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  • Targets for 2013

    Total Mileage 1000+, sub 1:28:26 HM, a sub 20 5k, a sub 67 10 miler (current PB 73:29) and outside shot a sub 40 10k.

    Races planned - Coniston 14 (14 mile hilly race round Lake) 27th March (but this is for enjoyment not a target race), a park run some time during first 3 months just for something a bit different but then main race aims all back end which gives me time to take the base building and strengthening seriously. Cross Border 10k start of August, Dumfries 10k start of September, Cumbrian Run start of October and Brampton to Carlisle 10 miles in mid November. Plus my 5k sub 20 min atempt squeezed in around end of June probably.


    Hi Coach - re our mails see above.

    So above was as at 1 January. As at now the Coniston 14 was snowed off and has been rescheduled for 6 days after Great Cumbrian Run so will almost certainly bin it. parkrun target of sub 20 was achieved 30th March.

    My A target this year is a sub 40 minute 10k. I think therefore that my A target race should be Dumfries 10k on 4th September which I ran last year in 42:13. Other local 10ks I can do as races along the way are on 5th June, 21st July (I think I should run at least one of these to see how close I am) and then there is a 4 race mid week 10k series I could also run which are on 8th May, 29th May, 19th June and 10th July but these involve a 100 mile round trip after work.

    I would plan to test myself every now and then at a parkrun but am happy to be guided by you as to when and how often.

    After the 10k season the Cumbrian Run HM falls quite nicely on 6th October and if I achieve my A target of a sub 40 minute 10k I would expect to lower my PB in that simply by having enough miles and having improved my basic speed.

    Finally my 10 mile PB is way out of line (I could go out and run that in training without even pushing myself too hard) and there is a local race in November which would finish off my season nicely as it was supposed to do last year before I got injured.

    So pick the bones out of that lot and look forward to seeing the first weeks plan. 

    Cheers, Skinny


  • Ja5onWJa5onW ✭✭✭
    Hi skinny been reading your thread with interest.

    Your targets pretty much mirror my 2013 goal so will be interesting to see progress along the way.
  • Hi Jason - thanks for post - in between a couple of posts above me and StevieG have exchanged a few mails and I'm now waiting for him to tell me where my training should go from here. Since injured at end of last year the last few months have just been about getting back up to a level where I was ready to do some Quality training again. I kept posting on here because although there wasn't much to say I find it really motivational.

    As far as the advice I got last year StevieG got me to a 1:29 HM PB against my original target of 1:35 so well chuffed and ready to trust him with whatever he suggests in terms of the next phase this year. Having just got up to 35 - 40 miles a week I'm hoping he's not going to tell me I need 45 - 50!!

    I presume that we will continue to exchange the weekly plan and my weekly efforts on here but not sure as we've never really done mails direct before.

    What are your target times and races and what does your training look like?

    Cheers, Skinny

  • Ja5onWJa5onW ✭✭✭

    Hi skinny im in the same area at the moment but im training for a marathon on 12th may so after that the quality speed work comes in to play.

    funny really as i read a thread earlier and stevieG was dissing people like me who aim for the marathon goal too soon!

    targets for me this year are as follows:

    5k sub 20

    5m 30/31 area currently 34

    10k sub 40 currently at 42ish (havent timed since last year)

    10m- sub 70 currently 71

    havent competed in a half yet image

    trainings mixed at the moment as i said im just getting the miles in. at around 30-40 for now but slowly winding down for may.

    have a very nice 10k coming up on 27th may so will be looking forward to that!

    Got lots of races coming up after that as im with a running club and we have our own championship races etc

  • Hi Jason - good luck with the Marathon and all your other races. A lot of people say that training for a marathon improves all your other times too so you should see some benefit although my understanding is that it takes a little while to get over one so wil be interesting to see if you are ready to race at your best again come 27th.

    I'm actually with Stevie on the marathon too soon front. I want to do a marathon at some point but first I want to be ready to do it justice - I only really plan to do two - the first will be for a GFA and then the second will be a big city marathon and will try and smash 3 hours - but at the moment I'm just not interested as I have other shorter running boxes I want to tick (also I'm not fast enough yet!).

    I think a lot of good runners (like Stevie) get quite frustrated with the general non running population who when they hear you are a runner immediately ask you if you have done a marathon etc - general view seems to be completing a marathon (in any time) means more to them than a sub 35 10k which is clearly bollox. A lot of people seem to go from no running to doing a marathon to no running again having ticked the box.

