Overdone it?



  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Tommy, that looks amazing, however i'm sure it was gruesome to actually complete!

    That must have been a nasty bug to have laid you up for a week, Muddy! I'd be delighted if I could achieve both of those times/paces! Too early, given I am not running an Autumn mara to start thinking about that stuff yet.

    Decent 5k effort, mcf in the circs.

    Bit of a sharpener over lunchtime for Saturdays 10k of 2 x 1k and 1 x 800m off 3m then 4 x 400m off 90s at 10kp. I step out of my office and it was like an oven. At the end of my warm up I was already very hot. Fortunately the one side of the race course is heavily tree lined so I was able to run the entirety of the session in the shade. It was still hot but not as brutally so as it would have been in the sun.

    Couple of short easy runs with some strides next couple of days planned. It looks like i've lucked in with the weather. Saturday morning is forecast as cloudy and 18c with 7mph breeze. You can't really ask for much better late July.

  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭

    Skinny - yes for the most part you can take whichever route you like, although a lot of the time there's a footpath or sheep track to follow, in addition there was some parts of the route which we flagged for us to follow to avoid areas of the peat bog which have been badly eroded.

    There was a warning on the instructions about avoiding the 'small cliffs' as you descended one of the hills, these are the ones on the first photo.

    Half hearted attempt at a session with Bob last night, was distinctly lacking in energy/pace. Rest day today.

  • McFloozeMcFlooze ✭✭✭
    Tommy - that's a crazy amount of gradient in a running race! 

    Went to club track session yesterday evening in the heat - probably a crazy decision.  But the session was 3 min, 4 min, 5 min, 4 min, 3 min at LT pace with two minute recoveries.  I didn't really understand the point of the session (and nor did the session leader when quizzed).  But it was too hot to argue and I'm not sure I could have mustered up much more of a pace anyway!  I might do local parkrun tomorrow to get a fastish run in in company with some extra miles if I run there and back.  
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    I think i'd have said, "It's bloody hot and we really shouldn't be out here doing a session anyway and I don't want to kill anyone so we are going to keep the efforts short, the intervals long and the pace/effort manageable".

    I took to the treadmill for last nights loosener and strides. Magor 10k in the morning. Conditions look reasonably decent.

  • Sounds a bit like cruise intervals but cut down for the heat McF ? Anyway well done ! I went out yesterday lunch: 32 degrees. Strangely it felt ok-ish running in a cap with the airflow over me, but when I got back to the office and cold showered for 10 minutes, then came out and immediately started pouring with sweat (and continued to do so for the next half hour) I regretted having ran. Forgot my socks today when it is cooler. Doh.

    Out later then, and more miles tomorrow and Sunday. I've had a mild maintenance week so far but feeling better now, so will run over 5 miles for the first time in a fortnight.

    Good luck with Magor DT !
  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭
    Good work on getting out on the track last night, McF. We had a tempo session round some local woods, it was bloody hard work even with the regular breaks. I looked like i'd jumped in the bath after we'd finished. 

    I was sent this earlier and when I was watching it I spotted a familiar distinctive vest...


    There's also a 'fastest' version which includes Mace's local. 

    Might try and get to a parkrun tomorrow. 
  • Is that Madbee pushing the pram at Whinlatter?
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    Well the forecast wasnt quite as earlier ssid. I left home and it was 15c and raining. Unfortunately 70m away it was sunny and about 22c. 

    Plan was to run 19.10 first hakf sitting at 6.10mm then pick it up last few k. That was all going fine going through 5k in 19.11 with 6.09, 6.10 and 6.09. By 5k the field had split out (only 4 of us finished with a 38.xx time) so it was a fairly lonely 2nd half. Mile 4 was 6.11 however the heat was taking its toll and it was too much work to raise pace. Mile 5 was 6.16 and i was hanging on. Mile 6 at 6.13 meant a pb was off the cards but i still wanted to post an sb time. 

    Came in 38.44. There was a different finish this year which meant it measured 6.25 which cost me about 15s. Still would have left me short for a pb though. 

    I'll get my hols done, then from September I'll have a decent block to Telford in December. I know that measures more generously and 6.10 pace there will get me a pb. 

    i have a nice running vest sunburn which will no doubt form a nice deep tan for my pending hols. 
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    Skinny - That's what I wondered. Are you still managing a couple of run's per week?

