Any recommendations for cushioned trainers

Due to having a knee op some years ago, I'm fairly set in my ways for cushioned road trainers.  The last 3 years, I've stuck with the Asics Nimbus, but have had a few niggles, mainly my achilles.  Seen a few stories on here about others having problems with Nimbus, so I don't know if my problems are just coincidence or not.  I've had gait analysis a couple of times and I suit "neutral shoes".  Also been on the "GEAR" section on this site to see what shoes have the best ratings from RW and from users of this site.


  • When I was a bit heavier I used to wear Mizuno Wave Creation,they get good write ups for cushioning,bit expensive though so now wearing Wave Rider,never had any problems with either,the Riders are a bit lighter though.

  • Cheers, Chieffy.  I think when I was looking through the reviews on here, Mizuno Wave (not sure which one) had some decent reviews.  Thanks for that, much appreciated.

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