Talkback: Ask the Experts: Half-Marathon Training with Bud Baldaro

good stuff by Bud

the right mix of caution and encouragement, much needed by the over-enthusiastic, and by the overweight !!!

many thanks (from a man with sore calfs) from oxfordshire


  • The GNR is my challenge for my 60th year!  I started running with Race for Life 9yrs ago and have done a few 10K - slowly - 1hr 20. I am about 1stone overweight and I usually run 2-3x/wk but feel I always run at the same pace and don't get any faster/fitter. If I run with others I let them do the talking as I feel I need all my breath for running! I have downloaded a SmartCoach programme but find I am running quite a bit faster at 11-12min/mile rather than the 13-15min/mile scheduled (I use a Nike sensor). Yesterday on my Long Run I tried to slow more but felt I was barely jogging. I live in the Lake District so hills are obligatory! I run mainly off road. Should I adjust the schedule to a faster 10k time?
  • Hi Bud,

    I hope you had a good Christmas and are well. I would say you are one of the most inspirational coaches I've met in my 39 years of running. So athlete focussed, I wish I had that skill.

    If you have time I wonder if you could answer my query. I've done quite a lot of middle distance running but entered two marathons this year. London and Berlin. Never done one before. I'd like to finish Berlin in 3.30 ish , I'm 50.

    I found a 16 week schedule on the RW website for a sub 3.30. I started it early in case of injury I'm up to week 7 - ran 43 miles last week long run 18 miles which I managed ok about 3 mins less than the target time.

    I have entered a 5 mile race 1/2/2015, a 20 mile race 8/3/2015 and a half marathon 22/3/2015. I'm unsure how to adapt the schedule to fit these in.

    I also need to finish it about 5 weeks later than it finishes!! I was thinking of starting at week 2 again? The schedule I am following is the RW'S Ultimate Marathon sub 3.30 schedule posted 7/5/2000.

    Best of luck with your athletes. Remember to look after yourself.


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