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    Muddy - I'm hoping so, I haven't entered, planning on entering on the day. Interesting reading your HM plan, I like the traffic light system and that on a Thursday you run in kilometres, is that to keep Pete happy?

    DT - sounds a bit rough, hope the injury and illness woes go away with the cutback week.

    Richard - HM on a beach sounds brilliant, if a little tough going, good time as well. Hope you make use of the flour.

    Bob - that is serious geekery! Agree with you, Dean and PP about the 1500 and 5000, it seemed crazy to me. I was hoping that Andy V would attack with 800 to go and put some pressure on but he seemed content to hold station. Yeah parkrun was a bit meh on Saturday, ummed and ahhed about going, eventually went and it felt way too hard work than I wanted, so much so that I almost ran back to my car after the first lap! The wind was a right pain. Stuck at it and reeled in a couple of people on the hill second time round. Will probably have another go in a few weeks.

    Well yesterday's 12 miles cross country was good, ended up running with my cousin who's a fair bit quicker than me, so pace was a little faster than I'd normally go and we took in some pretty big hills and over some ploughed fields, to make it even more fun.

    Followed that up with a run out with Bob's first claim club, 8 miles around the countryside of south Nottingham (including some more running over ploughed fields, with a friendly group, very enjoyable. Will get signed up online in the next few days.   

  • Busy on here. image

    Phil - 40 laps of the track sounds very loopy indeed!

    Richard - You do like your 'alternative' events, don't you? Sounds a good one though, and a very good time on that surface and in those conditions.

    Skinny - The rankings calculations are actually simpler than you think - a man of your calibre would suss it in half an hour...assuming you were sad enough (like me) to want to.

    Marrows - Looks like a better balance there. image I think on the basis of your 15m long runs, Phil would be classing something like a 12 miler as a longish run, or a medium long run (MLR) as they are sometimes referred - something around 75% of your long run length. My only other comment would be that 6 x 800m @5kp just 2 or 3 days after racing a 10k might be a bit hard on the legs.

    Lit - All sounds very pleasant. Think you'd earned your booze up.

    Tommy - Good stuff - who were you running with? Incidentally, I think they might be angling for approximate numbers for the post Lake Handicap chips and beer - are you still thinking you might be able to make it, and shall I put you down?

    Cracking leap forward with the WAVA, Lou.

    Muddy - image

    Another tough session at the track last night - 600s and 400s off 100m jog back recovery. The two fastest lads were 'taking it easy' which meant I was able to build the first 2600m from just a little inside 3000m pace to just outside Mile pace. Then took a break, and picked up the pace of my last 1400m treating it as an abbreviated lactic tolerance session. A 600/400 at inside Mile pace, and then a final blast of 400 trying to hit 800m pace. Missed this one on the watch, but the coach was calling '68...69' as I crossed the line, so in line with my first 400m at Birmingham last week. 4k of volume at an aveage of 5:24 pace (based on time/distance not Garmin) for the session as whole. Apart from not being able to hit those paces, even attempting that session would have wrecked me 2 months ago, but have come up fresh this morning.

  • Ouch, that sounds hard, Bob. I did exactly the opposite as my session this morning, with 8 miles @ MP in an exciting return to longer-distance endurance training. I was feeling a bit unenthusiastic beforehand when I woke up at 6:30am but afterwards I got a massive endorphin rush and felt amazing. MP came out a bit fast at 6:28 average (sorry SG) but it was a relief to find I can still do the longer stuff after all the 5k training.

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    Marrows - Looking at your revise schedule again, that looks pretty manageable, and I don't think you need to worry about fitting in any other long(ish) runs just to get the miles up, since you're covering over race distance on a Tuesday and getting up to 50mpw total.  Probably when you're getting into marathon training, that's when I think some people forget about backing up their looong run (18-20+) with a mid-week longish run (10-15), which for me serves the dual purposes of bumping up mileage in general but also making the long run itself feel more manageable.

    Just another comment on the Horwill session.  Besides 5k being a bit ambitious as a target pace for the faster laps, the other thing I was keen to change after experiencing it was the frequency of pace change.  I found that doing only single laps, you never had the chance to truly click back into marathon pace rhythm; the first 100 metres of the slower lap felt like a jog recovery before working out whether you were actually running MP, hence my adapted session involving multiple laps at each pace.  Even if you're sticking to a 10k tempo session (25 laps) I'd run at least two laps at each pace.

    Richard - Good race, that'll strengthen up the ankles.  I think you're on to a winner with the flour.  Lit's stuck with her cake but you have the basis of any number of sweet or savoury carb-rich delights.  image

  • I'm not stuck with my cake, Phil, I've eaten it.

