Overdone it?



  • They will probably just use whatever course they used to use when it was held there before.

  • Is the NMXC at Wollaton an open race?

    Edit: just looked for myself.  It's limited to clubs in north midlands counties.

  • Lou - Yes, North Mids XC is a closed league competition. Not certain, but the Midland Counties a fortnight later may be open to you, though entry may well have to come through your club still rather than individually.

    DT - If Lit's right, then it looks like the course would be a 4 lapper totalling a little under 7.5 miles with plenty of climbing: -


    Though, from personal experience in various events on that park, no sustained or particularly steep hills. Looks like the conditions were particularly nasty last time  (2012) nevertheless, as these boys appear to have lost their lower legs somewhere out on the course - tough buggers however, as they managed to keep running by the look of it.


  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Lou, i think midlands counties is advance club entry only. Gloucester league is most flexible i know for just rocking up and running. I'd also have thought the warwickshire county champs is stand alone open to anyone. I know you can pay on the day for worcestershire and enter in own right.

    I can't seem to open the pic on work pc. My only run at midlands counties was stafford common in 2013. An inch of snow on course, 3 inches of mud under foot the whole course, zero degrees and open and exposed to the harsh wind the whole way.


  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    I was forced to be a wimp and wore a pair of gloves for the first half!

  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭

    Bob - I have made a promise (to myself) that I will have joined HPRC in time to take part in the XC season, whether I've moved house or not. Looking at the fixtures for NMXC league, it would seem that my deadline is the beginning of October . Now this is public knowledge, feel free to pester me until I actually do it. Thanks.

    Edit: Good luck tonight at Teversal.

  • Tommyimage image

    Yep, 11th October at Markeaton Park, Derby is the first race. 

    If I don't take leave of my senses and enter myself into an 800m I've been eyeing up in Oxford next Wednesday evening, I'll probably be making a (currently rare) appearance at a club training night next Thursday if you fancied coming along to meet a few folk. Next time I'm likely to be down after that would be the third and final Lake Handicap of the summer on Thursday 4th September - we're also due to be decamping to the Poppy & Pint for chips and ale afterwards...which is perhaps an even better reason to come along.


  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Tommy, get in there now. I recall it took Bob a good 9 months to secure a vest so the sooner you are in the sooner you can get one.

  • Good luck Bob - is it one of Lit's random distance races?

  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭

    Bob - cheers for the heads up on 4th September, sounds good. I was tentatively thinking about going down on BH Monday, will the club night still be on then?

    DT - good point, although I think that was partly due to Bob changing shape and size quicker than they could order the vests.  

  • Yes, Skinny, it is a 5.8 mile race implausibly listed on RunBritain as 6 miles NAD.

  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭

    Oh and Bob, I hope it's good if you're planning on travelling to Oxford for an 800m race! Do you not fancy the 5 miler at Coventry? 

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    What does NAD mean? I would guess at 'not accurate distance'. 

  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭
    Near As Dammit
  • Evening folks. Satisfactory evening at Rowheath 5k tonight. Lots of warley woods t shirts (!?) around but no familiar faces. I'll try to write a report before the stalkers' patience runs out.image
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Just give us a time, Lou!!! The rest can happen manana!

  • Ok, ok.   19:05

    Busy day today so it is unlikely that ill be able do it justice until the weekend anyway.


  • Wow, well done Lou, that is like your old 5k PB but with the numbers in a different order.

  • marrowsmarrows ✭✭✭

    Humph Lou you snaffle my silver cell by 1 second (yes mine should say 19:06 not 19:07)

  • Marrows - perhaps wait until the official results are out before coming to any rash conclusions.

    Lit - that was deliberate. My next target will be 15:09.

  • Bloody hell, Lou - that's excellent! Huge improvement - congrats. Shows that Mr Daniels reps have been doing the trick for you. Sub-19 next then - race ya. image

    NAD - Not Accepted Distance has always been my assumption, though it could be just that - an assumption.

    Tommy - Occasionally one or two get together for a run, but the usual club nights are suspended for Bank Holidays. Doubt I will go to Oxford - but it's one of those that's been sitting in the diary, and particularly as there's an 800m included, has been increasingly leaping out of the page at me since Sunday's breakthrough. Out of track season I'd have been interested in the Coventry 5 miler, but it's all about the shorter distances for me at the moment.

    Apart from last night obviously...which I was obliged to run rather harder than hoped - will cobble a report together shortly.

    Caught up with the athletics when I got home - wish he'd avoid getting into ridiculous spats on social media which do him no favours at all, but great to see Andy Vernon follow Mo home and pick up silver last night.

  • Well done Louimageimageimage

    Its interesting that you have all come up with a different meaning of NAD but only Tommy's actually makes sense which is why I had always presumed that it did stand for Near As Dammit.

    That's because NAD races do get included as those distances on RunBritain - if either Bob or DT's were correct then they wouldn't. I suspect RunBritain adjusts for the fact the course is way short by adjusting the hardness of the race.

    Marrows - feel the pain and put it into your next quality training sessionimage

  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭

    Lou - good work, that's a massive improvement image!

    NAD definition from PO10 http://www.thepowerof10.info/content/itemdisplay.aspx?itemid=8

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    good to see power of 10 using technical jargon!!

    Well done Lou, thats a massive leap. Real shame you wont be at stratford as you are clearly in sub 40 shape.

