so many challenges

3 yrs ago i was wondering if i could ever finish an ironman..........i had run 2 marathons over the previous 3/4 years.......both slower than 4:30 hrs

3 years on and a couple of ironman done....9 ultras and numerous marathons and a DIM.........I have smashed my PB's at running at all distances ......and ran sub 4 marathon............goingh longer has helped all my shorter distance times..

now have to decide where to go next................there are so many brilliant races in this country at so many distances...........

how do you decide in what direction to go..............i need to keep on chamging my focus to keep motivated.........

2 weeks resting post race and my mind is still trying to find its next challenge.....



  • Mountain marathons are something I would like to do Seren.  Where you carry your pack etc.  They look tough but good

    Either that or doing a Lands End to John O'Groats bike ride

    Or more mountain biking

  • Fred Whitton sportive next year?

  • Where and when is that LN?


  • would love to do lejog Rio.on the list but want to do ikt with my OH so a 3 year wait for the mountain marathons where you cary your tent etc..........might be costly to get lightweight sleeping bags etc...........

    LN.......what is special about the fred whitton

  • Yes those are the ones Seren.  I reckon you can pick up a decent lightweight Vango for £100 (or less depending on time of year).  Sleeping bag would probably be as much if not more but you could improvise using foil blankets etc. 

    Again its one of those things once you have them you have them.  And as the tents sleep 2 you could share with someone at events I am sure

  • Have you tried to eat a vindaloo through a didgeridoo?

    Harder than it sounds, you know.
  • Fred Whitton is in Cumbria.

    Pretty elevation map

  • i thought you had to blow a didgeridooimage

  • Women can't blow didgeridoos... tis true image



  • Oh here's the link to the sportive

  • that looks a lovely route LN.........done the lakeland 50 around part of that..lovely

  • Have a crack at Celtman, 4 club mates did it this weekend are completely raving about what an amazing and tough race it was.
  • I think I am going to be doing much more off road stuff as "The Bitch" wants to do off road races too image

  • Have a look at this month's Adventure Show, it's from BBC Scotland. There's an event on it you might like! You've probably only got a couple of days left to watch it!

    Sorry can't do links from the ipad!
  • Seren - I think you and I have different definitions of the word lovely but here's another clip for you. You may get vertigo from the camera action though!
  • Those ups look horrible but so worth it for the downs image

  • I thought of a challenge for you!
  • Could you......possibly........

    .... Post without these........ For a whole week..........
  • How about Coast to Coast, something like the Adidas Terrex?  Kayaking, running, mountain biking?  I really fancy something like that ... got my eyes on a forthcoming EnduranceLife race this September called The Great Escape, I think it's a much smaller version but it'll be bike, kayak, run.

  • Wasdale? I like the look of it and "the wall run" which was the past weekend. Dragon's Back Ultra returns this year, but I think it might be invitation only... build enough points and do the UTMB or the WSU100?

    A group of cyclists just cycled from Cape to Pietermaritzburg/Durban and then ran the Comrades.... I cant understand why someone has added the Robben Island swim at the start of it?

  • oh and the Quadralthlon which a couple of might consider in 2014... but that wouldn't really be a challenge for you.

    I did an adventure race earlier this year, took 3hrs to cover 10 miles, it was tough but very enjoyable, i would certainly consider adventure racing a challenge

  • want to build up to a 100 miler race............and i fancy the ones with the kayaking......

    love the hills on that and hills are becoming friends now and will continue to be friends for the next yearimage


    JB.....i will try and cut back for a week.haven't got time to go back and remove them from all my posts..image

  • Kielder 100... 100 miles on an mtb - trouble is its up north in September, and weather makes it normally very tough
  • I believe there is a race along the West Highland Way!
  • I haven't got a MTB. Iwas discussing it with the OH on the weekend. whilst i am hapy running off road on my own i would be wary of MTB on my own as more chance of an injury and not sure of any groups i could go with at times i am free. So would probably not get to use it often and i am a bit of a scaredy cat on downhills on the road so offroad might be too much for meimage


    edited for Johnny Blaze image

  • The list is endless.

    Lejog / Coast to Coast / Ridgeway / South Downs way / long distance swim (Dart 10K) / West Higland way / GUC / Celtman / Altantic , Jurassic challenges (3 marathons 3 days), etc etc

    Its deciding which one is the hard bit.

  • My son suggested doing my own 10 in 10 next year and driving 260 miles away and then running home a marathon a day.......he has offerred to drive.....even though he has only started lessons last week.......

  • what about attempting the Bob Graham, hard as


  • The West Highand Way Race is on foot not MTB!


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