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    Big-Bad-Bob wrote (see)

     then a final blast of 400 trying to hit 800m pace. 

    Ugh!!  image  Nice going Bob!!


  • PS: to return to marrows's earlier tortilla question, I made a delicious courgette and potato frittata yesterday (my colleague has a huge glut of courgettes. Tonight: courgette and chickpea curry) and I can recommend this amazing pan for perfect, non-broken omelette perfection.

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    That looks spot-on.  My bruv got me a Le Creuset pan for my birthday and my omelettes have been transformed.  It's ideal for cheesy omelettes as the omelette cooks more slowly and evenly, so the cheese melts better into the egg without having to grill it, which is just as well because my grill broke ages ago.  Also ideal for pancakes but a bit heavy for tossing.

  • I also have a small Chasseur pan for one-person omelettes of the type you fold in half and have never had to grill them. Totally recommend the double skillet for practically all cooking, though - you mostly don't even need oil as nothing sticks!

    Anyway, erm, running...

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    I find that is just generally the case with good quality pans. I invested in a few higher end woks and pans last year and find oil is barely required.

    I am no closer wanting to do anything. Little sleep, ridiculous quantities of coughing et al, mean i am still feeling miserable. Just to compound things my wife has now come down with it which means I no longer have a free run of not having to do various household chores. I'm half tempted to have a right old smash at things in work today and take a sick day tomorrow. Ive got a stag do from Friday afternoon to get better for!

    On the running side, leg is still sore, off to physio lunchtime which will hopefully move it forward.

  • I'm sure the physio will be delighted to see you coughing and snottering onto her couch!

    Bob and Lit - both your sessions just make me feel like I am never going to be competitive on this thread ever again - I might go for a transfer to the sub 1:50 threadimage

  • Don't be so hasty, Skinny, they might all turn out to be rubbish at UniChall.

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    Bob - I met quite a few people and have forgotten most of their names...I was running with the 8 min/mile group which was led by Don I think. There was about 14 of us, think there was a Steve, a Glynn, a Chris and a Gary amongst others. Are you still going down on Thursday, I should be able to pop over again this week? If not then if you could put me down for September 4th that would be great, cheers. Sounds like another tasty session for you last night!
  • Easy with the food talk, I'm hungry.

    Lit - I think you already proved you could still do the longer stuff by running a hilly 8 miler in little more than 6m/m pace last week! image Good session.

    Phil - 800m pace is FUN!

    Good luck with the fizz, DT - if she doesn't refuse to see your diseased ass.image

    Tommy - Right. Yes, good group to pick. That's the group I usually run with when I make it down. Don's a good guy, Glyn's the membership secretary, and 'Iron Legs' Steve never stops. Ran a 5m AND a 3m leg at the Midland Relays earlier in the year off the back of an early morning 20 miler! image Looking forward to running with them a bit more often in the autumn as I up the mileage again. Thursday's looking questionable at the moment though as the bread knife wants to get a run in that evening as well - which might actually fall right for me just to freshen the legs up a bit ahead of parkrun on Saturday. Will have a word tonight though, and let you know.

  • I think it is fine - I don't think it's that doubles should be avoided for any health and safety type reasons, just that there's less point to them than doing longer continuous runs until you get to the level of mileage where you need to split up some of the runs so as not to be too knackered. But if it's more convenient to run into work and you go the long way home, I don't see that there'd be any problem jogging 5k in instead of walking.

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    So (as young people seem to start sentences these days) I'm back from my cultural trip to Edinburgh and Aberdeen.  I've had a quick read through everything I've missed on here and congratulations seem to be due to:

    lit - for winning her debut race north of the border and consuming the giant cake

    lou - for a massive 5k pb and wava improvement.  A 10k on a good course should see you back on the top table!  Meanwhile, I'm bracing myself for a place in the new bronze table should we attract any more new members.

    Bob - for some more impressive racing and rb hacking.  I'll certainly be having a look at that later.  (I see my handicap is beginning to creep up following my lay off).

    Richard - for his unusual take on a beach holiday.  Cracking time for what must have been an energy-sapping race.

    DT - Some impressive gains in training.  Sorry to hear of your illness and injury woes.  At least at your young age you should recover quickly.

    I was signed off by my physio yesterday after promising to continue with a thorough programme of stretching and strengthening for my glutes.  Will take up half an hour a day but should be worth it.  I celebrated with some intervals this morning.  Set out aiming to do 4 x 1k (60s walking rests) at my target 10k pace of 4:29/km. Ended up doing 5 reps in 4:28; 4:23; 4:21.5; 4:26 and 4:18.  Averaged out slightly faster than my 5k pb pace. I felt like I could have done more but decided not to push it.  Happy with that.  My best "quality" session for a couple of months image.

