Couch to 10k


I keep seeing people mention the "Couch to 10k" program but have done a search on the website and I cant find any program at all, am I missing somthing?


  • See:




    I googled image

  • Sorry, I thought it was a particular program people were referring to because they referred to it as 'The' couch to 10k program as opposed to 'A' couch to 10k program

    I will take a look at these links but can anyone recommend one which may be more effective than others

  • Cara HCara H ✭✭✭

    I did the original C25k. It's on the NHS choices website and also available as an App. I then did the Bridge to 10k which cost me about £1.50 for the App.

    HTH x C

  • Hi Cara

    Thanks for your help, is the bridge to 10k on the nhs website aswell? or is this just an app?

  • Just found a website with more podcasts for C28k c210k etc

    Not tried it yet, but will give it a go later

  • Cara HCara H ✭✭✭

    Bridge to 10k isn't on the NHS site, but you can google various versions of it. I like it as an app so I can listen to the radio as I run, the app runs in the background and just beeps when I need to change pace. I tried a podcast but hated it - I prefer either my own music, or the general mix of banter and music on the radio.

  • the couch to 5k is good. imo, bridge to 10k ramps up the mileage too quickly...good luck!

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