Overdone it?



  • kevin70kevin70 ✭✭✭

    How did the 20 miles go McFlooze.

    DT nice few pounds lost.

    Weather brutal Skinny in Glasgow over the past few days. 11 miles :) Enjoy Poland

    Not mangaged out over the past few days due to work :(  Not many miles last week too, treating it as a recovery week but already stressing about Manchester and miles/pace others are doing :s

    Hello Mace

  • Nice one Skinny, I couldn't be arsed running yesterday as the weather got fouler and fouler.

    I went out this morning and it was horrible still. My route picked it's way through a huge ankle deep puddle after about a mile so I had 18 miles of squelching ahead of me. Canal towpaths were sodden too.

    I feel very tired now 19.25 miles in 2.23 ish - I included 5k at marathon effort (19.13 in a lot of wind) but lacked the energy for more at that effort which was a bit worrying.

    Nothing wrong with a little break Kevin, don’t fret about anyone else, trust in the training you are doing to improve your fitness. You’ve got to make it to the start uninsured and feeling fresh and going too hard too early in training can result in a disappointing race day.
  • Uninjured I mean !

    Life insurance is advisable 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Skinny, that's great that you can run that long now.

    Kevin as said before, don't worry about others, however i'll disagree a little with Muddy as Manchester is 7 weeks away, so even with just a 2 week taper, I wouldn't now class this as too early in training. However, that reduced period has come at a good time. A recovery week or so before the final big 4-5 week peak push is well timed.

    Decent distance in the weather, Muddy.

    I thought i'd timed my 17 well as things seemed to settle a bit early morning. However it started raining again around 11.30. I got out at 12.30 and it was raining at that point. Within 2 miles I had to go through shin deep flood water so gave up any hope of staying dry. It was pretty miserable for the first 12m as I was predominantly running in a south westerly direction so straight into the wind. By the time I turned around i'd had enough so couldn't enjoy the wind assisted finale. At about 15.5m, pretty suddenly the skies cleared, the wind died off and there were blue skies and sunshine.

    I'm now entered into the Leicestershire half next sunday, though the wind forecast doesn't look hugely favourable right now.

  • Well, sounds like everyone's been managing more running than me (DT's run in particular sounds like no fun at all). I did manage to get out for a quick jog on Friday night in the amazing new cheat shoes - they actually were noticeably faster than my normal easy run and seem to suit my running style well, as some of the reviews said they felt weird at easier paces but I didn't find that to be the case. However, I'm not sure how much of the effect is *for the same effort* based on the bouncy new foam, and how much is the design of the shoe encouraging faster running. They have a slightly curved shape that sort of rocks you forward.

    Anyway, then I tried to go for a 'long' run on Saturday morning before the worst of the wine (back in my normal trainers) and just felt awful so gave up after about 10k. Legs were achey and it just felt like hard work and not enjoyable at all, so I decided (without too much soul-searching) that I probably needed a rest. My knees are healing well, and my elbow seems to be improving though it still looks pretty disgusting. There are also scrapes on one hip. However, I just booked an airbnb for London so had better try and rebuild my training from now on!
  • McFloozeMcFlooze ✭✭✭
    My 20 was done on Saturday morning and was largely horrible. My legs felt lacking any oomph and I was generally wet and miserable. Idiotically planned a long canal sectiona nd by the end was just ploughing through the puddles to save energy. No prizes won for pace either. But ticked off. 4 mile recovery the following day when the sun had done out was lovely. Still windy but so much nicer. 

    14 miles tonight which I will do most of with club plus run there and back (3m each way). Then an easy week in prep for Bourton 10k on Sunday. 
  • kevin70kevin70 ✭✭✭

    Well done everyone running at the weekend, weather brutal.

    Thanks for the comments too, managed 7mls last night in sleet/rain/wind, felt better with a couple of days rest.

  • kevin70kevin70 ✭✭✭
     All quiet :( 4 easy miles last night, out tonight for long as i can't fit it in this weekend.
  • It's relatively early in the week Kevin !

