I've been running a long time, over 25 years now and still get blisters! I've tried every possible combination you can think off to try and reduce the problems. I underpronate, and have found that the Nike Free Run 2 trainers work really well for me in the gym on the running machine. I've tended to lean towards Asics Kayano for road running and marathons which have generally got me to line with only a few blisters.

What would people recomend for off road trail running. Any help or advice would be much appreciated!!! I curently run about 30 - 40 miles a week and am running from London to Brighton in September so keen to get a solution sorted soon!

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  • Blisters are caused by friction, what are your socks like? Might be worth getting some double layer socks and possibly carry a spare pair of socks in your belt so you can change them if they become wet?

    I find that I need different sizes in trail shoes vs road shoes, and when I switch between brands its even more noticeable. It might be worth seeing if you need to go up or down half a size.

  • Have a look at the website for some ideas for preventative taping talcs, grease, etc. it's hard to answer you when you don't say where and how the blisters come.
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