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  • You are allowed to answer questions, but I digress onto other subjects.  Or get too irritated by the mannerisms of the contestants.  The smug, water sip upon answering a question correctly is a case in point.  Lou likes to do it properly - he should come round to yours and join in with you and Mrs S, Skinny.  

    It's only because he can do the maths-y/science'y ones and I'm stuck with social sciences, arts and general knowledge.  

  • When I used to have housemates and a TV we had the same rules, Skinny. We didn't differentiate between starter and bonus questions though. Pleased to hear about the 12-12 draw as I haven't watched this week's yet so will try to beat that later on on iplayer. Not that I'm competitive.

  • X Post with Lit

  • Top tip: if it's a question about a British composer, the answer is always Elgar or Vaughan Williams.

  • We don't differentiate between starter and bonus questions either.

    Of course if you scored 12 on your own then theoretically me and Mrs Skinny would have beaten you as we both knew some of the answers but the other one got it first.

    Sometimes it is Benjamin Britton?

    Lou would be very welcome but he might not like the prize structure!image


  • No, it is never Britten on University Challenge. Trust me.

    So are you saying I need to get 24 to be sure I would have beaten you both? Or shall I note down which ones I got?

  • Much as I love UniChall I'm not sure I could watch the same episode twice to establish how my 12 was made up and also it would never be possible to establish who would have got them fastest if we had been together - definitely not 24 - I think I would be happy to agree a draw with you if you get 14 and a victory for you if you got 15.

    There is a British composer question in last night's episode - are you going for Williams or Elgar?

  • Hmm. Okay, maybe it is sometimes Britten. I would not like to commit myself without hearing the question. Sometimes I actually know the answer!

  • Mendelsshon occasionally gets a mention.


    Back to work.

  • not in the token 'British composer' question. Actually - true fact - I was invited to be in my uni's team once but I said no because the thought of being on TV filled me with nameless dread.

    Right, back to work for me too.

  • I always thought Mendelsshon was British.

    This thread never stops giving.

  • Mendelssohn

  • Hello all - I really must stop being busy at work, leaves me far too much to catch up on!

    Re: mileage, the 40 miles was a bit of an accident of circumstance really, with 10 days or so worth of running ending up being crammed into 7 days. Not something I plan to repeat for a while. Would like to be up to around 30 for a regular week by early November, 35 by mid-December, and then finally the 40 mark (if I can find the time), at some point in the New Year. We'll see.

    Tommy - Aye. Looks like all the parkruns are going to be windy this weekend though, autumn arrives tomorrow. image Cannon Hill might be back on now anyway, waiting to hear back from my mate.

    Richard - Well that was a lot of initial despondency about what turned out to be a decent PB! I'm sure you're right though, and that you'd have got more out of yourself being dragged along by a better standard of runner rather than weaving through the tail of the field.

    Nice report, 'Flooze! Always good to read of someone digging deep and finding that bit extra - all the better when it results in prizes, and more particularly the beating of the ungracious vanquished. image Good luck with the relays on Saturday - was supposed to be doing the men's version there a couple of weeks ago, but we failed to raise a side. image

    Regarding University Challenge, completely agree about the smug water sip - really annoys me, thought it was just me being intolerant as usual though! Lit - are you sure it wasn't the lesser known Universally Challenged that you were invited on to? image

    Whilst we're trying to be all intellectual, is it just my new found fitness has also improved my brainpower, or is anyone else finding the new series of Only Connect rather less bastarding hard than previous series? Time was I could go through an entire show without getting anything until the Missing Vowels round, whereas I seem be solving several this time round, and even got one of the sequences on the second clue last week. image

    Anyway, running! Nothing yesterday, and there won't be anything today either after all that mileage and not getting in from work until nearly 11pm last night. image I have bagged myself a spot in one of our club's 3 teams at the National XC relays in Mansfield on 2nd November though. Looking forward to that, we've got most of our fast lads out that day it seems, and I've not really met most of them properly yet. image

    Wow - what a lot of emoticons I've crammed into that post. image

  • Lit has already corrected my misspelling of Brittenimage

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    I could've tried out for Blockbusters with my sixth form college but got a bit scared.  My mate Kevin Craig went on instead, and had a really easy question about French which he got wrong.  My dad (being his French teacher) was not impressed.

    No one on Runner's World is actually talking about running today, are they.  image

  • No one on Runner's World is actually talking about running today, are they

    I can't run because my neon shorts haven't arrived yet and also my foot still hurts.

    Skinny, I didn't say anything about the mis-spelling. I was really subtle.

  • Hmmm - like adding the hyphen to mis-spelling - not subtle enough.

    Having had to resort to google though I find that my original spelling without the hyphen is correctimage.

    Bob - re Only Connect - Mrs Skinny and me also used to compete against each other on Only Connect - but it actually got the point where we were going out and making cups of tea in the first half and only actually sitting down when it got to the solve the wall round. Might look in again on it if it has been dumbed down.

  • I'll put a hyphen if I want. So there. image

  • Skinny - Oi! I did also put in the option that my brain synapses had magically been enhanced. Was there really any need to quite so callously rule it out?


  • No backhanded insult intended although definitely achieved!image

  • Okay, so I only got 14 even though I ought to have known Arcadia and a couple of others but didn't get there in time. I blame SG for distracting me. Though I should add that I also knew the answer to the last question that was being asked just as the gong sounded. Can I count that?

    Bloody Holst: trick question. Was pleased to see that Vaughan Williams featured elsewhere though.

  • That's a draw then - knowing the answer was Holst I really enjoyed the conversation this afternoon.

  • You can't be British and go round being called Gustav Holst. Though I think at the back of my mind I did sort of know he was. But that doesn't change the fact that it's a University Challenge LAW that the only two English composers that are allowed to be the answer are Elgar or VW.

  • No more spoilers please.  I haven't watched it yet.

  • Oops. Well, if you honestly think you would have got that one you can have it, but otherwise you need 15 or more to win. St Johns Oxford all look about 12.

  • Imagine if we were all getting a different 12 right before both teams (ie harder than if we were only trying to beat one team) - that would be 48 questions - presuming a 1/4 were starter questions that would be 120 starter points plus 180 bonus points - 300 - plenty to win almost all episodes!

    Perhaps we should form a University of Running and enter a team (although think Loughborough might claim to be ahead of us).

    [PS I already know this isn't correct because me and Mrs Skinny shared two answers on Monday night so our total was only 22 before the contestants and also we don't take any marks off for interrupting the question with the wrong answer]

  • http://digitaldownloads.prodarkroom.com/index.php?page=c-event&eid=19&top=Y&bottom=Y

    Lit - link to photos (only 2) - these were taken in last mile and I certainly don't look like I was about to collapse on them?? Maybe I wasn't ill at all!

    There is a little story behind them - before the race my mate whose time I was going to beat sent me a photo of Mo Farah so I had preprogrammed myself to do the Mobot if I saw a camera - I presume the smile on the next photo is at myself for remembering despite how I felt - I think if you look at the Mobot one though my face is closer to showing how I felt at that stage.

  • Aw, that second one's really nice. Though I have to say if you were pissing about doing Mobots in the last mile you were clearly not ill at all.

  • Far too smiley! We want tongue lolling, eyeballs out, or gurns! image

    From one of my races earlier in the year. Will just link rather than paste the image in for fear of scaring any passing children!


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