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Does anyone, other than perhaps the elites, actually run all of the run in an Ironman? And is it daft to be contemplating an IM next year when I know full well that my knee isn't up to marathon distance running? I'm thinking I could walk it. Or walk-run... Or stagger-hobble...


  • I've not yet managed to cover an IM marathon (3x tries) without resorting to walking- my best case scenario for the next one will be 'run, but walk the aid stations'.

  • Walk hobble stagger then crawl Sarah, sorted image


  • image Yes it is daft to enter an IM when you have a knee that is not up to running a marathon! Which is why I'm doing outlaw! image

    Over 13 years ago I had a silly little fall while skiing, because it was at low speed the binding didn't release my right ski. The result; 70% tear of the ACL, torn medial ligament and damaged carteledge. It has been repaired surgically, over 12 years ago now, which has restored the stability but the damage to the carteledge doesn't seem to have recovered. As a result I am unable to run more than about 6.5 to 7 km at a time without my knee starting to go on me (by that I mean pain inside the joint and swelling). I have to run walk anything longer. This is why I used to say "I'm never doing an Ironman", then I changed it to "I'll do an Ironman when I can give myself enough time to walk the marathon".

    Last year I did run walk a half marathon without agrivating it and after doing the bike for a relay team last year I reckoned it would be achievable at Outlaw. When I entered I fully expected to be getting off the bike and have a very long walk ahead of me! I'll be doing as much running as I can and I have a painkiller strategy worked out!

    Should you do it? Only you know how your knee feels after whatever distances you do run and cycle, but if you don't try you won't know. And be prepared to have to say enough is enough it's not worth the permanent damage! Hope this helps! image

  • Gladys boinged a thread for Saffers not so long ago. I'll see if I can find it to do the same
  • Yep generally with the following discaimer i walk the aid stations cos its usually open cups and i want my drink inside me not outside image its all a bout pacing on the bike if you burn up the bike you will burn up on the run
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    Right, well that's it then. 

    Consider this an official declaration of intent* image



    * Assuming I can learn how to stop the new road bike without crashing it...

  • Running the whole way in an IM is what a lot of the field do try to do....

    A lot do do it successfully.
    However a lot also start to walk increasing amounts by the end, and their running speed starts to slow down as well.

    The IM marathon is not fast.  A 3.45 is roughtly a top 20% run time, and thats not really that fast.  However being able to do it in an IM is hard, as your legs are a bit buggerred.  The important this is get an 'easy' sustainable pace, and just keep going. 
    My standalone marathong time would have been about 3:15 (according to marathon talk)....

    Run walk is the way to go if you are a beginner to IM, or don't think you will run the whole way. 
    Practice on a suitable run-walk interval, (5:1, 6:2, 10:1) 
    In the race, run between the aid stations and walk the aid stations themselves. 
    Lots do it.

    Oh, and I've just lost bits of my medial meniscus, have a ruptured cruciate ligament, and have worn cartilage on my femure with arthirtis below it, (snap little Sis!!!). 
    Oh and I've just entered IM Lanza image
    I will be

    • swimming lots,
    • Biking lots more,
    • doing some running, (volume by frequency, little on the road, lots of smooth off road / treadmill)
    • doing lots of eliptical trainer / stepper (pre/post runs)
    • doing lots of strength work
    • working on my run form

    have a read of the following for some ideas

    At the end of the day only you know if you want to do it enough.....

    O.rangeCannon I came, I saw, I knitted wrote (see)
    Oh, and I've just lost bits of my medial meniscus, have a ruptured cruciate ligament, and have worn cartilage on my femure with arthirtis below it, (snap little Sis!!!). 

    Actually when mine went it was more of a pinging sensation then the lower part of my leg felt like it was just hanging there!! image image  

  • Little Sis
    Do you have any ideas / approaches you used to build run fitness while limiting the impact / damage to you knee....?

    any ideas welcome


  • OC,  I'm very strict with myself about not running down steeper slopes (because of the jarring), gentle gradients aren't a problem!! I also run by how it feels, i.e. if it's not feeling right or I start getting a twinge I cut my run short or start run /walking. I tend to do most of my running on a mixture of surfaces, road and woodland paths so I reduce impact as much as possible. Funnily enough running on uneven surfaces isn't really a problem. During training for Outlaw I haven't pushed it to the point where I have had to rest it and I have built up my distances very slowly. Also I take cod liver oil and glucosamine & chondroitin every day, not sure if it is working, but I am giving it a chance.

    I did a 10 k trail race a little over 2 weeks ago, I started feeling a twinge at about 6 k. Stupidly I pushed it to far and ran far more than I should have. My fitness levels felt fine and I quite happily managed a sprint finish. But because of the pain in the joint I had to cut my long bike ride down to only 40 miles the next day, I should have stopped at about 35 miles, but I was still 5 miles from home.

    Everybody is different, I know of some people with a complete tear of the ACL, not repaired, with no problems. Whereas I had a 70% tear and my knee would give way, while walking, without warning. It really is a case of learning what works for you.

  • My mate cant run at all - he's had a tumour in his ankle - but he walked his IM Marathon in just over 6 and a half hours.  So just choose a race with a generous cut off and it can be done !

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    My thinking is that I can already do the swim - so no problems there. Maybe a bit of speed work in the pool to give me extra time to play with for the bike and 'run'.

    The bike is a bit unknown. I've had two bikes in my life - one had four gears and was bought second-hand from a car boot sale, and the second is a hybrid that's done me nicely (albeit slowly) for two sprint tris. I've now got number 3 - a road bike  (previous owner - an 11 year old girl who out grew it image) that I've been out on once, and crashed on twice. I figure if I put some serious effort into cracking the bike, then I'll be up for an Ironman. 

    That sounds like a well thought out plan image


  • Cougie makes a good point.  My friend is doing IMW and is planning to walk most of it as she is not a strong runner, but is much stronger with swim and bike.  But I think run/walk but be a good strategy.

    I ran the marathon and walked the aid stations as I think most people aim to do.  When I say ran I mean I just kept a steady pace that I could maintain without pushing it too hard and found that worked... marathon time 5.04, not blistering but it got me to the end

  • I did 4.28 by walking the aid stations, which are plentiful.

    I wouldn't not do that in an IM, I think it is suprising how quickly you can go from feeling fine, to desperately needing that cup of coke/handful of crisps that were at that last aid station....

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    Is it worth attempting a marathon beforehand? Or is it just so different to the run of an IM that it's pointless?

    I'd definitely walk the aid stations. Being a sports dietitian I'd be a fool not to make the most of them! 

  • I'd say its pretty pointless unless you need to know that you can do a marathon. 

    But a stand alone marathon and an IM marathon are two different beasts altogether. 

    I'm quite good at marathons but crap at IM Marathons.  All things considered - training for a stand alone marathon probably detracts rather than helps.

  • cougie wrote (see)

    My mate cant run at all - he's had a tumour in his ankle - but he walked his IM Marathon in just over 6 and a half hours.  So just choose a race with a generous cut off and it can be done !

    Generous cut off! Why do you think I chose to do Outlaw! image

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