First tri - done

I've popped my tri cherry today at the City of Bath Sprint.  Bloody fecking fantastic.  Had a blast, enjoyed it a huge amount, and what better way to spend a Sunday morning (well there are better ways .... but I've been married a long time now...)

Shite swim ... I actually came last out of 99, which is a bit humbling.  But both my bike and run times put me 40th out of 99 finishers, which I'm dead pleased with.  83rd overall ... I think I know where I've got a lot of work to do.

I loved it.  Great atmosphere, fantastic people (especially the 80 or so spectators and competitors cheering me along for my last length ... but which time I was Timmy-No-Mates in the pool).  

Brilliant.  And now I feel justified in ordering some Pirate kit ... image 


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