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    Richard - give them your number/barcode next time and the result processor can link it up with your "unknown" . Unlucky with the stitch.

    Tommy - nice pb

    Parkrun for me too in the middle of 2.5M w/u and 2M c/d. I decided to go for it and aim for 6:10 pace. Stats were 5:59, 6:11, 6:15, 0:17 for 18:42 and a 31 second course pb. As the course is slightly short at 3.06 i reckon this converts to pretty much 19:00 for 5k 

  • 18:42 - that's a massive chunk off!!! All that good training really paying off - will be really interesting to see how low you can go in the HM next week.

    As we included your 19:13 at face value for top trumps purposes then I think the 18:42 stands too - after all its a parkrun.

    Well done!

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Cheers Skinny, i must admit it's given me the confidence to target 1:30. Boy did it hurt though image

  • Thanks all.

    Great running Mace. must give you some confidence going in to next week.

    Bob - cicket not going to plan for Nottsimage

  • Huh. You've all been off having fun at parkrun while I've been out doing a really hard run by myself. image

    Well done to Tommy and Mace on the new PBs! image 

    And Richard can join me in the crap parkruns club until next week. Given our faster performances at longer distances, I can only conclude that we are a higher calibre of athlete who just can't get excited if it's not a proper 'race'. image

  • Stat              Skinny       Lit           Lou       Richard    Tommy        Mace     Bob

    Age                   45         31            40          42             31               47         42

    Height               6'0"       5'4"          6'1"       5'10"          6'0"          5'10"     6'1"

    Weight           10st 4     8st 12     11st 7    11st 5        11st 5      12st12  11st7

    5k/pr              19:15      20:16       20:08      22:53        20:54       18:42   19:47

    5m                 31:17      32:12       32:16      38:40        34:46           NT   33:34

    10k                38:52       39:45      40:10       44:02       43:03       41:16   42:42

    HM             1:29:08     1:28:26   1:29:02    1:38:46    1:41:30   1:33:54     NT

    HMs 2013          1               1             2              8              1             2        0

    Marathon           NT     3:06:16          NT    3:56:57    3:54:19   3:16:52     NT





  • Updated for today's parkruns - not sure if Bob's needs an update or not?

  • 20:08 so a parkrun pb but not as good as his non-parkrun 5k.

  • Are you still 11st 5 though Richard? image

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Richard - how do you look at 11 stone ? Do you get any comments ? I got down to 11-12 for my mara and my family and a few close friends said i looked ill ( though i was far from it ). But then i was nearly 16 stone 3 years ago so i guess it was a bit of a shock to them. At 11-12 i was a tad "fleshy" in places but i can't imagine being as light as 11.

  • I wish I could go on holiday to America and eat loads of pancakes yet still lose 5lb.

  • Hey guys this conversation is doing nothing for my complex!

    EDIT Actually its just Mace - but wow that is some drop in weight - was it running or diet or both?

  • Richard - depends on your definition of 'long'. image 

    And your definition of 'build-up' for that matter. Do you mean the whole of the 18-week schedule I followed?

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Sorry Skinny image

    Richard - I did P&D 55-70M 18 wk plan and did 1x22 and 3x20. I missed a scheduled 21 miler with illness ie. not fully recovered from chest infection ( i got to 16M, bombed and felt what i suspect the wall feels like ) Unfortunately, I'd say your 2 long runs are nowhere near enough - i really felt it after 23M and will be doing at least 6x20 next time.

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Just checked, 4x18 as well and then of course there were the mid-week medium long runs which started at 12's and progressed to 14/15 milers ... there were 9 of those.


  • Skinny I don't think mace is really sorry at all.

    Richard - hang on, when you say '2 long runs over 14 but less than 18' do you mean 1x14.5 and 1x17.5? I don't think a marathon would be much fun after that.

    I also did P&D 55-70 but did 2x22, 1x21, 2x20, and 5 other runs over 17 miles. Didn't notice any walls though.

  • mace - I think I might have worked out why you and me are winning at marathon top trumps... no substitute for shitloads of running, apparently.

  • Richard - Hard lines this morning. As others have said, and you've noted yourself, hardly ideal preparation you've had. Good that you may get another crack as soon as next week. I stand by my initial prediction. image

    Mace - Awesome effort! That is seriously bloody quick! Congratulations. image

    Tommy - Great stuff, well done; that's a huge leap forward, a bit of a tapering effect perhaps with the reduced mileage? All worked out for Notts at Lord's in the end. image And Stags for you, and even NCFC grabbed their first win of the season!

    As Tommy probably recalls BTW, I initially thought he'd bust out a 19:xx when he saw me at the end and said he'd finished 4 to 5 spots ahead of me...this was because I was lying face down, exhausted and chewing the grass as soon as I crossed the line / grabbed my token and had just peeled myself back up again to get my scan done at the point he spotted me! image image

    As Queen Stalk reported, 20:08 for me, so another few seconds up on last week, but incredibly frustrated at still not ducking under 20:00. Thought this might be the morning too - early night, felt good, great warm up, and a strong contingent of Long Eaton AC runners made me hopeful of having a bit more traffic around me than on recent occasions. Tracked Sharon Orridge in fact over the first lap (a very, very speedy Long Eaton V45 runner), and was hoping to use her as a tow round lap 2...until she pulled out at the end of lap 1. D'oh! (Hope she's ok.) There was a couple of guys just in front of me at that point, but I quickly picked them off, never saw them again, and was then left looking at vast emptiness in front of me for the rest of the second lap. image

    Looking at the results, the next guy up the track was a Christopher Bennett (wasn't that the name of the guy who won your Belper Bastard or whatever it was called the other week, Lit?) but I was never close enough to have any impetus through realistic hopes of reeling him in. 6:20, 6:27, 6:29 as I faded through miles 2 and 3, and then a lung busting, excruciating 5:13 pace for the last 0.17 miles per the watch, which at least got some applause from those nearby...and some laughs as I lay moaning into the damp, morning grass! 

    Hopefully I can take some of that pace into my track 1500m at Lincoln next Saturday. Lit - that would be a proper race unlike parkrun - I think a burnup over 1500m is just what you need as a warmup the day before your HM next week. image

  • Ah yes, sorry Bob, shouldn't have posted that really. I wouldn't have if it had been a massive new PB or a disaster though. Also: Christopher B - don't think so. And I also don't think a 1500 is in next week's schedule.

  • I was only joking...it's fine! 

    And no, you're right about Chris B. The name registered with me at the time because I went to school with a Chris Bennett, but perhaps it was that he popped up on here on one of the threads talking about it? Not sure what made me think he won it though.

    And the name stood out, because I had to check to see if he was the same bloke that I went to school with. Him trying to turn himself into a runner would be even more unlikely than my half arsed attempts to do so! (And it isn't.)

  • Big_Bad_Bob wrote (see)


    As Queen Stalk reported,


    Seems every thread like this has one image

  • I am mortified. Seriously. I was just trying to help Skinny tidy up his spreadsheet and didn't notice what a complete knob I was being.

  • I mean, nothing wrong with a bit of low-level stalking, but I wouldn't normally report my findings in public.

  • there's a chap on my thread I think you'd get on exceptionally well with....

  • No idea who you're talking about.

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Lit, it's like serial killers, start off low level and before you know it, out of control ...image

  • low level as in just a small bit of serial killing at first?

  • Happy birthday Richard!!

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    Ha, i was wondering if you'd come back with that.

  • macemace ✭✭✭

    Enjoy, Richard. Happy Birthday image

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