Inov-8 Trailroc vs Inov-8 f -Lite 195

Hi everyone, been researching a bit more about barefoot running and the shoes I love are from Inov-8, really like the specs and looks of these shoes.  The F lites have good reviews and have been out longer, the Trailrocs are new and not due to be realeased until August...image

The terrain i run on isn´t really mountainous as such, but its dry, dustry and rocky - your typical countryside in Spain. We run on a dried out river bed which can have big rocks, sand and soft parts to it too, the roads are well i´d consider trail its dirt track, gravel.  I don´t really run much or tarmac either, mostly those dirt tracks and grassland though we do not get much rain here.  I will also use these for the gym, walking and mountain biking, if possibe??  They are mimimalist shoes so i don´t see any problem in using them for other activities?

I am thinking these may be ideal?

Say it´s a minimalist racer..and has 1 point arrow (3mm) it doesn´t seem like much to effect my barefoot running? Also I wonder how long these shoes will hold up.

And the other...

This is quite similar but with an anatomic fit (my feet are quite narrow, and i am not sure if there will be a lot of space?)

They also have the zero version too...with no shoc zone.  I suppose if it became really uncomfortable at first i could always add insoles when i am building myself up to them??

Thanks everyone.


  • I am guessing no one has the f lite 195?

  • Hello,

    Only just joined Runners World after finding your post regarding the Inov-8 F-lites and trail-rocs. I have exactly the same dilemma and was wondering if you made a decision between the two?

    I started with a pair of Bare-Grip 200s for orienteering which are great; though find that for everyday training, that involves a mixture of road, gravel and mud, there is too much grip. 

    Therefore, I want a pair of inov-8s that can deal with more hard pack terrain without  a load of bulk and support (can't go back from barefoot running after using the Bare Grips- which are AWESOME). 

    After visiting a store the sales assistant gave impression that F-lites were solely for X-over indoor gym use- not for trail, and proceeded to recommend me the FLYROC 310s which were way too bulky and insisted there was no point in trying the F-lites.

    Even the brochure says the F-Lites are for 'sprinting, wieghtlifting, rope climbing and gym work'- however most user reviews cliam they're perfect for trail?! 

    I'm really confused and would be greatful if somebody could shed some light?


  • Hi there, welcome!

    I went for the f lites in the end.  I called Inov8 and they advised me that the 195s are a trail shoe too, basically an all rounded for everything as I run on a mix of trail. rock/gravel and road.

    They are fantastic and in the rain wonderful (tried them out in Scotland)

    You are looking at the 220s which are different from mine, I did not like the sole on those.


    I bought mine from Wiggle they are fantastic and quick.


    These shoes are also the lightest (195g)


    I hope that helps image


  • Hey,

    Went out today and bought the black F-Lite 195s. New sales assistant said they're suitable for trail as long as I am used to minimal support shoes, which is fine. 

    Yet to try them out, but will this evening- then off to Australia for the summer for a few trail events!

    Again, thanks for your advice- helped me make the decision to buy some (fingers crossed!) great shoes : D

  • Nice, you won´t be disappointed.  I live in the Málaga region of Andalucía, Spain and they´re fantastic there too.

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