Vachery Triathlon - Cranleigh



  • I need to look at my planning spreadsheet model, which works out which weekend I need to do a half iron based on my selected iron... I'm hoping to be doing the RideLondon on the first weekend august, has anyone else signed up?

    August would be very good though!

    HC there's some pics of us on my photo roll image

    Cat yep must get it sorted in the off season if not sooner, I'm sure I could go more aggressive for sure, especially since I'm pretty comfortable being on the bars and always have been.

    Already thinking about getting some off road wheels for winter and maybe doing a duathlon or two, definitely doing the Mighty Deerstalker again in Scotland and possible the Grizedale adventure race (bike / run / kayak)
  • Ah...forgot about Ride London!

    Ballbuster is a nice winter duathlon image though I won't be partaking this year. I may roll round the woods in the winter on my MTB. Putting together a winter schedule around my XC league, club HM championship and the Dorney duathlon series.

  • Remind me about the Dorney Duathlon nearer the time mate, I might be down for the series looks good AND I'll be a vet next year image
  • image Someone has to be 'promoted' for me to go up an AG next year.  Almost 9 months early image. I'll still be an MSEN for running though. image

  • My problem is that I actually think the 40 yr AG will be even more competitive, would love to get properly fit, but only doable with right head on and work ethic
  • There is a Dorney duathlon series?
  • Yep 2nd Feb 2013.... Pirate Duathlon Series?
  • Ah, not a good date for me :0(.
  • Thats only the first one, I'll try and find the others
  • Anyone fancy this in a couple of weeks?
  • F3 seem to do a number of winter duathlons too :0)
  • Aye - the winter series. Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr.

  • /members/images/676950/Gallery/SSP_SB_12316_(500x334).jpg



     Lovely photos of us courtesy of the nice talented people at (their copyright but i bought the right to use the photos' for personal use!) i.e. Please don't start charging a fiver for copies of the photo of me and happy! image

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