Can anyone recommend a training watch plse - I am new to (and enjoy) running and wanted to get something to keep track of my training. I sometimes carry my phone but find it hard to run holding something.


  • Timex Ironman range are good. 

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭
    I like garmin forerunner. The 410 is about ??140 with heart monitor on amazon.
  • What sort of information do you want from your watch?  Time, distance, lap splits, heart-rate, pace...?  I'd decide that then look at different brands.

    Like cougie, I'm a Timex Ironman fan too.

  • I've got a Soleus 2.0 - nice watch, works well and not bulky. Download to their software and can upload to MapMyRun. Doesn't download to Macs as yet, though...

  • The Garmin 410 is supposedly discounted at the moment. It does everything you're likely to ever need.
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