Torbay Half Marathon

Just got back from South Devon having really REALLY enjoyed the Torbay Half marathon. 

Brilliant support from locals and marshalls all round the route, and brilliant for spectators who would potentially see their runners at least six times throughout the race (three times in first mile, twice at 6 miles and again a the end).

Perfect family fun filled locatoin and a lovely undulating route so you don't get to take it easy. Lots of other runners to see and cheer on, and just quite perfect. 

The Medal is pretty fine too. Results appear to be delayed, but I definitely want to go back! Hope others want to as well.


  • I agree, great support and well organised. Weather turned out just about perfect as well, if a little breezy at times. Only downside was the bad traffic from Paignton to the a380, reminded me what it was like when I used to live down there!
  • Pleased you enjoyed it - I was one of the marshalls as our club organises it and we were so lucky with the weather.  Everyone seemed to be smiling even on the second loop and I really wished I could have done it so went out later myself and ran the course but much hotter by late afternoon.  Results are up now.

  • Thanks TR. 2:01:25 - I'll take that since I my training really went to pot because of work and I hadn't done anything more than 9.5 miles since end of April (also a half mara!). Really pleased to have found this race though and will definitely go back.

  • 2nd time I have taken part in this event and enjoyed it just as much as last year. Not the best time in the world 2:16:30 but just pleased to complete. I have to agree, the organisation was fantastic and to be part of a great event really made it for me. Supporters as usual were great and really encouraged us to keep going especially on the last hill!! I will definately be hitting the roads of Torbay again next year.

  • Excellent organisation and good support at all points on the course.Water stations came thick and fast which certainly helped on this undulating race.I am not a supporter of two lap races as I prefer not to know what is coming especially when slopes are involved.The medal and t-shirt were excellent. A faultless event!

  • Torquayrunner, your club did great job, thanks to all.
  • Thanks - I know some of the guys were down there at 5am (in the rain) setting up on the seafront.  We were so lucky the rain had cleared by 8 and held off all day then.

    If anyone is around for the August Bank Holiday weekend there is a Torbay 10k race at 6pm on the Sunday 26th - this one starts at the Torquay end, goes over to Paignton following a similar route.and back to finish in Torquay - has a nice atmosphere as an evening race and plenty of support en route too as the town will be full of people staying for the holiday weekend.

  • Considering the 10K in August as will be a good warm up for Birmingam in October.I know it will be well organised so a possible goer for me image 




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