    What race did you run last night, Bob?

    Another slightly 'reduced' session for me later of 10 at LT- 6x3 at 10kp then 10 at lt.

  • I always thought it stood for Not Bloody Likely.

    And I don't think RunBritain is sophisticated enough to bother adjusting for shortness, or I wouldn't have such massive handicap improvements for performances at some of those summer league races, specifically the 5.8 mile one listed as 6 miles, and the 4.9 mile one listed as 5 miles.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    I believe runbritain will automatically adjust for shortness, not because it is short but because of the times people ran.

    If i give this example- When i did the welsh castles relay my leg had always been 10.7m. They had to adjust it last minute and move the finish so it became 10.2m. Runbritain still has it down as 10.7, however everyone that ran it will have been a good 3 minutes faster than last year therefore the difficulty rating was adjusted down to 0.0 from a previous of about 0.6 simply because everyones times were very fast for 10.7m.

    I think that makes sense.


  • So, Teversal - final leg of the Summer League, and after briefly leading the series early in the season when our fastest pair of older chaps were turning up, our Vets were now sitting in a comfortable but not guaranteed bronze medal position. A very breezy evening on what, at times, is quite an exposed and undulating course, with a couple of quite nasty uphills in the second half.

    A quick head count on arrival revealed that neither of the fast lads were there, and 3 others, at or around my level over this sort of distance, plus the men's captain were also missing. Two more a little behind my level were there, but making tentative comebacks from injury, which left me as 2nd fastest on paper, and if the worst happened to the injury returnees, left us potentially a bit vulnerable to being leapfrogged - hmmm...best make at least something of an effort then.

    Strolled up to the line fairly late chatting to Lit's (ex) clubmate Geoff, and as he parked himself near the front, decided to stay there. I formed a plan to go out reasonably swiftly to get well up the field, and then keep a watching brief on Worksop Harriers who were our only rivals for bronze, so I could ease off or keep digging in as I felt necessary.

    Recent middle distance pace made an uphill, into the wind first mile of 6:17 feel ridiculously easy even whilst having a gas with a fast (senior) clubmate about what we'd been up to recently. At around the mile mark I had a good look ahead of me, and could see no obvious Worksop targets, so let Alex move on, and I settled into what felt like a fairly comfortable tempo effort through the second mile - 6:28. Despite backing off, I'm holding station quite nicely, with just a couple of runners coming past me. Similar effort well into the third mile, but now a Vet Worksop Harrier (W1) does come through on one of the upward undulations, so decide to turn it up a notch by attacking at least the downhill sections quite hard as they're a strength. This leads to an amusing constant change of positions throughout the next couple of miles, passing him on the downs, giving way again on the ups - 'there's a pattern emerging here,' I smile to him as he passes me for the umpteenth time on yet another climb. 6:40 for mile 4.

  • At some point I obviously lost a bit of concentration as I realise the elastic has been broken and he's off and away, eventually by some 40-50 metres or so. Time to make a decision...eventually deciding that with nobody else coming past for ages now, our lead is perhaps comfortable enough that I don't need to tip over into race effort. After a sh*t of a hill, I concentrate on the breathing, relaxing and settling back into a tempo like effort. A Kimberley Strider comes flying past me at around the 5 mile mark, but he's moving so well that even if I wanted to go with him, I probably wouldn't be able to. 7:00 for mile 5.

    Next a senior Erewash vest comes through, and as I'm pondering whether to go with him, I notice the green of a probably Vet Worksop man (W2) also come on to my shoulder. Bugger. Makes my mind up that I'd better go with them, so tuck in behind W2 and decide my MD pace will probably be enough to pick him off in the race for the line. Just over half a mile to go, and perhaps realising he hasn't dropped me, makes the mistake of pensively looking over his shoulder, and as he does so, I realise that in being dragged along in this group of three, we're also very slowly reeling in W1. The two things combined light the fire in my belly, and I decide to go. I make it a decisive move, so W1 has no chance to respond, swiftly move past the Erewash man too, and fix my gaze on the green vest of W1 in front. 40 metres, 30 metres, 20 metres...10. I see the final turn at the top of the incline, and rouse myself for the final sprint to the line, again passing him decisively enough that there's no possibility of a response, and with no realistic further targets ahead am able to ease down into the line.

    6:20 pace for the final 0.83 of a mile, and stop the Garmin at 37:53 - a second inside Lit's time in last year's equivalent race if that's confirmed.


    54th bloke overall - I've been 80 something at best previously - 2nd of our Vets home, and as it turned out, with the two injury returnees both running well, we secured bronze rather comfortably in the end anyway. I did have the bronze medal round my neck (briefly), but as we've had such a mixed bag of contributors over the course of the season (I was injured for the first 2 of 5), had to hand it back to allow the absent skipper to decide at a later date who is most worthy of having the physical mementos of our spoils. Will therefore let the thread jury decide whether that should be counted on the prizes table!

  • Big-Bad-Bob wrote (see)

    6:20 pace for the final 0.83 of a mile, and stop the Garmin at 37:53 - a second inside Lit's time in last year's equivalent race

    In my defense, that's the race where you couldn't tell where the finish line was and I stopped running too soon. Well done though, sounds like a good result, and I believe some clubs (e.g. Long Eaton) purchase extra medals so that everyone who contributed can have one, in which case perhaps it ought to count.

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