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    Tommy, it struck me whilst out running that 26th May is the Worcester Pitchcroft 10k. That's as flat as can be but is a 3 x 2 mile course so I suspect there may be some traffic to encounter on the final lap. I recall Lou doing it a couple of years ago so he might be able to comment.

    Also 23rd June is the Wythall 10k, which is 5 minutes off j3 of m42. This is a two lap course. There is a climb at 2k for the whole k and again at 6k. However immediately off the climb is a long straight 2k section that is fully downhill. The rest of the course is flat. It attracts a decent standard as they have some decent prize money and there is also a 5k going on at the same time. i'm hoping to run this if things work out.

    I am looking at Peterborough. I did it in 2016 I think and it was flat/downhill. It is a 10.30 start as well which helps.

    I am acutely aware that I am currently training far better than I race so I am hoping for some kind of breakthrough shortly. I am trying to avoid stressing about the forecast just yet, save for my observation above that Easter may have saved the day. Control the controllables!

    8 easy over lunchtime. Sports massage tonight.

  • On the 10k front Tommy, Hull 10k is flat (but twisty) early June - I'm doing the half there that day. Black Country 10k is early July (2 laps round Halesowen and hilly). Leeds 10k mid July-ish and York 10k early August-ish. Leeds and York flat as can be, and fast fields.

    Half marathons - Isle of Axholme (North Lincs) early September might be a good sighter for an October half but may also clash with Peterborough which tends to be one of the earlier ones.
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    Thanks both. Will take a look at those at those suggestions and see what works well. Muddy - my mate reckons that Isle of Axholme isn't as flat as they claim?

    It's a bit of a balancing act between wanting to have a crack at my road PB's for the shorter distances versus my desire to run off-road / on the fells over the summer.

  • Tommy: https://www.strava.com/activities/1199347629

    Ah yes DT - Pitchcroft might be feasible for me too. By contrast I am racing far better than I am training. 10k easy over lunch for me. Lovely and warm pouring with sweat
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    Cheers. seems to tie in with how my mate described it. He was right on the limit and said he felt like he was climbing a wall in the last mile when in reality it was a fairly gradual rise.
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    Tommy, it is also the Birmingham 10k last weekend in May if you fancy a very big event.

    I quite enjoyed my lunchtime trot yesterday.

    I have an actual complete rest day today. 14 tomorrow morning, think i'll try and get out for 9am to avoid the warmer temps forecast.

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    Ryton 5 is a nice one (and the one our club host).  Off road but on decent paths (can get dusty when it's dry) and it's in the WRRL so normally a decent field turn out.  No real hills to speak of I don't think.  

    Kenilworth half has had its route changed for its anniversary and is now a lot flatter so might be worth considering.  Leam half is July, not a v fast course I don't think but scenic - goes out around the villages and almost past our house.  Last year was viciously hot though.
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    Would you say it's a similar terrain to the Centurion 5 miler? 
  • Hi all,  decided to give 8x400m @ 3kp a go today.  Felt hard by around rep 5 but felt OK and I think I had one or two more reps in me.  Other sessions have included some progression runs and some steady efforts.

    Slowly creeping my weekly mileage up after the half, mainly to give my feet a rest after the blister escapade and to ease myself into the higher volumes to come.  

    Hope everyone enjoys the Easter break.

  • Sounds like a good session David.

    I did my pre-marathon parkrun session this morning. I entertained the thought of heading to the faster Walsall or Worcester courses but in the end settled on an extra half hour in bed and a big breakfast.

    So off to my usual haunt. 2 mile warmup didn’t feel like enough but the heat was starting to appear and I was already dripping in sweat. Lined up on the 3rd row of the grid (so about 30 ahead of me) and shot off for a first mile in 5.20. I knew I was breathing far too hard quite early on so dropped it a bit for the second mile which still came in at 5.30, then the final mile and a bit was a mess: heaving, almost stopping, legs of rubber and feeling like I was running on the spot for the final ‘killer hill’ section.

    The parkrun fairies awarded me 7th place in 16.57, but my token was for 8th place. 8th’s time was 17.00 which fits with my watch time - there was no one close behind me, which fits with the gap to the next finisher. so I think I’ll claim a 17.00 5k pb there.
  • Is that a all time PB Muddy or just on that course? If so the admin mistake will get you on the sub 17 all time list so well done - well deserved even if they gave you a 3 second bonus - I’m sure you are well worth sub 17 on an easier corse.

    I ran 5.4 miles yesterday in the sun in 40 minutes although I missed a run midweek so that was only my third run. Quite exciting!
  • That was an all-time pb Skinny, a 2s improvement on a time from 4 years ago on a flat fast course. Congratulations on the bigger and faster run,

    Out for 11 and a bit miles this morning with 5k around marathon effort.for the win at Great Run Local. Marathon effort produced around 6.25 mIn/mile pace in the heat  :#
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    Muddy, great result at parkrun. You must really be thinking some 2.45 might be on? 

