New type of running five finger shoes skeletoes. Your opinion?

I want to present new type of running shoes with five fingers!
In some ways he was a harbinger of a new trend of sports shoes – sneakers with the toes. In the new century, a sports footwear is gaining popularity. Especially now, when it becomes so popular minimalism and “natural running”.

You can buy these on eBay or Amazon for low cost of running shoe.

What do you think about it?

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  • sorry for resurecting an old thread, was looking for a review of the book "natural running"....

    i've been running in VFF's for about 6 months now and saw the skeletoes in a sports shop about 3 months ago. i only got as far as picking them up, but was instantly turned off by how inflexible the sole was compared to the VFF's. there also appeared to be considerably more padding in the skelies. the one thing i love about the VFF's is the feedback your feet get from the ground. sure, i didn't get chance to try the skels (they were the wrong size) but the thickness and stiffness of the sole gave me the impression that i wouldn't get the same feedback. i therefore concluded that spending money on them would probably be a fools errand as i've already found the daps for me.

    i'd be interested to know if anyone else has tried them or better still, can compare them to VFF's etc.

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