Overdone it?



  • I covered that with the 'or otherwise'. image


  • Okay, a late lunchbreak for me, and spot the unfortunate resemblance. I have carefully positioned the inset picture so that you can see that I don't look as silly as the man in green behind.



  • That's a great mince that the chap in green has got going on!

    I think it's the fetching hairband that really 'does it' for you...

  • Can't be having sweat dripping off your fringe into your eyes, Bob.

  • I like the comedy swapping of the names.

    I always find it 'funny' in races looking around me at the other runners running the same time, or better than me. For example in your photo the girl in the bright pink doesn't look like a sub 3:10 marathoner - makes me feel like I'm not trying hard enough some times (although I noticed on Sunday that in terms of the people around me I had stepped up a notch).

  • What you're tactfully not saying is that she looks a bit fat because she's wearing massive baggy light pink shorts. Looking at a higher-resolution version, I was able to see her race number and check the results: 3:08, and she looks a lot more like a fast runner in the official pics. Her PB for half is 86:48.

  • Lit - you're a lady...you don't sweat, you perspire.

  • I didn't really mean that at all - I just meant that some people are faster than they look and I have regularly been astounded at what I either run past or runs past me at the ends of races - be it old, fat, funny looking kit or whatever.

    Just 86:48 - pah, slow coachimage

  • I don't perspire either, I glow!

  • Actually though there is something about bright pink kit that just makes women runners look less serious. It's really annoying when you go in running shops and all the blokes' stuff is sensible gear with pockets and all the women's stuff is rubbish capris with pink trim.

    My new pink shorts are going to be beyond girliness, though, and into 'hurts your eyes to look at' territory. image

  • So, you actually wear a headband to keep the glow out of your eyes? Must be some glow that, virtually radioactive. Or perhaps it's your altruistic nature coming out, and it's to keep your glow out of the eyes of your fellow competitors?

    And this used to be such an educational thread... image

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Sorry, if we're talking about gurning AND running kit I'm gonna have to butt in again.  image  How about a double gurn-off AND orange shorts (w/ matching laces)?  That's got to be worth 50 points I reckon!



  • I'd been wondering when we'd get to see the orange shorts. image

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    I held out for an entire day!

  • I can't help noticing that since Lit arrived on this thread her celebrity status has brought all sort of Runners World luminaries here - PhilPub posting his shorts and gurning photos on this thread - who would have thought it!image

    The number of posts has also rocketed (and its been a lot more fun too image)

    Just to illustrate this [I'm an accountant - I just love numbers and stats]

    Thread started 28/06/2012

    Post 200 21/10/12 c 4 months

    400 9/7/13 c 8 months

    600 19/8/13 c 6 weeks

    800 3/9/13 c 2 weeks

    1000 15/9/13 12 days

    1200 22/9/13 7 days

    1400 30/09/13 8 days

    1600 8/10/13 8 days

    So the thread is now running at about 25 posts a day and is completely useless for following anyone's training and pretty difficult for even finding the PB table from last week!image It's a good laugh though! image Anyway I've found the PB table now so will get me and Richard's shiny new HM PBs posted.

    McFlooze - no room at the inn for your PBs unless I can find a way of totally reformatting? Sorry. 

  • Stat              Skinny       Lit           Lou       Richard    Tommy        Mace     Bob

    Age                   45         31            40          43             31               47        42

    Height               6'0"       5'4"         6'1"       5'10"          6'0"          5'10"    6'1"

    Weight           10st 4     8st 12     11st 7    11st 0        11st 5      12st12  11st7

    5k/pr              19:15      20:16       20:08      22:53        20:54       18:42  19:47

    5m                 31:17      32:12       32:16      38:40        34:46           NT   33:34

    10k                38:52       39:45      40:10       44:02       43:03       41:16   42:42

    HM             1:26:43     1:28:26   1:29:02    1:38:26    1:41:30   1:30:25     NT

    HMs 2013          2               2             2              9              1             3        0

    Marathon           NT     3:06:16          NT    3:56:57    3:54:19   3:16:52     NT

  • image I can't post about training when I'm not doing any...

    ...actually, sod the training, I'm just waiting to see if Lou's better at University Challenge than us or not.

  • If he's good at the maths and science ones then we could have a good team.

    Are you able to hang from ropes or is this not advisable at the moment either?

  • Don't have the energy for it. It's also a 12-mile round trip on the bike to get there, which isn't huge for proper cyclists, but more than enough for me right now, and up a big hill. Maybe next week though.

  • I had meant to say two things earlier:

    1) bugger, now I'm only winning at being small and running marathons.

    2) Skinny, I think the increase in posts coincides with you getting faster and smashing all your targets, not how many girls you've got hanging around.

  • and where is the edit function when you need it. That made no sense. I meant: you have acquired a larger following due to your increasing running prowess, and this has nothing to do with (etc.).

    But actually I've changed my mind and have decided it's cos everyone needs to post twice now they can't edit. image

  • Surely the number of girls hanging around is directly proportional to how fast he is.

    And now the moment you've been waiting for - 18. 19 if you count Gustav Holst and twenty if you allow Manoir aux Four Seasons. I'm sure paxo would. 





  • 18 or 19 - now I have been out drinking but fk that's impressive!

    Time to form the University of Running!

  • PS Lit - you win for modesty but there's no category for that!

  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭

    Phil - that is a cracking gurn (along with the other chap),not sure about those shorts though, they appear to be essentially loose speedos.

    Bob-I've thought about the beard vs non beard conundrum a lot and have concluded that there is no correlation, though this is largely based on the fact that many amazing ultra runners have long beards (timmy Olson, rob krar etc). Although you don't see many beards or even stubble at the olyimpics. 

    Skinny, if you can get a few more people to post then maybe you could have a second top trumps table? As long as they're not to fast though, I'm already strugglIng. Looks like Lou is top of the UC top trumps table this week. 

    Training, hmmm not sure what that is this week. Plenty more driving miles and service station coffees though. 

  • PPS Richard - I was entered into the original Coniston 14 but cancelled my entry when discovered the rerun was one week after the GCR - I'm just not hard core like you! 

  • Probably uncharacteristically high score. Good on the movies of Gus van Sant, fluked a couple on harmonics even managed the easy spelling one.

    You don't see many beards around. Probably a demographic thing as they seem to be more fashionable with the younger folks these days.

    I seem to have developed an ingrowing toenail since cutting them badly earlier this week. Easy 5-6 planned for lunchtime so ive got some ibuprofen gel and I'm determined to endure image

  • Pub quiz question for you: whats the only olympic sport in which beards are banned?

    (Apologies in advance if my answer turns out to be wrong)

  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭

    I often have a sort of beard in the winter but I work outside quite a lot of the time and I think it protects my face from the cold. 

    Im going to guess at Greco wrestling as the Olympic sport? That or synchronised swimming.

  • Morning! I think it's boxing. Also the fims of Gus van Sant are some more of the ones I knew but couldn't remember in time, along with the plays. But a bonus point to Lou for actually talking about running.

    Tommy, don't ultra runners generally go less fast so don't need to be as aerodynamic?

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