    DT - sounds like you were a bit unlucky with the weather. the paces you were hitting in training seemed to suggested you were on for a PB. Some of your sessions did seem pretty savage and as muddy has suggested on occasion you may have left some of your best work out on the racecourse perimeter track. Having said that, if you can hit that sort of time in less than ideal conditions you must be in decent shape and perhaps a couple more tune up races between September and Telford will help get you the time your training suggest you're capable of. Enjoy your holiday!

    I've had a couple of easy days as I was feeling a bit beaten up from the fell race and then a hardish week. Couple more weeks of nothing particularly focussed before starting on the plan for a half marathon PB attempt at the end of October (where is the year going?!).

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    Muddy, good that the easy week has refreshed you

    DT, still a great time and I think if you had more runners around you this would have pushed you on.

    Tommy, easy couple of days after they hills are deserved.

    Managed 6 on Friday and 12mls Saturday for 36mls , hoping for the same this week.

  • McFloozeMcFlooze ✭✭✭
    DT - that's a decent turnout in hotter than expected weather.  I think summer racing is just hit and miss, too many variables. 

    Kevin - decent mileage.

    Skinny - are you still managing a bit of running here and there?  

    Muddy - glad you're feeling better.

    Happy to report that I am feeling a lot better and think the iron tablets must have kicked in.  Did our local Parkrun last week which has a big hill in it and not very fast in an ok 22 minutes. The next day I ran an uneventful 12 miles in the rain which was good in that I ran up the hills at normal pace without puffing and blowing like I was 3 stone overweight.  Yesterday I managed a track session of 2 x 1000m, 2 x 800m and then 3 x 400m with 100m walk recoveries at a reasonable pace (4:02; 4:06; 3:17; 3:21; 1:35; 1:33; 1:31).  Felt tough but didn't want to abandon the session after the first rep which is what kept happening previously.  My fitness is down a bit but not surprising given a few weeks cutting out sessions but that's ok.  So hopefully now I can start trying to build myself back up again.  I think I might start taking Spatone every day just to prevent it in future.  

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    Hello all, plenty going on for me recently so time for a bit of a catch up.
    Interesting what you say about sleep, DT - definitely an issue I ought to get grips with. Unfortunately as a night owl with a job up to an hour's drive away I'm always swimming against the tide midweek. I reckon that was a very decent 10k you cranked out last weekend given the recent warmth. Warm enough on the day itself, but the heat last week was just a general sapper. You're in a good spot for a breakthrough when conditions are more favourable.
    Solid 5k given your revent struggles, McF - hopefully you'll really get the bit between your teeth again soon, and encouraging signs both in how you're feeling and with that session. Also hope Lou's recovering from his nasty box jumping incident! Oooooooyah!
    Hope the recovery from illness continues, Muddy. Still not logging your usual mileage by the looks, but back running regularly. Any impending racing plans?
    How are you going, Skinny? Still building the miles, Lit? Kevin - as Tommy suggests - get a race in and some return on this consistent looking block of training!
    Some decent sessions for me lately, some as previously reported by Tommy (fitted in for him around some of his brutal fell racing), but not as much racing as intended for a variety of reasons. Finally hitting the proper middle distance shaped reps again now though, and got a bit of a pay off from that on Monday - report below.
    Low volume Lydiard peaking session this afternoon, basically 100% sprinting the side and cruising the ends of a football/rugby pitch. Can never manage more than a mile of this, utterly murderous but have had success with it in the past, and they're swift to recover from given the lack of volume.
    Final big session before a 1500/800 Sat/Sun double at next weekend's BMAF T&F Champs in Brum was on Thursday night. Parachuted into another local club's session who are a bit more MD focussed than mine for 4 x 500m off very long recoveries to enable giving every rep full beans. Got carried away on the first in just over 81 seconds (4:23/m pace) which is inside 800m pace (so close an all out time trial for me), and even with the long recoveries paid for it losing several seconds on the next 3 (85/88/88). However, still averaged 4:36/m across the session, giving 2000m volume @ 800 pace. Hard, but satisfying yakka.

