Overdone it?



  • 20:36 - 1:08 faster than 9th March.

    37 seconds to go (although off road bits were rock hard today - can't guarantee that for rest of year).

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Skinny, i often wake like that and think i just as well get up. I then remember that i won't get to have a nap or even stop all day so i just stay put. 

    Solid progress!

    Easy 13 this morning. Longest run in a while and it's left me a bit drained having gone out having drunk 1 pint of water and taking nothing with me. 

    With last nights 7 im pushing back to 40m weeks. 

  • Big-Bad-BobBig-Bad-Bob ✭✭✭
    Great stuff, Skinny. Do I remember that your local parkrun is also a bit over-distance as well?
    Good couple of days' mileage there, DT. I'd like to see weekly mileage up near the 40m/week mark as it was for a good chunk of the winter, but with the harder sessions to recover from now, I'll probably have to settle around 35 as an average.
    Did recover nicely from the Mon/Wed race double having not hammered the closing stages on Wednesday, so 5 x 0.5m at target 5kp lined up for today: ~5:50/m. Still carrying an excess few pounds, but I'm starting to feel a light bounce and timing to my stride that I've not had since 2015. Despite leaving me with a niggle to get over (as they did in 2015), I think the short Lydiard Hills phase might be the key. 
    Was going to go to track, but it felt quite still in the garden, so risked HP which was a mistake with the banking as usual amplifying the breeze. Any road it initially felt like a cross wind for reps 1, 2 & 4 (Ave: 5:44/m) which all came in at/ahead of target, but reps 3 & 5 were pretty awful battling back against it - 6:05/m. Hot by the end too, but an average of around 5:52/m ain't too far off.
    Plan is to keep the same target pace for these, but extend it to 6 x 800 next time out, 5 x 1000, and if I can fit it in, may have a crack at 5 x 1200 before the target 5k in early July. The last will probably depend on whether I try to get a parkrun sharpener in beforehand.
    The Bank Holiday means I can have a little recovery jog round junior parkrun tomorrow, but still get in an 8 or 9 miler on Monday which helps balance out this week and next. 
  • Good mileage DT and good reps Bob - good to have a plan and a target.

    Anybody watching the Westminster Miles on the tv?

    Last one was won in about 5:10! On the TV!! Guy in second was close to 5:30. 
  • The coverage is really annoying though. Just showed a lad leading but dying on his arse with 400m to go and the pack behind closing - ooh looks like an exciting finish - then they cut away to an interview - grrrrrrr.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
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    Nice reps, Bob.

    i didnt realise it was on. just popped it on and whilst it looks warm there, what do people think is going to happen to them if they run for 10 minutes without a drink? So many carrying water bottles. 
  • DT19 said:
    Nice reps, Bob.

    i didnt realise it was on. just popped it on and whilst it looks warm there, what do people think is going to happen to them if they run for 10 minutes without a drink? So many carrying water bottles. 
    I thought the same but possibly they have been standing in a pen for a long time prior to actually running and they've got nowhere to get rid of their bottle?? 

    Although there are a lot of people who can't even look at lycra without needing a swig from a water bottle.
  • Big-Bad-BobBig-Bad-Bob ✭✭✭
    Aye, watched a fair bit of those both on the red button and then online. Also found the coverage really annoying. By all means highlight the inclusivity but not at the expense of covering the event you're actually covering. The BBC really annoys me a lot nowadays, but best not to get me started on that!  :p

    Enjoyed what they did show properly though, including some fast kids, Anthony Whiteman having lost a lot of fitness since he stopped training properly last year, and Aly Dixon running a 5:00 mile, then running back to start to join the Olympian mile which she completed in 5:30...and will then run the 10k tomorrow!  :open_mouth:

    Excellent run from Simon over on SG's thread as well who lead much of the Masters Mile before getting overhauled towards the end. Think he clocked about 4:35, four seconds behind the winner. Also saw Steve Dickens, one of the better runners locally who must have come in comfortably under 5:00. Quite fancy getting involved in that next year.
  • AnnaHenkeAnnaHenke ✭✭
    Rather interesting information for every person going there.
  • kevin70kevin70 ✭✭✭

    Quality 5mile racing guys, straight back to training Bob well done, DT solid miles.

    Managed 11mls on Saturday and 8mls last night, injury seems to have eased off so will plod on.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Nice going, Kevin.

