Flat belly plan?????

Trained for a marathon last year, got great looking legs by the end of it but still a wobbly belly (probably due to the amounts of lucozade sport I was drinking), this year training again for a marathon and REALLY want to lose the wobbly middle.  Know I need to do core exercises but what about tried and tested dietary changes, can anyone recommend anything cos am getting fed up with the tight waistband, and know my running would benefit if I lost my spare tyre.  Cheers.


  • i could do with some advice also.  Have lost 2st since January, started running in march and did my first race yesterday.  All of me is still wobbly, my legs, arms, tummy......i am eating healthy foods, running 3 - 4 times a week, but i still just look like a smaller version of my bigger former self - any tips?? thanks

  • i am by no means an expert on such matters but personally - i mix my running up with resistance/weight training twice a week - i go to a body pump class, and i do find that when i stick with the class as well as the running, i notice much more of a difference to my overall muscle tone.

    you cant spot reduce fat on your body - you have to reduce it all over and for a lot of people, me included, it seems to stay for longer around the middle and is harder to shift!  again i am not a dietician and this is what works for me but i would suggest making sure you are drinking a lot of water, perhaps reducing bloating foods like white bread/pasta and swapping for brown, eat plenty of fibre and veg/lean protein and do some planking!!!  my evil body pump teacher makes us do what feel like hours of planking while moving up onto hands and back down onto elbows repeatedly, moving feet in and out while planking and then doing the one where you bring your legs up to the side of you while planking as if you are climbing.  its a killer.  but seems to work!  image

    oh also - try not to eat more than you need - marathon training makes me want to eat the whole chocolate section of my local shop!! 

    congrats on the weighloss and first race RFF - i hope you enjoyed it! 

  • Planks aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh.

    Is there not an easier way image Yeah, well done rff, sounds like a pretty impressive start!  Think I've actually put on weight since starting running more seriously - and no it's not muscle.



  • loved the race,hoping to do a half marathon in November.  running makes me so hungry though!! Not been to an exercise class for many years so no idea what a plank is..........??!!image

  • no chocolate, no crisps, no alcohol, eat fruit and veg and portion control. Easy... the hard part is sticking to it over a month or two rather than a day or so !

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    No sweets, no booze, cut down the fat intake but shitting myself inside out got the most dramatic results.image

  • more of the same then! was eating like that but the chocolate and booze have creeped back in......time to cut them out again - did it once so i am sure i can do it again....


  • There is no miracle cure to losing weight.  Just eat less than you burn off.  Simple.

    Scout wrote (see)

    Trained for a marathon last year, got great looking legs by the end of it but still a wobbly belly (probably due to the amounts of lucozade sport I was drinking),

    If this is right, then don't drink so much of it!!  All sports drinks / gels / powders are there to either replace fluids / salts you've lost or give you extra fuel to finish a run / race.  For fluid replacement, why not switch to water / orange juice / tiny pinch of salt?  It's just as effective!  Or use something like Powerade Zero, which has the electrolytes you need without the calories.

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