  • Ja5onWJa5onW ✭✭✭

    Thanks skinny,

    i do agree with you though thats why im going in for the speed work after.

    oh yeah ive already run one marathon this year image (an off road one) i did it as training for the May one!! weird i know but thats just me!

    yes alot of the general talk on the forums is the marathons the goal then thats it, box ticked.

    As a runner ive got total admiration for the marathon runners but its the 35 10k people i admire more as thats some challenge to take on! (plus abit of jealousy in there aswell)

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    Hi Skinny, apologies, this week has been really busy. I've dropped you a quick note to PM.

  • Hi Coach - no problem - its always good to hear from you but once you've set the schedule I'm good till Monday.

    Race wise I listed all the options in case you wanted to be prescriptive about what I did but I will fill in the sheet as after some more thought I am clear what I want to do this year - of course you might not agree!

    I don't have access from home this weekend so will complete Monday morning.

    Cheers, Skinny
  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    Looking at your week this week, and knowing you're 5 times a week now (ooh matron), i'd say a 12miler sun will complete a nice week.

    whack all your races in, and we'll discuss how you see their priority.

  • Last week - 4,6, 10.1 (2WU, 7.5 ST, 0.6CD), REST, 6.1,REST, 12 Total 38.2 miles (Steady run at average pace of 7:32m/m).

    Next week trying out 2 quality sessions although second is light quality.

    Now corresponding with Stevie directly and as this thread has mainly been a conversation between me and him I need to work out if it still serves any purpose or I would be better moving to another thread (quite nice as a personal running diary for me - often looked back to see what times I did 6 months ago etc).

    Cheers, Skinny

  • Hi Skinny - a vote for keeping it going from me. 

    I very much enjoyed reading the whole thread through shortly before joining the forum earlier in the year when I was beginning to hunt round the net for some ideas for introducing a bit more structure to my running. I found your story and progress quite motivating, and Stevie's advice very instructive - meant to drop a note on here once I did actually sign up actually...but never got round to it as I'm a bit crap.

    Obviously, the tension and excitement has slacked off over recent months, but things should get a bit more 'gripping' once you're back at it with some quicker work and particularly once you're actually racing again. image

    I think you mentioned recently that you were considering decamping to The Middle Ground, and see no reason why you shouldn't do both if it appeals. Would be good to see you across there - you're still a fair way ahead of me at the moment but in a similar enough ball park as to make comparing training and experiences worthwhile.

  • Hi Bob - thanks - just finalising my race plans for the year and will post them once sorted. I think part of the excitement (I quite like the idea that anyone was gripped or excited by my efforts!) was the attempt of a 44 year old to beat his HM PB that he set when he was 13 and the struggle to make it happen.

    Now I am on a slightly different journey - destination currently unknown but I have a few long term goals that are too long term (and out of reach at the moment) to write down yet.

    The Middle Ground was an option if Coach decided he didn't want to continue (he's doing it for free so its quite a perk for me [Coach don't read this and get any ideas!!!] and I respect the time he is putting into my running). I lurk on both Middle Ground  (so have been following your efforts - massive improvements over last 6 months - well done!image) and SG thread every day but some time last year I set myself a target that I had to achieve before I posted on either thread.

    The Middle Ground target is in my sights (but not yet achieved which is of course very different!).image

    The target to post on the SG thread is one of those goals that I don't think I will ever achieve but you never know.image

    There is no doubt I am now more committed to my running than I have ever been and that is down to originally posting on this website, then SG 'adopting' me and then the realisation that with running hard work pays off - both in terms of PBs but also how you feel on a day to day basis.

    Cheers, Skinny

  • Thanks, Skinny - as a bloke of a similar vintage I guess that's where your story chimed with me. It feels great to be chasing down, and often beating, younger and more experienced runners so soon.

    Look forward to seeing what you map out for yourself for the year once finalised, and like the idea of the stepping stone targets you've set for yourself in the longer term. See you on The Middle Ground in due course - sure it won't be long before you hit those targets if you apply the same commitment as you did last year. Stay fit and good luck!

    P.S. Enjoyed the explanation of where the login name came from - was a good job I wasn't sipping coffee at the time - would have been all over the screen! image

  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭

    Another vote from me for keeping it going.

    I really enjoyed following your progress and as sub 1.30 for a half is a target I'd like to achieve in the future (current pb is 1.37 - however this was as part of marathon build up so first half of the race was done at MP and then gradually winding up to the finish so I think there'd be a little bit to come off that if it was ran at all out HMP?)