    Most notable however, was a very fast 13yo who has only been racing for 3 months, and in that time taken 28 seconds off his Mile PB (5:26 to 4:58), 20 seconds off his 1500m (4:53 to 4:33, despite having FALLEN OVER on Monday in the latter), and 6 seconds off his 800m (to 2:13) in the 6 weeks to mid-July since when he's clearly developed again. Did the first 500m rep in about 77 seconds, and didn't lose much on the rest...one to watch!
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    800m - Charnwood Open
    So, Monday night, I got myself to another race, an 800m on a warm, calm evening at Charnwood. In a heat with the usual gaggle of mixed gender youngsters, plus a (now 2nd claim) clubmate and coach of the club for Thursday's session. He's much faster than me even as a V50, but had already run a 4:39 SB in an earlier 1500m so was an obvious hare to chase.
    A weekend's boozing with little sleep was hardly great preparation, but a decent warm up, the conditions, and a good old chat with a few familiar faces had got me in the mood. I was up for this, and set myself to tail Graham as hard as I could from the off, particularly as have had the feeling that 'getting out' has been a weakness so far this season.
    Very evenly matched heat on paper, and so it proved with a gaggle across into Lane 3 off the curve and up the back straight, but we're moving swiftly enough and I'm in touch with Graham, so am happy to tuck in on the rail at the back of the field at this stage. Expected the kids to fade but they were a strong bunch, so I'm still bringing up the rear at the bell, albeit in touch and in 68s to the leader's 66. A few do now start to flag, but I hold station round the bend, and then make a move to chase Graham up the back straight...I'm hanging on here. 
    Back on the rail for the final bend, biding my time to kick hard up the straight. Sling shot out to Lane 2/3 and then give it my all, trying to scalp Graham for the first time. Apparently take another couple of youngsters with that effort, but the legs give out with 20m to go just as I think I've got my man, missing out by just over 0.3 seconds and coming home in a 2:18.34 SB by over 2 seconds. I've only actually run faster than that between May and September 2015. WAVA is also kind to me here, so whilst I'm still thinking in absolute terms of it being 3.5 seconds off my PB, it does give me a best ever age grading of 82.6%. (I'd need to run an impossibly unlikely 17:30 / 36:30 over 5k/10k to match that.)
    Still miles off being competitive even in the 800m in my age category next weekend in Birmingham, but pleased with the way I'm responding to (at last) returning to proper middle distance training, feel strong and (touch wood) niggle free, so confident there's more to come over the next 6-8 weeks. 
  • McFloozeMcFlooze ✭✭✭
    Definitely finding your form, Bob!  Brilliant!  

    Lou's legs look sore to me.  Trying to get him to go to the doctors but he is doing the man thing.  
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Bob, sounds like you are definitely finding your form. Fingers crossed it returns fully very soon.

    Yes I saw Lou's leg injuries on the fb. I thought the hospital had stitched them all together?

    Just back from a long weekend in Lanzarote so easy 6 planned a little later to ease back in to things after a few days off.

  • Crikey Lou's legs  :o  :'(

    Great efforts Bob. Unfortunately I will be away for the masters this weekend otherwise I'd Bob along to support.

    I had a couple of low weeks after my week off due to the virus. Tried my steady state marathon effort for 3 miles and was doing 6.45 min/mile pace 14 days post virus onset, which was clearly not right. I did the same again last Sunday and it was more like it at 6.15 min/mile for the same effort. It's looking like Hull will not be feasible as a proper marathon race so just looking to sharpen things up for the Maidenhead half Sept 1st, then get a decent 8 week block of mileage in for 10k/10mile races Nov/Dec.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Muddy, are you sure you cant turn it around for Hull. I appreciate that it's only 7 weeks away but with a 2 week taper and the shape you are currently in, you could get perhaps 4 proper long runs in. If course i dont know what your own holiday plans are.

    Alternatively, why not bin off Hull and take a gfa entry at York. That gives you 4 weeks back. It just seens a huge shame to miss out after what happened in London. 

    London gfa open tomorrow as well. 
  • That’s a good idea about York DT. I had been looking at the 10 miler there too. Will mull it over as I would like to race well at shorter distances through end October and November. With Maidenhead in the mix the scope for long runs is reduced and I doubt I will LSR this week as travelling...
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    I would definitely want to prioritise a marathon given what happened in London. I don't really see the benefit of doing Hull at 90%. It will still require a degree of training, taper and recovery. Perhaps defer your enjtry where possible or just write it off.

    You'll be recovered by mid November so well placed then for a 10k and/or 10 miler from then onwards.

  • Big-Bad-BobBig-Bad-Bob ✭✭✭
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    McF - Lou's legs do still look sore, noticed an update a couple of days ago. I'd probably be doing the 'man thing' as well, but they do look like an eye cast over them might be an idea. BIG ouch.

    Nice progressive tempo at lunchtime, DT - the Lanza break might just have done you a bit of good.

    Muddy - No probs, would have been good to catch up, but hopefully we can do so somewhere soon, enjoy your weekend.