    Started the weeks with spin and an easy 4 yesterday. Today was my first go post mara  of tempo sessions. 9 miles in total with 6 at tempo. Nothing too mad at this stage just getting used to them again. Was hoping to start at mp and progress it so that I finished averaging mid 6.30s.

    First mile came in on plan, however it felt much harder work than a mile at mp should. Laboured through it, and knocked in a couple of 6.30s miles but felt lacklustre and lacking the next set of gears. Ended up averaging 6.42 for 160bpm so that all reads fine but it felt very different. My average pace in London was 6.45mm. That feels a long way off after today!

  • Big-Bad-BobBig-Bad-Bob ✭✭✭
    Good stuff, Kevin. Glad the injury hasn't caused you too much bother.
    Still a decent session that, DT. 6 miles inside MP is always going to require a fair degree of effort.
    Yesterday's 8 or 9 miles turned into a round 10 in the end as took in a recently opened trail along an old railway line and the route was a bit longer than I'd estimated. Kept the pace right down though, and followed it with an even slower, short recovery jog this lunchtime. Soaked in torrential downpours on both.
    Summer League tomorrow, but planning to use it to get in a reasonably hard tempo rather than race it. Not done this one before as it was introduced after the injury issues started, but apparently it's a smidge under 10k, pan flat bar a railway bridge, and dull as hell on a narrow out and back route along another former railway line. Aiming for 6:30/m for the first half, possibly picking it up a little on the way back if I fancy it.
  • muddyfunstermuddyfunster ✭✭✭
    Blimey I step away for a few days and the thread goes race crazy. Well done to DT on his 5 mile pb, to Bob for a return to racing and reporting at middle and long distance ;) McF great stuff on Ryton and similarly Skinny whittling away at that park run time. Or rather chopping away at it. Forefoot prance stance still good ?

    Hope summer league goes well Bob.

    Keep at it Kevin, good the injury is not bothering you.

    I've been gradually bumping up the mileage, 4 or 5 miles more each week post London. Still easy base stuff, but the freshness is coming back with some zippy low effort paces coming out of the woodwork.

    I have Hull half marathon this weekend - I am feeling reasonable, though a 4m threshold/half rehearsal effort on Sunday wasn't all that.

    McF - I've entered the Monty 5k. Is it pay on the day - I didn't have to pay anything via the website ? 
  • Big-Bad-BobBig-Bad-Bob ✭✭✭
    Good to hear you're easing back into form, Muddy. Noticed some brisk, fartleky type miles appearing on Connect. Hopefully you can begin putting the mara disappointment behind you, with a bit of a return to form in Hull.

    I've got a note of Monty 5k as one of my possibles in July. Unlikely I would think as it's a long haul on a Sunday AM for a 5k, but comes after a target Mile race on the Friday night which I'll taper for, so if I feel there's unfinished business with the 5k at that point, then I should be fresh enough to go again on the Sunday.

    All went smoothly at Summer League. Very late announcement (about 3pm!) that had been extended to a full certified, road 10k briefly gave pause for thought on whether to either race it after all, or at least dip under 40 in my first 10k since ahem...March 2015! Decided to stick with the plan though to save the legs for a probable full parkrun effort on Saturday given it's going to be red hot by the time I'd otherwise drag myself out for a session. Bar losing a bit of time (at least per the GPS) under the trees at the 180 turnaround point right at the end of Mile 3, was on target all the way or a shade quicker, and felt pleasingly in control, running within myself throughout.

    6:27/6:29/6:35/6:26/6:28/6:28/6:26 for the bits and 40:22 on the Bob watch. Legs feel ok, and not keyed up like I was after the Monday & Wednesday races last week, so should hopefully sleep tonight.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
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    That's a decent marker Bob on the 10k. Nice going.

    Good luck Sunday, Muddy. Looks a bit cooler than Saturday so hopefully be OK for you.

    I have a mile reps session on Saturday, and also thinking of swapping this out for a parkrun as at least it gets me out and done a good bit earlier than if I just go off somewhere and do the session. Worcester isn't on so thinking of heading to Canon Hill.

    Following Tuesdays session I did 8 hilly but easy miles yesterday and have 14 planned for tonight. I'm out from mid afternoon Saturday on the beers so don't want to leave myself with too much to do on Sunday. That'll probably mean that if I do parkrun Saturday it'll be a reduced effort.

