bit of light entertainment......
  • I'm supposed to pumice and put cream on them on a regular basis, as the hard skin gets quite bad, but I'm a bit of a slacker and this happens rarely...

    I cut the nails as well (but sometimes need the exploding toe as a reminder to do this) and try to make sure the black ones look as good as they can given what's going on there!

  • What about good old fashioned Vaseline, it works wonders.
  • I use a pumice daily and give my feet a pedicure every couple of weeks. If my feet get really dry I put vaseline on them overnight.
    I go to the salon for a pedicure once every couple of months. Out here (Dubai) we wear a lot of open-toed shoes, so having nice feet is a must!

  • I leave mine alone so that when they hang out the bottom of the bed at night they ward off all evil.
  • Professionally trimmed every 6 weeks by the farrier, new shoes nailed on, then a daily coat of hoof oil keeps them nice and shiny.
  • Occasional use of pumice sponge (Body Shop one - much better than real lava lumps), cut toe nails fairly regularly, lavender body lotion most nights.

    I've been using that Athlete's foot cream for ages and I'm not getting any faster. Do you think I should ask for a refund?
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