Sporty books that lend their motivation?

The post marathon depression has well and truly been taking it's toll along with the great Scottish summer ie. never ending drizzle.

Can't attend running club any more thanks to a new work/study schedule.

I was wandering about on Amazon. (Big mistake) and started looking at some sports books, looking for a bit of inspiration to help me move forward and would like to know if anyone has any recommendations?

Any books that are biking, running or generally motivational?

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  • Hey,

    I would recommend "Can't swim, can't ride, can't run" also Lance Armstrong's first two books!
  • I'd second that - I recommended Can't Swim, Can't Ride, Can't Run to someone else on here today.

  • I would recommend Chris Moon's book 'One Step Beyond'.  It's not a sport focussed book but it does include him rehabbing for marathons and that longish hot one with all the sand. I found it incredibly inspirational - especially as I then ran past him at a marathon a few weeks after finishing the book.

  • Chrissie Wellington book 'A life without limits'.

    Just finished it and its an amazing book.

  • Just bought it birkmyre, can't wait to read!
  • NoChain:  I really enjoyed it.Great read.

  • The book 'Tea with Mr Newton' about the Ultra Legend Arthur Newton, is a very good book.

  • Another vote for Can't Swim, Can't Ride, Can't Run- you never know, it might inspire you to join us over on the triathlon thread! The author Andy Holgate is one of us.

  • Born to Run.

  • +1 for born to run - listening to the audiobook on my runs now - makes me really look forward to the next run
  • KhanivoreKhanivore ✭✭✭

    +1 for born to run - this book just made me go out and run every day and I read it through my entry in to the world of running. Massive motivator for me.

    Next on the list is<span style="font-family: 'Trebuchet MS', Trebuchet, Arial, helvetica, sans-serif;"> Can't Swim, Can't Ride, Can't Run. 

    <span style="font-family: 'Trebuchet MS', Trebuchet, Arial, helvetica, sans-serif;">Excellent thread by the way. I hope lots more people chip in with ideas.



  • Agreement from me that ''Born to Run' is a cracking book.

  • Damn this thread, just bought Born to Run now image
  • Sausage Dog: Enjoy the read.image

  • I agree - Born to Run is great and also really enjoyed Chrissie Wellington A life without Limits.

    Just started reading Scott Jurek's book - Eat and Run - all good stuff and very motivational.


  • Sorry just remembered another one - A. Finn  - Running with the Kenyans (thinks that's the title) - very interesting and written by a journalist who used to run and write on RW, went to live in Kenya with his family to discover how the kenyans run so fast. Well worth a read.......

  • From Last to Firts by Charlie Speding, it really helped me back from injury and low motivation. It's not a how to train book more of a motivational story about his highs and lows of running and how he came through them.
  • can't swim, can't bike, cant run is excellent, lance armstrongs book is good and i'm part way through born to run. All good reads 

  • Running with Kenyans. Looks a good read. Read the weekly thread about the guy writing it last year in Gurardian.

  • Just bought 

    Keep on Running: The Highs and Lows of a Marathon Addict by Phil Hewitt (2 Apr 2012)

    Very interesting so far. He has run 25 Marathons and he is going though what got him started, really enjoying it.

  • Second vote for Charlie Spedding's book. It actually does talk about his training too but in a pretty accessible way. Very inspiring stuff.

    The Dean Karnazes book, UltraMarathon Man, is a "good read". And if you can get hold of Ron Hill's 2-volume autobiography through an inter-library loan (it's quite expensive to buy, but usually your local library can put in a request to "the system" for a quid or so)... well actually his blog (still going) gives you a very good idea of what the book is like, only obviously it covers the time when he was the best in the world.

  • The autobiography of Steve Ovett back in autumn 1984 called 'Ovett'image

  • cant swim, bike, run - andy holgs
    racing through the dark - david millar
    its not about the bike - lance armstrong
    the longest climb - dominic faulkner
    the man who cycled the world - mark beamont
    mad, bad and dangerous to know - ranulph fiennes
    captain scott - ranulph fiennes
    a race for madmen - chris sidwells
    paula:my story so far - paula radcliffe
    boy racer - mark cavendish 
    a life without limits - chrissie wellington 

    those are my faves right now, i am enjoying the other recommendations on here, its always good to have tips for new reading material!!! image 

  • Keep On Running - Phil Hewitt

  • beaten image

  • Speddings book is a great read, as is Ron Hills epic 2 volume story.

    Am reading IronWar at the moment : a controversial but thoroughly gripping look at the relationship/battle of Mark Allen and Dave Scott, two of the best ironman athletes the world will ever see.

    Any books by Richard Moore are great, especially In Search of Robert Miller and Slaying the Badger.

    Other good ones are First Triathlons, Becoming an Ironman and Running through the wall - all short stories about peoples experiences.

    ps: glad people enjoyed mine.image

  • Fido: I can't believe how expensive Ron Hills books are. I got mine for about £4 combined. In a Bourne Sports sale about 18 years ago !

  • born to run

    running with the kenyans

    just a little run around the world

  • The three I was going to recommend have all been mentioned but +1 for Running with the Kenyans, Born to Run and Eat and Run.

  • Thanks for all of these, have read most but will seek some out from oii's list, am also keen to get my hands on the Ronhill book, I may be thoroughly modern and twitter them up to get an electronic copy released on the Kindle, can't get Paula's book electronically either. The Ghost Runner is another good one.

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