  • Sounds like a comfortable race Bob - nice to know you have sub 40 in your pocket whenever you want it.

    Good luck for Sunday Muddy.

    See attached updated TTT - it's my birthday today.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Happy birthday, Skinny. 

    14 done last night then did my first circuit training class in many years this morning. There were 3 different stations one being a treadmill. Given many of the participants do this class 3 or so times a week, there wasnt much in our abilities on the other 2 stations, the gulf in our respective treadmill abilities was substantial. Was chatting to instructor afterwards about how i found it and he asked me if i ran professionally!! I think i was made to look fast because others werent. Obviously i went with it......

    As long as kids dont have some bizarre lie in, in the morning and i dont get woken, I'll do parkrun in morning. Probably at 90% level. 
  • kevin70kevin70 ✭✭✭
    How did summer league go Bob...

    Do you rest up to Sunday Muddy?

    DT plenty of running and cross training well done

    Skinny happy birthday 51 :)

    Planning 14 mls tomorrow, being mostly easy running for a while now about 9.00-9.15 avg, would like to get back to doing one quality session a week. i'm going to use my 46.30 10k from a couple of weeks ago and look at maybe some sort of tempo, would 3mls at 7.30m/m be ok to do.
  • PeteHewPeteHew ✭✭✭
    This is amazing!  One for you to consider, McF, or are kids too big now?  Doesn't encourage me to get back to Preston parkrun though!
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Really poor parkrun. Planned to just nip under 19.First mile came in 6.05 but seemed quite a bit of effort. By 1.5m i was averaging 6.10 and had no desire to hurt so just gave up. Came in 19.24. HR was 167 average so quite a way off parkrun flat out hr. 

    I'll try again at some point. 
  • At McF's fastest that time sounds doable? 

    You would think that Sonia O'Sullivan or a whole load of other professional athletes who've had babies would have managed faster if they had tried?

    Unlucky DT but sometimes trying 90% efforts are difficult to hit and get motivated for because they still hurt but no reward at the end - 19:24 still a decent effort.

    Enjoy your weekends everyone.


  • Big-Bad-BobBig-Bad-Bob ✭✭✭
    Hard lines, DT - do think some short reps and/or leg speed sessions would help you break out of the post-mara  sluggishness and put a bit more snap into your stride. Still a worthwhile up tempo run out though.

    Belated happy birthday, Skinny. The half century is barrelling down the line ludicrously swiftly for me too,  though still 18 months off yet. The good news will be going to the young end of the next age category of course.

    Good effort by that lass, Pete. But as Skinny says, I reckon McF would have had a good shot at that. I see you're still logging miles, but classing them as 'slow' on Connect - not that they're that slow! Are you working to a plan, struggling with something, or just not feeling the desire to push on at the moment?

    Hope the 14 miler goes/went well, Kevin. Based on your 10k and current easy paces I reckon 7:40 to 7:45 would be  a better way to ease back into quality. Summer League went well - very brief report (by my standards!) a few  posts up as I ran it as a controlled tempo rather than racing it to save the legs for a proper tilt at parkrun  this morning.

    Slightly disappointing effort here as well however. Some mitigation/excuses perhaps in that this was my 5th hard  effort plus a long run since the 800 last Monday evening, and I had a bit of a sore throat last night, also  waking up with my tongue feeling a bit swollen - enough in both cases to feel the need for painkillers. Suppose  that could be linked to the hard efforts, so might need to watch that, and back off some of the much shorter but  faster efforts I've lined up for next week if necessary.

    Legs felt ok, though could tell they'd been working recently, and the warm up felt a bit harder than you'd hope.  Long Eaton RC were running a takeover this morning which meant there were pacers, all the way from 17 mins to 40  apparently...40 FFS! Though with one at 18 and the next at 19, I wasn't expecting them to be of much use to me.  Having gone through 3 miles in 18:45 at last week's 5 miler, I reckoned anything over 19 would be poor while  anything under 18:45 decent.

    The 18 minute pacer (a former left arm bowler about 10 years my junior and a nice guy but who always used to get  me out in my cricketing days) went off like a shot so I just settled into a rhythm hoping to go through the first  mile in about 6:00 and then sizing it up from there. Was bang on that so a bit surprised to see the 19 pacer also  come through and then push on...hmmm. Decided to go with him, but he'd picked it up if anything and sub-6 was too  hot for me as he slowly pulled away with an ever thinning group trailing behind him. 

