Blogging about jogging..

Hello! I have started a blog that is basically just a diary of my running and exercising exploits. I'm just a normal person who loves running and exercise and want to share my passion with the world! I'm based in Hove but hope my blog will be of interest to runners everywhere.

Please have a look!

Many thanks image


  • Will take a look...

  • Just checked it out and followed you - it looks good image

  • Thanks very much xine267!

    And mitiog for having a look.

  • morning ostrich

    (personal physique reference, dear? lol image mine would be slug! in my black lycra, a large shiny black slug!)

    i am now following you, cybernetically you understand . .  .

    thanks for blogging, i've never followed a blog before!

  • Thanks Sarah! You can stalk me physically if you really want to... image You'd get bored very quickly though...

  • Juat added a new post about our team's victory in the Weakest link relay!

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