St Thomas 7

Our entries our now open for our 2012 race, come join the run, you want be disappointed!

Now in our 4th year we look forward to welcoming runners of all standards to our friendly, well marshalled, rural run. It's not easy but it's a worthy challenge. There are t shirts for all who enter by 1st Sept and Oatcakes for all.

Check out our new race website

If we've got it right tell your friends if we've got it wrong tell me (I'll purit right)



  • Checkley Parish Council are again supporting the event. We are putting on the Checkley Challenge, with the first male and female runner who live within the parish receiving a prize.
  • Would runners rather have a medal or t shirt post race? Or would runners prefer neither but have cheaper entry fees. If we didn't offer post race goodies we could put entry fees at ??5 and ??7

    What are your thoughts?
  • Thanks to generous support from AA Silencers Cheadle all runners will receive a medal post race, Oatcakes provided by Poveys and are given to all runners.  The Raddle Inn again provide sponsorship of our wicking T shirts.  Make sure you enter by 01/09/2012 to get yours.  

  • Would anybody mind giving me some more info about this race, in terms of how 'hilly' or level of difficulty.
  • If you check out the website there is a map and hill profile link. It's a nice course worth a go, treat it as a training run first time round. The weathers looking good for Sunday.
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