    Was left just behind one young lad, but he was rapidly fading, so soon passed him to be left with a large gap to  the next runner and going through half way in around 9:15 was struggling to maintain sub-6:10 pace on my own -  6:09 for Mile 2.

    I was slowly reeling in a younger fella in a triathlon t-shirt, so pushed hard to catch him and tried to  encourage him to come with me, but he was spent, leaving me with a perhaps 100+ yard gap to the next guy up the  road, not much incentive to chase there, and with the final 5 minutes now amounting to even more of a solo time  trial.

    Pace drifts the wrong side of 6:10, and there's no push in me, reading 6:12 until having hit some congestion on  the final crossing of the narrow bridge, I force myself to lift it for the final 400 or so, and after bringing  that down to 6:10 for the final full mile, manage 4:52 pace for the final 0.12 and over the line in 18:53.

    Not a disaster, but just a bit meh. Was certainly hoping for a bit more and perhaps might have found it with a  bit more company from the end of the first mile onwards - 18/19 minute pacers coming in at 17:43, and 18:42  respectively - ah well! Anyway, much to do in a month if I'm going to finally clock a PB at any distance for the  first time in nearly 4 years at the target 5k - sub 18:15 required.
  • McFloozeMcFlooze ✭✭✭
    Blimey, lots of racing and parkrunning this week! Those meh efforts sound pretty food to me as it was hot today. It'll all come good.

    Not sure on Monty situ, Muddy, as not entered just yet. It's extremely no frills so wouldn't surprise me if you paid on the door. In fact I was running with the race director this morning. 

    Not posted this week as was sulking with a niggly hip flexor again so took a few days off. And then work was really busy. So I didn't run between Tuesday and Friday night. 

    Friday night we'd put in some teams for the Tempo events beer relays in Stratford. Teams of 4, 2 mile flat fast legs. I picked a few ladies for ours thinking we might have a chance of picking up a prize (although it's not a v serious event). Anyway, I'd been Out Out on the Thursday night to some mad Rave/bingo mash-up (Bongo's Bingo if you're interested) involving dancing on tables so I was nursing an all-day hangover. Not big or clever but it's once in a blue moon. Actually 3/4 of the team had been at same event so could be interesting. 

    I took leg 1 thinking I could get it over and done with and get my beer and then watch in peace. Lined up, mostly men but a few ladies in the mix. Plan was not to be sick. Set off with the usual blind optimism followed by rapidly recognising the need to pull it back a bit. Went into the lead for the ladies. First mile 6:20 but seemed like a long mile. Second mile felt like running through custard and second place lady came past. Held the place after that but pace for second mile was 6:40 for 13.05 overall. But we did win the lead back and ended up with team first lady with a little trophy. Beer for everyone. Fun event! 

    Saturday morning was pink Parkrun for cancer which started at 7am with 3 unofficial Parkrun followed by the proper one at 9am. My alarm went off at 6 and I wrestled with the decision to get up but decided it would make a decent long run. My legs were extremely reluctant to get going, so took the first three easy. I decided to pick up the pace a bit for the last but it was hard work and just about managed to get inside 23 minutes for 8th lady. About 750 people at our Parkrun though! 

    Not sure what to do tomorrow. Very possibly a tempo run but might do more marathon pace. Or might just run easy. 

  • muddyfunstermuddyfunster ✭✭✭
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    Kevin, it's been a fairly normal week for me. I shifted the usual Monday rest to Wednesday and having Saturday off due to travelling. Stretched my legs Friday night with 5k around 6.30 min/mile  lpace. Probably will reach around 45 miles for the week, race included.

    Well done on the beer relays and the night out McF ! Hope the hip flexor survived the dancing on tables etc.

    Bob, DT it has been warm and humid this weekend. Let that temper your expectations ...

    So Hull half marathon for me this morning. On Friday I fell for a lovely lady from Leamington Spa, on Saturday my team won the Champions League ... would Sunday morning bring me a pb ?