    As per usual, the weather is looking shocking for the Masters champs this weekend. Winds gusting over 65 km/h forecast for Saturday's 1500m, though slightly more benign for the 800 on Sunday. Storm Bertha was passing through when I first did this in 2014, in 2015 it was hot and windy on the Saturday, and Muddy will remember only too well the conditions on the Sunday as per below. Another V45 I've become familiar with on the circuit this year tells me it was abysmal last year as well. Uncanny really. Ah well, probably doing another 1500/200 double on Tuesday and a Mile on Thursday for some redemption if Saturday does prove to be a stinker. I see Simon from SG's thread will also be in my 1500 heat...I'll probably still be looking at the top bend when he finishes mind!

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Always a shame when the weather interferes to such an extent, Bob.

    Yes tempo at lunchtime with  3m at mara pace then 2 mins easy then 3m at  my usual tempo pace. Came out 6.41, 6.42 and 6.48 and then 6.32, 6.39 and 6.32.

    London GFA entered this morning.

  • Yeah DT I could convert my Hull Marathon entry to a 2 person relay entry and run a half there and then be in good nick for York.  I feel less well trained this year and would debate as to whether I'm in good shape now - the 10k pb was two months ago in mid- June and my mileage has been down since end of April. It's worth me trying to cram in some long running in the coming weeks just to give me options for October.

    Bob - yeah the weather was horrendous in 2015. Best of luck with it this weekend. Tipton have their last meeting the Tues or Weds after the Masters I think - that might be worth a go with a hope that lightning doesn't literally strike twice.
  • Nicely done, DT. Is that still a guaranteed entry with the GFA, or is there now an element of pot luck? I remember they changed the rules a bit a few years ago, but with any thoughts of a marathon still a long way down the road for me I can't remember exactly how.

    Muddy - I did look at Tiptop Tipton, but there's also a meeting in Derby that night which is more convenient for me, and although it wasn't entirely clear, looked like the track stuff at Tipton was aimed at the young 'uns anyway.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Muddy, yes, I forget that mid June was that long ago now. Time flies by!

    Bob, yes and no! The system is akin to Boston. Essentially benchmark times are set that entitle you to put your name in the hat. There are then 3000 places per sex. If there are more than 3000 names in the hat then then qualifying time is reduced evenly across each age range until 3000 people remain.

    I'm in by 7 minutes so for me not to get a place the qualifying times will need to have to come down to sub 2.52.55 and 2.57.55 and so on. You only have to look at RB rankings to see that there aren't 3000 men (at least who have an rb profile) to make up those numbers. The numbers drop quite dramatically as you move minute by minute from 3 to 2.55. I haven't entered the ballot as a back up in any event.

  • Got you, thanks DT - sounds like you should be a shoo-in then. 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Yes, realistically, given of course the downward cut off is 2.45 as champs kicks in then. 

    20 x 70s off 1min at 5k effort over lunch. Conditions were pretty blustery and wet. Also gps couldnt kick in fast enough so not sure the readings i got were as fast as i was running. 

    Planning walsall parkrun next saturday. Not been before but everyone seems to agree it's the fastest in west mids. 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Easy 14m yesterday to round off the week.

    Ticking over this week towards Saturdays parkrun.

  • muddyfunstermuddyfunster ✭✭✭
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    May join you for that DT.

    Just fired off an email to see whether I can enter the Yorkshire marathon on GFA ticket ...

    I did not bother with a London GFA entry.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Have you done it before? i see Dan Robinson seems to be there most weeks pacing Hayley Carruthers to sub 16. 

    I'm in no big rush afterwards so can grab some breakfast maybe? 

    Are you put off by what happened this year? GFA is still open. Isn't it worth putting name in hat and making a decision later on? 

    Yorkshire is definitely a good option for you. One long and nasty out and back from about 17-20m but otherwise a good course and event. 
  • I haven’t done it before DT. If I do come along I’ll hang around for some food and drink afterwards. I did 5m with strides and hill sprints last night and felt lively so thought I may as well sharpen for Maidenhead with a few races. There’s Clent Worcs MT champs on Wednesday and a very local 5k a week later. That’ll give me a short Vo2max section while I’m on fresh low mileage legs before I start the longer mileage for York.

    With London it’s the overall expense to consider, and I am not that fussed about racing the marathon distance either. If I did put my name in and didn’t do it, I’d be denying the spot to someone else wouldn’t I ? When do you have to pay by ?
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