Knee problem. Any idea what this is please?

My knee pops when I bend it, especially if there's the slightest lateral movement.  Just seems as if there's something resisting it just as I bring it to straight and feels like I've knocked it/been kicked as it sort of momentarily locks.  Seen threads about ITBS, but I'm worries it might be cartilage trouble.  GP's sent me for an MRI scan which I'm having a week Friday.  Problem seems to be on the outside/just above the knee cap.  Bit worried as I had the tendon repaired on that knee about 6 years ago, though it snapped below the knee, not above.


  • its good you're going for a scan.

    other than that, until you get the results, stop running if it hurts, and use support?

    good luck, hope its nothing serious

  • Hi Thomas,

    Have you injured the knee recently? Did it swell up?

    Popping and catching can be signs of cartilage trouble. Usually you also get pain when you feel along the joint line (have a feel either side of the patella tendon along the joint and see if it's sore). Also weightbearing activities such as climbing stairs or squatting tend to hurt.

    Like Sarah says it's good you're having a scan as that will hopefully give you an answer. Another option could be patellofemoral pain or something called plica syndrome - this is a fold of the synovial membrane that can become inflamed. This also causes clicking or popping.

    Let us know how you get on

  • Thanks Sarah and Tom.  It was often clicking when going up stairs, but that seems to have eased, though it's still worse going down stairs with the result that I'm definitely putting less weight on the injured leg.  Single leg squats hurt but not with both legs.  Tom, I injured it three weeks ago, just jarring it slightly when my foot hit a bit of uneven ground.  No pain, just a jarring sensation, and there was no swelling either.  The next day, there was a popping sensation in the knee cap when bending and straightening it, just short of where the leg straightens up.  Doesn't feel sore around the tendon but there's sometimes a bit of soreness in the knee cap, possibly underneath it.

    I went out for a walk the other day (had a quick message to do) and where I was going was a bit undulating.  Had a steady run up this 100m uphill path and didn't seem to bad, but only did it steady.  Going down the bank felt worse with my knee stiffening up/locking as it straightened.

    Will let you know what comes up on the scan.  The scan is a week Friday but don't know when I get the results.

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