Still injured


Arse!! Arse!!! ARSE!!!!!!!!

Thanks. I needed that.


  • getting better then?
  • Very slowly.

    It's an achilles thing, only very minor, but it takes three million years to settle down, and it'll probably come back too.

    Have you spotted I'm a bit pessimistic and fed up?

    :-( with knobs on.

  • Take it easy Swerve mate. I know how you feel. Just come back from a 5 week layoff myself.

    Time can do great things with the body, with a bit of help from the physio that is.

    Hope your back running soon.
  • Cheers, Paul.
    Been there with ITBS in the past, so I know the score.

    Doesn't stop me getting fed up! :-)
  • Mind you, at least I haven't done what Anthony Borsumato did. Ouch!!!!!
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Apparently the latest medical research has proven a link between consumption of rare steak and a strong achilles.

    Get well soon!
  • Muttley, if it were V-rap telling me this, I'd strongly consider it!

    But as it isn't, I still have faith in my curative tofu porridge.
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