    No, it would not. But it brought me my most physically demanding race of the year in stifling humidity. The first part of the course traces out the madly twisty Hull 10k, then the the second half is an out and back to the grounds of Hull University. The first 5k was intolerable and it was a case of reining back completely and sitting just off the bite point through to 8 miles at the Uni, where the blossom cascaded down around us. At 9 miles into the warm breeze, runners up ahead were slowing and I started to take a few places. In the last couple of miles I could spy a very good East Hull Harrier and he became my target. Caught him at around 12 miles and hung on through the final mile to record 1.19.53 (no idea on position). My slowest of the year, which I expected, given training, but not by quite so much, considering the exertion I put in. Extremely sore feet and calves now, but a very happy heart !

    The race was also a qualifier for the England Vets Team - top 4 in age category qualify. I’ve not seen the results yet but there were at least two ahead of me, so fingers crossed on that score.

  • PeteHewPeteHew ✭✭✭
    Bob - I think I'm suffering from delayed onset old age :(  My slow runs are 20 to 30+ seconds per km slower than they were a couple of years ago  and mostly feel a struggle. Whenever I think I'm nearly ready for some sort of session, a niggle appears and sets me back.  I've bought some new shoes to see if they help and will go out in them soon. I also managed a 200m sprint for a bus last week so there's (a little) life in the old dog yet!  You may not be impressed with a sub 19 parkrun but I sure am :)

    Running in hot, humid conditions is a nightmare, muddy, so it sounds like you handled it well.  Good luck with the Vets Team and Leamington Lady!

    Come on, McFlooze, what about this world record bid?
  • McFloozeMcFlooze ✭✭✭
    I might need to borrow a lighter child, Pete, as my youngest is now nearly five (how did THAT happen?!). When I was fittest I could run a 41 min 10k, I reckon at a push I could maybe raced a 43 min 10k with a buggy? As an estimate since I never raced with it. Would be very much meat fuelled though. 🤣
  • McFloozeMcFlooze ✭✭✭
    Well done Muddy! On the race AND the lovely Leamington lady. The big question is...is she a runner? 
  • That is a lot of running over the weekend McF - how's your niggly hip flexor now?

    Also how did the beer thing work - I imagined you would have to run a mile, drink a pint of beer and then run the second mile but sounds like you just ran 2 miles then had a beer?

    Once my youngest daughter's exams are finished we're having a family night out at Bongo Bingo in Newcastle - I love dancing on tables >:)

    Delayed onset old age (DOOA) - surely you can come up with a four words to make a better acronym than that Pete?

    Bob - 18:53 not to be sniffed at but 18:53 to 18:15 in 4 weeks sounds like a big ask if both similar courses.

    And finally this...

    Kevin, it's been a fairly normal week for me.
     On Friday I fell for a lovely lady from Leamington Spa, on Saturday my team won the Champions League … 

    1.19.53 (no idea on position). My slowest of the year, which I expected, given training, but not by quite so much, considering the exertion I put in. Extremely sore feet and calves now, but a very happy heart !

    The race was also a qualifier for the England Vets Team - top 4 in age category qualify. I’ve not seen the results yet but there were at least two ahead of me, so fingers crossed on that score.

    Yep - normal week. B)
  • McFloozeMcFlooze ✭✭✭
    I decided to have a rest day yesterday, Skinny.  It's ok, I can just feel it all the time if that makes sense?  I'll go to club tonight and just do some easy miles.  Got the Two Castles 10k on Sunday so want to be fit for that.  

    You just ran two miles and had a beer afterwards at the relay but it was good fun regardless.  

    You'll love the Bongo Bingo then, Skinny.  There is a bit of debauchery involved too but nothing too X-rated.   

    Muddy - apologs but I missed your Vets qualifier potential news in amongst the lady excitement.  But that's also very exciting.  

    Pete - you might have slowed down a little bit but I bet your WAVA is still crazy high?!
  • DavidHaydon83DavidHaydon83 ✭✭✭
    Happy belated birthday Skinny and good parkrunning/racing/training everyone.

    Nothing much to report from me after a week away in Cornwall.  I finished off the week before last with a lovely 10 mile trail with around 1500ft of elevation gain.  Absolutely stunning.  The views were amazing along the SW coast and I felt truly appreciative of just being able to get out and run.

    Did another 4 mile trail a few days after and then got hit by a cold (always happens when I see my snotty little niece!).  Should be back out again tomorrow.  Got a 10k race coming up so something to aim for short term.
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