    Rest day Monday for me (very much needed!) and then out for 1 hour yesterday with a couple of miles at marathon effort (8.5 miles total).

    I felt good (rather than jaded) for the first time in ages today with a lunch time run of 5 miles of easy effort which was quite refreshing in the wind and drizzle.

    Half term, work commitments and parenting is playing havoc with my time though, so finding it difficult to scale efforts up to the marathon during the week.

    Hope this easy week goes well ahead of Bourton McFlooze, though yours and DTs weather gods are not playing ball.

    Good shoe report Lit and good self awareness to sack a run when you're feeling tired.
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    literatin said:

    Anyway, then I tried to go for a 'long' run on Saturday morning before the worst of the wine
    Haha - I ran 5 miles on Tuesday morning after the worst of the wine. 😄
  • Oops, no wonder I felt terrible!
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
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    Weather forecast for Loughborough is improved dramatically now and within the range of what you might consider decent.

    Tommy, is Bob going to be there?

    Ticked along this week with 8 x 3 mins at 10kp-hmp on Tuesday, 7m easy and spin last night and will be 5m easy and bodypump tonight.

    Poor time to taper really as I am home along until Saturday later afternoon so could have really done some big training. However I also get the opportunity to get some good quality rest in as no running around after children and getting up early.

    In other news, after a 3 week wait, I finally had confirmation that I had managed to bag a non NYRR gfa place for the New York mara on 01st November.

    I was 10st 11 on this mornings weigh in.

  • MadbeeMadbee ✭✭✭
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     :D Took me a really long time to get that joke.  I assumed lit genuinely did mean wine. Anyway, well done lit, for getting back into it and for getting out of that particular run.  Hope your limbs are recovering from the unintended flight.

    McF, I'd noticed you being rock hard on Strava.  Great commitment to long runs and LT runs.

    Kevin, as everyone says, don't worry about anyone else - you can only do what you have time and energy to do - at the end of the day, it's only running, much as we love to obsess about it round here... It sounds like you're putting some sensible miles and training in, if you're looking to do quality sessions, I'd pop in a couple of threshhold runs as they really seem to make the difference for me (disclaimer, do as I say, not as I do, I have skipped my last two because they are hard and I'm lazy!).  Say 5 miles within a longer run at whatever pace you think you could race at for an hour.  The marathon pace chunks others have mentioned are also a good bet, but again, put them in the context of a longer run eg 16 miles with 12 @ MP.  I am basically parroting P&D, but a few of us have had good results using that plan, so may be worth a read if you're looking for some structured training plans in future.  How did last night's long run go?

    DT, that long run sounds miserable, maybe being all thin and light and feathery makes you more susceptible to being blown around?  Time for more cake, perhaps.

    Mace!!!  You're alive.  The last time we heard from you you had just got a puppy, if I remember rightly? Much more interesting than runnning ;) 

    Skinny  :o I am oddly shocked that you don't do 4 milers.  It's my staple in ticking over season and I can't imagine ever doing 3.  Great that you're managing to make running feel like part of your life again though.

    Reading this thread has inspired me to get my backside out the door.  I've been feeling a bit ropey this week with a few niggles and a cold, so I was considering a day off but I think actually an easy jog would be a good idea.  Liversedge half at the weekend was pretty horrendous, given the above mentioned minor ailments added to the wind, I intended originally to give it a really good go, but ended up revising the plan to marathon pacing it, then didn't even manage that, despite it mostly feeling more like an LT level of effort than MP.  It was also much hillier than I anticipated and largely very boring, but it was at least a day out and nice to be part of a race atmosphere again after quite a few months.  

  • Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong - I pleasingly slept in this morning and missed my chance for 6 miles in the pissing rain - looks like I might have same opportunity this evening or tomorrow morning though.