  • So Pete, excellent news!
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    Good session, Pete. When's your next race?

    I've not been described a having a young age in quite some timeimage

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    Physio went OK. I managed to hold my snot symptoms together. He couldnt  find anything wrong beyond probably deep muscle bruising. I then got back to office and my boss decided I looked too Ill and sent me to work from home for second day running. 

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    It's all relative, DT!  I've signed up for Wigan 10k on Sep 7th.  I would have preferred a few more weeks of proper training but it's too local to resist.

    How's the leg holding up, skinny?

  • Get well soon DT.  Any idea how deep muscle bruising may have occurred.  Not an unidentified drunken injury from a recent weekend of overindulgence?

    Nice session Pete.  5x1k at 5k pace off 60s suggests good things to come.

    Richard - I agree with Lit.  There is less training load/benefit from 2x5k than there is from 1x10k, but if makes it more convenient to get the miles in the it will do no harm.

    Terrible jokes from the fringe.  Must be all in the delivery.

    All this talk of pans and cooking has made me come over all nostalgic for the time before marriage and kids and stuff when, as a carefree batchelor, I used to take an interest in the quality of my pans and knives recipes and stuff like that.

    Muddy - I assume you'll be in your Warley top tomorrow.

    I'll be in my green and red Spa Striders vest.

    Tommy - What colour top will you be wearing?  Or should I just look out for a James Blunt lookalike?

    Skinny - leg ok?

  • He's only got one top and it is blue.

    Well done Pete! And good news that it is only mysterious bruising, DT.

    Courgette (really more like marrow) curry was delicious.

  • Marrow curry sounds a bit....sloppy.

    Oh and by the way Lit, when I said you and Marrows were training machines I just mean that you two could cope with 70+ miles per week, whilst bits start to drop off us oldies whenever we do more then 3 40+ miles in a row.

    Perhaps should also have included Mace on that list.  As a part time machine anyway.

  • I salted and drained the mourgette before adding it to the pan, then reduced the liquid at the end of the cooking time. It soaked up the spices beautifully.

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    I was waiting for someone to say 'that's what physio always say when then don't know what's wrong'! To be fair he did have a good dig about and could find no other tightness or anomoly and there was a surface bruise right on outer edge of soreness. Not really sure how it happened beyond falling over on my lunch break a month ago. Anyway....he has suggested contrast ice/heat and stretching and light cycling this week given chest as well. 

    Talking of weekend sessions, I have a stag weekend this weekend with mates from my Bristol days......in Birmingham. We have tickets for the t20 finals all day. Now I've never been to this sort of thing but there are three games from 11.30 through to 9pm. Perhaps bob can guide me here, but is there anything to do there other than watch cricket? I fear I may get hideously drunk by 9pm not being a huge cricket fan. 

  • Tommy - I was just being lazy and just adding 1 to 10km to extend my usual medium long run for each week (but now he's back I'll pretend it was just for Pete). Looks like you had quite a big weekend with the parkrun, the Sunday long run and then a long club session last night. I'm in a similar position so I'm hoping to get a very long warm up tomorrow.

    Bob - Another terrific track session, hope that training volume and pace convert well on the parkrun this weekend. I sense you have a 5k axe to grind.

    Good to know you're back up and running Pete. Any interesting glute strengtheners your physio recommended that we can add to our repertoires ? I am off to Edinburgh this weekend and having my arm twisted to go to see this man with a couple of mates. On first thoughts it seems far from being my cup of tea but I will trust in their judgement. Will also trudge around Falkirk parkrun, which is a bit up and down.

    Richard - I saw that this morning too. I'm poor at recalling jokes, but this one worked on the little funster:

    What's Postman Pat called when he goes on holiday ?


    DT - Cannon Hill Park is next door. You can go and feed the ducks. Oh, and they now have a crazy golf course.

    Lou - I will probably wear a vest rather than the club shirt if it's not too nippy out. I'll try to warm up in the club shirt though and look out for you. I've met Tommy before and will try to pick him out before the start. Sure you won't be able to miss both of us.

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    lou Diamonds wrote (see)


    Tommy - What colour top will you be wearing?  Or should I just look out for a James Blunt lookalike?


    literatin wrote (see)

    He's only got one top and it is blue.


    Almost correct, I have more than one top, but one which I tend to wear to races, which is blue, I'll be wearing this. Will hopefully get there between 5:30 and 5:45.. If you look for a James Blunt lookalike, you probably won't find me.

    DT - From my experience, I don't think there'll be much else other than cricket and booze.

    Hope you had a good trip to Scotland, Pete. Decent looking session, is the 10K you've got coming up a PB type course?

  • DT - Cannon hill park also has a scale model of the Elan Valley reservoir complex.
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