    Currently in training for a marathon (my first) on June 1st in Stockholm. Enjoying the training but looking forward to getting back to some shorter stuff and hopefully using the marathon training to realign my pb's for the shorter distances.

  • Okay Tommy and Bob - thanks for posting and letting me know that at least two people read this stuff! As two people could almost be a fan baseimage I'll keep posting my weekly progress against Coach's plan on a Monday plus race plans.

    Coach can comment when he wants and I'll quote him sometimes when he tells me off (as he has done this morning!) image

    Tommy - good luck with your marathon - why did you pick Stockholm for your first?

    My birthday is on May 31st and I will be 45 so June 1st would be my first opportunity to do a parkrun as a V45 - another plus of running is that even getting older has its good points!! 

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    Definitely keep it going Skinny, more people will be lurking and being inspired by your progress than you will realise.

    There's less need for me to waffle too much on here now, so like you say if i can add anything I'll try!

  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭

    Good question! Basically I'd been thinking about doing a marathon for a while and wanted to do a 'big city' marathon, a google serach came up with


    The date fitted well with my plans (wanted a spring one rather than autumn) and my wife is a teacher and this falls in the half term holiday so allows us to have a few days holiday as part of the experience. Additionally the course profile is pretty flat, with only a couple of short steep climbs when you go over a bridge onto one of the islands.

    Tut-tut getting told off already!

    Anyway 8 miles easy for me last night and 5 miles easy this evening.

  • Sounds like a good marathon and a lot cheaper than Honolulu!

    Enjoy it and be careful your wife doesn't tire you out too much!!image


  • Last week was my first ever containing two quality sessions and felt a bit weary by end of my long run yesterday (although 4 hours gardening on Saturday will have contributed to some of that).

    4.5Easy; 10.5 made up of 3Easy plus Strides, 6.5 at MP, 1WD; 6.5Easy, REST, 5.3 made up of 3Easy, 4*75m Strides, 6*12 secs sprinting up steep hill with 3 minute jog recoveries, 0.6WD; REST; 12.1 LSR. Week Total 38.9 miles.

    Ran the 6.5MP at 6:55 mile whereas MP is 7:05 - 7:10. Was quite pleased with that as very windy so pacing difficult.

    However Coach (voice of the wise) said that I smashed them a bit too hard and that I should stick to paces prescribed as harder work would be to come in future.

    Sure enough looking at this week we're already discussing whether I do two quality sessions or reduce back to one for this week - lesson learned!image

  • Also the Power Hills session has helped me discover another new part of my body - my hip flexors.

    When I started running I thought I would need my legs and my feet.

    Now I know I need my toes; front, mid and rear foot; heel, achilles, ankle, shin, calf, knee, hamstring, quad, hip flexors, glutes, hip adductors, hip abductors, abdominals.

    I'm sure there will be more to add to the list as I progress!

    Anyway after a bit of googling to discover what was between my quads and top of my legs I was able to add another stretching exercise to my growing portfolio and feeling much better today.

  • Got my first real race of season next Tuesday - 5 miler to assess where I am - bound to be a PB as never raced one before - I think sub 32:30 (6:30mm) will probably be the goal as the goal by end of July is a sub 40 10k and would like to think I am getting close. 32 mins would probably mean I was capably already, so we'll see. Probably requires a good night weather wise and a good even paced effort.

    Last week training - 4.6, 10.5 incl 8 miles Steady, 5, Rest, 6.1 incl Strides * 5 and Diagonals * 8, Rest, 13.7 LSR - Total for Week 39.9 miles.


  • Last week training REST (went fellwalking??), 11 mile quality session (see below), 3m easy, 5 mile easy, 7 mile easy containing 8*300m hills at Steady effort, REST, 10.5 miles easy. Total miles 36.5

    Quality Session on Tuesday was 3 mile WU followed by 7 miles at MP building to tempo with a 1 mile CD. Current MP pace is 7:05-7:10, current tempo is 6:40.

    Went 7:10,7:06,7:04,7:01,6:44,6:34,6:26 so by end I was going faster than targeted although last mile was downhill a bit. Happy to hit those paces as last year when I got these training zones after my 1:29 HM I didn't believe I could ever hit them outside race conditions.

    So 5 mile race tomorrow night - its certainly not going to be too hot for a good effort - 8 degrees forecast.

    Cheers, Skinny

  • Big-Bad-BobBig-Bad-Bob ✭✭✭

    Good stuff, Skinny - and all the best for tomorrow night. Are you going to let us in on any target times, or are you keeping it under your hat?