    Just took a phone call from Noah asking if I was interested in a cruise....
  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭

    DT - No he's sacked it off, his calf still isn't right. He's hoping to come and watch us suffer at the National XC on Saturday though. There's currently a bit of panic around the parking for the nationals as all the normal locations are flooded or under trees (they're worried about the forecasted 45 mph winds blowing some trees over on to peoples cars). I have a feeling the race is going to be pretty gruesome given the recent weather and the delightful wind.

    Madbee - good effort racing on Sunday, I can't imagine conditions were particularly pleasant anywhere in the country.

    Managed a fairly decent session last night despite the nagging wind; 6*1 mile off 2 mins recovery which came out at somewhere between 10k and HMP.    

  • McFloozeMcFlooze ✭✭✭
    When will this weather go away?!

    Give Bob our regards, Tommy.  Good luck for the sloppy XC.  

    Congrats on the NYC place, DT.  Loads of my clubmates seem to have entered this this year.  Not sure why but all of a sudden everyone is doing it.  I did note the weather looks ok for Sunday.  Hope it stays that way.  

    Do you have any more races planned, Madbee?  

    I have visions of Lit doing shots on long runs instead of energy gels now.  

    Skinny - like Madbee I think a 4 mile run is the best sort.  

    Hope you've managed to get some running in in half term week, Muddy.  Will your boy come along on his bike at all?  This is easier to persuage them todo when the weather isn't blowing a hooley I find.  

    Amazing ho a few days rest makes everything fresher, Kevin.  

    Mostly enjoyable week of training so far despite crappy weather.  14 miler was going great until 11 miles in hit agonising stomach cramps and had to dash into a bush to use the facilities.  Then had to run home feeling the same was immnent thinking I poss had a d and v bug.  But went away as swifly as it came.  Weird.  Yesterday I took kids to London and spent the day walking around a lot.  Thought my legs would be dead but went to a club session in the evening that is time-based so 4 x 4 mins of effort with 3 minute recoveries and they actually felt quite perky.  The pace sections came out at 6:06 (too fast) but then settled into a 6:15 ave pace.  Considering I haven't run much above tempo zone for ages I'm quite pleased with that.  Then I ran a nice 8 miler around the lanes this morning with my friend before the weather got grim.    

    Will just do an easy run on Saturday and some strides and then race Sunday.  Feels nice to have a week off long long runs.  

  • Got my 6 done in the gale and pissing rain this morning. Did 5*0.2 mlles triangle where I recovered on the flat side and ran hard down the hill and back up the steps - I’m calling them Isle of Man hills.

    Good luck whoever is racing this weekend - hope weather finally blows itself out. 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    I just crept into 10,10 this morning!

    Nice work, Skinny. I am home alone for a few days so thought I might get up and run this morning, then decided I had plenty of chance over lunchtime and I should just sleep so set my  alarm for 8.15 and made the most of no children to wake me up.

    Mcf, the non nyrr places have never sold out before and then this year they closed applications after 28 minutes. There were people from across the States going wild on FB as they travelled and did NY every ear and had never had an issue so had already booked their trips. Turns out 2 guys local to me from my club got in also.

    Good luck on Sunday. The forecast looks acceptable now.

    Tommy, that's a shame re Bob. Nice session, done that a few times just with 1 mins recovery.

    Madbee you seem to be going pretty well.

    I've just ticked over this last few days. Easy 5 yesterday then 4m today with 4 x 45s strides in the last mile. Rest day tomorrow.

  • SkinnyPart2SkinnyPart2 ✭✭✭
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    About 13.5 done this morning in the rain but at least wind had dropped - just short of 25 for week now a cut back week with a sub 20 parkrun on Saturday (although parkrun course I have selected to run current forecast is for snow which might put a spanner in the works).

    Hope race goes well McF and don’t get any thinner DT or we’ll have to swap forum names.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Skinny, don't forget im 5'8 so a long way to be more deserving of your name! 

    82.15 on my watch this morning for an 80s pb. Pretty pleased with that given the amount of wind i had to battle with about 6m of the route around a lovely open airfield. Also ran a 20s 5m pb, 10k in 38.20 so my 3rd fastest 10k then took about 55s off my 10m pb. In more neutral conditions that would have been a good 30s faster. 
  • Well done DT- great PB in bad weather.