    Mcf, thanks for link. 

    Skinny, this all sounds very good! 

    14m friday then 5 saturday. Rest sunday for a 38m week. 

    Easy 4 on treadmill tonight folliwed by spin. 

  • I ran 5.4 miles yesterday in the sun in 40 minutes although I missed a run midweek so that was only my third run. Quite exciting!

    That was Saturday - yesterday was another beautiful day and I felt okay so I ran same route again in 39:20 or 7:17m/m.

    So now I've done near back to back runs over 5 miles I need to stop messing about with the 'going faster and faster training' which makes me feel like I'm back at page 1 of the thread! 

  • Well done on the pb muddy, nice work.

    Great to hear you're back out there Skinny.  Just in time for the hotter temperatures too.
  • Yet more excellent news Skinny !

    DT - Maybe sub 2.45 will be a bridge too far - tonight’s 3m at marathon effort came in at 6.25 min/mile.
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    Yes, time to get back to 8mm pace, Skinny. All sounds positive.

    Taper is passing by relatively comfortably for once. 6 x 2 mins yesterday at hmp to just stretch the legs out and an easy 5 today.

    Mace, will you be running??

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    Sounds very positive, Skinny. Now to listen to your own advice!

    Excellent parkrunning, Muddy. Looking good for London!

    Seems like it's all coming together for you, DT. Weather is looking quite favourable too.

    First race in the Notts AAA Summer League series tonight - will give it a decent go but not flat out racing.

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    31:35 for the 5.1 miles last night. About 15 seconds slower than last year and 20 places lower. However, it was much more controlled and certainly not flat out. Reckon I must have overtaken about 100 people as the race went on and was only overtaken by one (my club-mate) in the final mile. 

  • Good stuff Tommy, always more fun overtaking than being overtaken.

    Closest I got to a sub 30 5 mile race was 30:14 in 2014 - must have had one in my legs when I did Abbey Dash in 37:37 but it's not a regularly raced distance.

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    Well done Tommy. It isnt easy finding a good fast 5 miler, let alone one at a time you can target it. my pb is 31.10 and was a bit of a breakthrough result at time. Ive since bettered it in a 10k but only ran ine 5 miler since and it was 3 days after a tougher longer race so missed pb by 10 secs. 

    Carb load is in action now, aiming for 500-600g. Discovered via an article that percy pigs are very carb dense so ive 2 bags of those to get through. 
  • DT19 said:
    Carb load is in action now, aiming for 500-600g. Discovered via an article that percy pigs are very carb dense so ive 2 bags of those to get through. 

    That sounds like an arse explosion just waiting to happen! Good luck.

    Is there not a list of slightly more sensible carbs you can pick from? 

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Yes i have a wide selection: bananas, rice cakes, pancakes, orange juice, luc sport and pasta based main meals. The pigs are just a little sweet treat here and there but at 30 calories each and 28 of them being carbs then they are better than a biscuit or chocolate for exampke. To get the grams in you need carb density so you arent filling up on fat or protein calories. 
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    I am trying to carb load but I haven't even finished my lunch yet :(

    I am going with my now habitual M&S pastry selection today and tomorrow but I don't count calories so no idea if it's enough - just eat until I feel stuffed, then repeat.

    Well done on the odd distance 5 miler Tommy. It's ages since I've done a 5 miler too. Maybe soon.
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    Most of the summer league races are odd distances with the exception of our 'home' race which is a very flat (but usually wind blasted) accurately measured 5 miler around the rowing lake.

    We used to have a few fast flat 5 milers local to Nottingham until the demise of the Notts 5 and the Long Eaton 5.

    There is the Trent 5 hosted by lit's former club which Muddy has done before which may be of interest to Muddy/DT (or any other localish person).





  • I am trying to carb load but I haven't even finished my lunch yet :(
    Try harder :-)
  • Ok, lunch is done now, and it's nearly tea-time.

    7m with 3m at marathon effort Tuesday, 5m easy today, 5k recovery tomorrow, then it's Expo time  :#
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    Tommy, thanks. That is of interest. I cant see a start time?

    Just had a light full body sports massage, rest day today. 3m first thing tomorrow then London. 
  • Oh yeah, did my annual health review Weds. Lung function and aerobic capacity were determined to be excellent. First time I've been weighed in a while: 75 kg bang on. My height was measured as 6'3 so I've gained an inch. Ecg has gone off to a cardiologist. 3 weeks until blood test results but they don't pick up serum ferritin. But I will know what alert level my prostate is at  :open_mouth:
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