    Like the sound of those diagonals. Not come across those before - think I'll be giving them a go at some point in the next week or two, as I'm trying to protect a shin niggle, so trying to do my quicker training work on grass for the time being.

    EDIT: Just noticed you mentioned your target time last week! image

  • Hi Bob - thanks - I did let you in on my target time on 8th May image.

    I'm going to aim to set off for 32:30 pace so 6:30mm but I'd like a little faster but I'm pretty certain I'll only get that by running an even paced race - problem is I'm not really that good at finding the pace yet!

    I think at the moment my second quality sessions of the week (like the diagonals)are still deliberately light as I'm still only at about 2 months of running at 35 - 40 miles/week - they're my favourite sessions of the week though because all a little bit different and I don't really have to go through any prolonged painimage 

    Like the new running avatar by the way - what happened to the fat cricketer guy?

  • Big-Bad-BobBig-Bad-Bob ✭✭✭

    Thanks Skinny - sounds good - will keep an eye on here for how you go. Have similar problems with race pacing simply due to lack of experience and early over-exuberance I guess.

    Cricketer guy? Yeah, the fat old git started running apparently! image

  • Okay then Coach - as per my PM missed your target of 32:XX.

    The race started at 7pm but you had to enter on the night and earliest you could enter was 6:15 so aimed to get there at 6:15 - unfortunately got slightly lost and arrived at about 6:20 to be told that I had to park about 5 mins walk away. Then small byut very slow moving queue to enter meant I left to head for the start and my warm up 3 miles with strides with about 15 mnutes before the start! So I modified this to a slow jog for half a mile then a half mile with 5 lots of 30 pace strides. Anyway a little bit rushed but felt okay on start line.

    Nice sunny night with only a gentle breeze and about 12 degrees so no real excuses.

    Lined up at the start with a field of about 100 people and struggled to get as close to the front as I wanted bearing in mind no chip timing.

    Anyway off we went and a quick leap up and bank and round a couple of people and I was running unhindered by people in front of me.

    Quick time chack after the inititla bursrt shpwed that I was going a bit fast at about 5:43 so slowed up and tried to find my pace. First mile went by in 6:17 and as runners around me started slowing I ran with someone who was passing me. Looked at my Garmin thre times in next mile and showed 6:15 every time but felt very comfortable. Realised why as mile 2 clicked by and a 6:38 mile - holy sh1t! TOO SLOW.

    So mile 3 upped the pace and focussed my eyes on back of someone about 50 yards up the road who had passed me around end of mile one as I figured he was running ki9nd of speed I needed. Mile 3 passed by in 6:17 and although I was working hard I was quite confident I could hold the pace - we came to a little incline and I seemed to almost float up it alongside the guy I had been chasing so let myself run with him a little. 4 miles arrived and a 6:09 mile.

    Sp 1 mile to go and pressed on focussing on other people ahead - passed them both with about half am ile to go and ket pressing - last half mile was hard but kept my pace going.

    Stopped Garmin for a 5:59 last mile and a total time of 31:20imageimageimage

    So as I say I missed your target of 32:xximage

    I am sooo excited - this training is brilliant - I am running times I never thought were possible and we haven't even started the real hard sessions yet!!.

    Thanks - bring on the 10k!! Cheers, Skinny

  • Wow - that was a long post wasn't it!!image

  • Big-Bad-BobBig-Bad-Bob ✭✭✭

    Bloody brilliant result, Skinny!

    Congratulations - that's a big leap forward you there I think?

    Excellent race report too - well worth the long post. image

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭✭

    Congrats skinny, a terrific performance. image

    I'd deliberately left the "target" loose, to not pressure.

    However, that's 6.16 pace, which is faster than your current 5k pace zone!

    Therefore, tomorrow i'll make some sense of it, and create some new zones.

    Just a 3mile recovery run tomorrow (i know Wednesday was going to become your rest day...but need to look after the basics...and a recovery run the day after a race is one of those) image

  • Thanks both - I thought from my training that I was probably 5 secs up on my zones and that gave me a shot at getting close to 32 mins but I surprised myself!image

    Okay proper results out now rather than my stopped the garmin when I got round to it time.

    31:17 (so actually a 5:56 last mile) and 20th place out of 128. 8th M40 but only one M50 in front of me so I'm getting closer to a level that I just need to maintain for 5 yearsimageimage

    2nd Unattached but never prizes for them as the Running Clubs organise the races (which is fair enough)!

    The people in 22nd,23rd and 24th who were 17 to 26 secs behind me all ran sub 40 in the 10k race I ran 42:10 for last September - so I'm getting there.

    Cheers, Skinny

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