    My 81:45 survives for another race :-)
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    82.11 was official time. Probably wont run a half now until September so you're good for a while. 
  • McFloozeMcFlooze ✭✭✭
    Well done, DT. Conditions not easy today!

    I had a good race. Woke to hear the wind absolutely howling but seemed to drop a bit although still windy. The route does two laps of the village and then out and back along a country lane with one more lap of the village to finish.  Managed to come in at 42:00 on the chip which is my best 10k time in 3.5 years (PB is 41.06 so getting closer).  2.5 minutes faster than this time last year in this race. Would have been a bit faster but for a fierce headwind and torrential, driving rain in the last couple of miles.

    Hope everyone had good weekends? 

  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭

    Well done, McF, that's a great improvement on last year and getting close to your PB is a fine effort, especially in the wind and the rain.

    DT - great stuff. I know a few people who did that race and by all accounts conditions weren't that great. It's windy on that airfield even when it's not windy, so on a day like yesterday it can't have been pleasant.  

    The National XC at Wollaton Park for me on Saturday, over what I think is the toughest course I've known, but then again it always seems tough. The ground was pretty swampy and smelly for long sections and there were a couple of river crossings, some massive logs to jump, along with a few runnable sections. As an added bonus the course was about half a mile longer than when the Nationals were held here. As a result of all that, I was about 9 minutes slower than 2017 and about 100 places lower. Still, an amazing event to be a part of and something which everyone should experience at least once

    Here's a fairly representative photo (although I seem to have lost my neck in the swamp)

  • That looks like good clean fun Tommy :)

    Congratulations on the pb DT - easily more to come, which may increase Skinny's chagrin. But Skinny also has more to come too, so we shall see what things look like towards the end of the year. Skinny still way ahead on wava of course. Hey it's a rainy day, how about re-organising the TT table based on 10k wava .. ? 😇

    Congratulations too on a great race McF. Possibly see you at Warwick half next weekend for a marathon effort run for me. It's a pricey one though isn't it ? 3000 race limit and only 1000 or so in it last year 🤔

    51 miles for me last week which was an achievement with half term. I struggled on my long run and left it at around 16 miles.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    That looks horrific, Tommy!! Well done on getting through that.

    I passed someone from your club yesterday at around 5-6m.

    Some decent mileage for half term kid juggling, Muddy.

    Well done on the 10k, mcf. Not great weather as per my experience so more to come on a better day.

    I don't feel terribly battered today, so off out in a moment for a 4m recovery (skinny, take note of the distance).

    I have the Knighton 20 in 13 days though that won't be a race as such, just a very big session.

  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭


    Read the story on all 4 pages of these photos! Amazing result in the end.

  • McFloozeMcFlooze ✭✭✭
    I think we had a local club special early bird rate, Muddy.  I'm going to run the 5 miles from home and then do it as a MP run as well so hopefully see you there.  Last year the weather was vile - freezing cold, torrential rain so I imagine there would have ben a fair few no shows.  
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    That's some effort to still finish 4th taking all of that into account!!

    Tommy I notice from the results that a female from your club was 1st female sunday in 1.25. Looking at RB she finished 2s behind me at Telford and beat me by 30s at Derby. Quite please therefore to put over 3 minutes on her on sunday. A chap called Javier from your club was the guy I passed , he finished about 90s behind.

    I felt remarkably good yesterday, no different to what I normally feel on a Monday after a long run so just picked up training as normal, though on a Monday that 's just 4m and spin. I have swapped out my usual Tuesday session though for an easy 8m just to be sure.

  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭

    Yes she runs for us, although I think I've only met her at track a couple of times. Javi is a notoriously fast starter but has got better at holding on over the last couple of years. He's more interested in triathlons nowadays but he'll be at the midland relays so you can have a rematch with him there.   

    Very busy this week but will hopefully get a decent session in tomorrow tonight.

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