so many challenges



  • Why don't you try something like a back to basics 12hr or 24hr time trial. No frills, no fuss event. Start times for the 12hr are usually between 5.30 and 7.30, the 1 on road CTT 24hr race starts at about 2 in the afternoon. Do what it sats on the tin and ride for that time see how far you goimage

    If you are not sure how it works it's like this. There is a pre set course that the top riders will be directed to follow ( riders in the league of 260-300 miles for 12hr) with legs going over different roads. At about the 9 hr mark riders are directed onto a finishing circuit of around 12-15 miles usually to finish off the race. If you fall behind on the road marshalls will direct you to miss a leg and the mileage for that leg will be deducted from your overall distance. This is done to keep the field of riders closer together.

    The 24hr race follows much the same format, however sometime in the evening all the riders are directed onto a circuit that they follow for the night time hours keeping the riders closer so it is easier to marshall and with it, is more conspicuous to cars that something is going on.

    Good mileages to aim for. Somewhere over 200 miles over 12 hr and 350 plus for the 24 would be excellent. National records for them are in the region of 305 miles for 12 hr and 525 for the 24hr but these guys are exceptional. Cheap price as well. £12-15 for the 12hr and about £40 for the 24hr.

    Give it a go. I might do one day!!image

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