Finking about next year

Folks, looking for opinions on a couple of races for 2013. I'm going to do the Outlaw. Assuming this is early July like this year and I'm following the Fink plan, any recommendations on good Olympic and Half races that fit in with the training schedule?


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    halfs - Marshman, Swashbuckler, Belvoir or Bala are all well timed for Outlaw

    standards - too many to mention really but I'll throw Windsor, Dambuster in to the mix

  • Seconded on the Swashbuckler which is normally mid to late May although the swim is tidal and can be unpredictable (I think they had to shorten it this year).

    If you're looking for something further afield (and warmer) I've always fancied the Mallorca 70.3 (late May again) which gets very good reviews.

  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    Marshman swim was cancelled this year as the gravel pit they use was too cold - but then this year has been very freaky for weather and there have been many tris that have turned into duathlons or in one case an aquathlon (Sevenoaks had to cancel the bike - too much water and debris on the road)

    Mallorca is a good call CD

  • Move to Dubai, we have a 1/2, 4 x oly, 8 x sprints during the UK winter!

    Thank god they cancelled the swim at Marshman, the mere thought of getting in that lake terrified me, it was freezing. Nice race though and recommended during a "nice" year

  • Funnily enough, I was just reading up on the Swashbuckler in this month's 220 and had that as one to consider? It is june 2nd next year so 4 weeks before the Outlaw (probably). Is that a sensible (in a Pirate kind of way)?
  • Hmm, that's later than usual, I wonder why they've moved it?  Outlaw is earlier this year than last so I wouldn't bank on it being the same weekend next year.  4 weeks is fine if you've already got your long rides in, I'd say.  Plenty of others have done them closer than that.

  • Your "limiter" is swimming, isn't it, Stanners? Congrats on doing the Llandudno sea tri, by the way! Swashbuckler's a tough swim.... and a long way from 't Bridge.

  • After last weekend, I don't think my problem is with swimming. It is with wind (!) / waves / jelllyfish / sharks / emerging from the surf like Hannibal from the credits from the A Team.

    It was tough but so glad I did it; and it has really helped me focus ahead of the Sandman in September. However, it has also put me in the direction of non sea based events for my Ironman career!

    Thinking Slateman in May and then a half IM in June ahead of Outlaw.

  • Another vote for Mallorca. I'll be doing IMCH next year to pop my official IM cherry - Mallorca makes a great combo of holiday and race! image

  • Thanks for your help so far Pirates. Another daft question. I am ploughing through Fink and looking at the 3 plans. Competitive base feels like it would be a step back and to an build do able, but the run volumes in peak had my knees aching. I really don't think they would cope with that much cumulative hours on the road. Is it feasible to "pick and mix" times from the 3 plans for discipline, or is that asking for trouble?
  • i think it depends on WHY you are pick n mixing - you say the runs will make your knees ache - is there a medical reason for this? - if not - you will adjust. I found that the stuff i would pick is the stuff that i like, when what i/you should really be doing is picking the stuff that you dont like/arent so good at. I could do the run milage of the competitive plan but the biking bored me silly until i embraced it.

  • I had Patello FP badly for about a year and related Iliotibial band syndrome which I now manage much more effectivley by limiting myself to 3 runs per week (typically a 15k, 8k and a 6k or interval session). When i have increased the distance (such as extending one of the shorter runs into one longer), the PFP pain returns.

    I am hoping that as the increase is circa 10% per week, my knee tolerance will improve, but if it wont, am I better to lower my expectations?
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