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  • @TR thanks - yes I've had the same advice. I have plenty of space in my forefoot on the running shoes and have always been low drop so maybe it was my work shoes that kicked this off. All going well at the moment but I'll bear in mind those tips. The idea of cotton wool between my toes sends shivers up my spine (and not in a good way!).
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Muddy - that bit is the best tip, its a game changer. Use a piece of fabric instead then.
  • parkrun return scrapped - not the most surprising news of the week.

    Been a quiet week running wise for me.

    2,2,4,3 - hoping for a 10, 4, 14 last 3 days to nudge it back to something more in the realms of a weekly target but I've scrapped the quality for this week as that would be too much in the 3 days I've got left.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Yes, it was pie in the sky when announced!

    I've had a pretty good week, some easy miles, plenty of strength and 2 sessions. 8 x 1k off 60s on Wednesday went exceptionally well and almost completely progressive over the 8 reps ending with a 3.44.

    Today was a blustery 5m steady effort tempo, my standard 160bpm session came out 6.41, 6.33, 6.32, 6.35 and 6.28 for a 6.34 average and 159 hr. Pleased with that as there was a strong cross wind going on and it was a right battle over a few more exposed sections. Afterwards my garmin told me I was peaking, which is nice.

  • My week finished up as

    2,2,4,3, 5, 4+3, 12 for 35 total - bit short of 38 target but been a busy week and did squeeze in a 7 mile fell walk between the two Saturday runs so 12 felt enough for today.

    Alphafly week 2 news. Having been terrified to open the box and try them on in week 1, week 2 become fear of actually trying to run in them so on Saturday afternoon I just thought sod it, put them on and went out for a run round the block, which became 3.14 miles at 6:30 pace.

    Review - feel very hard to run slowly in so I finished up feeling like I was finding it hard to keep up with my shoes. Not sure how I will slow them down to a pace I can actually run for longer but that's got to be a good thing. A pre race warm up in them would be interesting.

    Cornering in them seems difficult - do Muddy and DT find that?

    I feel like I'm going to need to run some more in them before I try them in a race which wasn't the idea but maybe I could use them for my midweek session once a month.

    Still a 20:15 5k on my tod without an intention to run fast when I set off leaves me feeling positive about them. 

    My normal trainers felt a bit un-cushioned this morning.

    Cheers, Skinny
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    Skinny, yes I recall the first time I wore the original vaporfly. It was at a parkrun and I had the same sense of trying to stay with the shoes.

    I think these alphafly are a different beast due to the height on them so I can imagine cornering might get tricky. These shoes are built much more robustly than the original vaporfly so you can afford a few extra runs in them. I would save them for tempo runs though as that will best mimic you stride etc in a race.

    I had one of my best runs in a long time yesterday. 13 miles at 7.49 average and v low HR. The conditions were perfect and my legs just felt amazing, no little aches or niggles and like they could have just gone all day.

    That was 43 for the week.

    Started the day with my runners 'bums and tums' class. Recovery 5 over lunch then spin tonight.

  • Skinny, yes, I find cornering difficult at the best of times with my lanky frame, but the vaporfly were more difficult. I found myself right up on my toes around corners as there is so little traction and stability around the heels.

    That feeling of lightness and surprising pace output is great though isn't it ? i can't wait to get back in my next% and put in a big effort - I've not done anything top end in months and months.

    I had a cutback week last week, mini-muddy had to have a covid test due to coughing at school (3 times) and then I felt poorly. Both just head colds but wiped me out from Thurs-Sunday. I'll get back out there tonight as forgot to bring my kit to work  :'(
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    Good to see muddy, DT and Skinny training and posting regularly. 

    I've carried on with a bit of cycling and the odd bit of running. Now the weather has turned a bit colder and a bit wetter I'm less inclined to go out on my bike and more inclined to run. I was hoping that the return of parkrun would give me something to aim for but as that seems a long way off at the moment I've found a race to enter at the end of October. A flat 5 miler comprising 2 laps of Exmouth seafront on a Tuesday night, will probably be blowing a gale but at least it's a race. Not sure if there will be much of a XC season this winter unfortunately so will just have to try and find a the odd race to do as and when I can. 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Tommy, yes cycling is definitely best left to summer! I note that the national xc relays were cancelled today. I suspect the whole season will. 

    I ended September with 177m, which is 12 more than last September so normal training volume. Nice little session yesterday as well. Easy 6m today.

    I also decided to stop being fat in September. A few tweaks to the diet, nothing dramatic and I was 8lb lighter this morning than I was on 3rd September. Just over 11 stone so very much at racing weight though 3lb heavier than where I peaked in March. However that must be viewed in the context as being the lightest I'd been since not long after uni so it was quite an exceptional weight for me. 

    I need to find myself a race pretty soon. 
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    Hi Tommy - I think we might both be racing within a week of each other (I'm hoping to do a fairly flat HM up here on 1st November) but whilst it's good to be chasing people's backs again it's not quite the same as racing in the good old days where the people around you set off at the same time. Anyway good luck with it and I'm sure you'll enjoy the experience.

    I was away with work in Lakes near Windermere last couple of days and one of my colleagues is a good runner and does some fell running so first morning he suggested going up Wansfell which is just a little climb he said. I didn't make it much past halfway up before I had to give up running and walk the rest of the way - third mile took me 23 mins with 927 feet of ascent - brutal not sure how you do it.

    Well done on the mileage and weight DT - fast recovery from your pelvic injury which is great news.

    I did 159 last month which continues the gradual mileage climb since I got my garmin last day of May. June 146, July 151, August 155 and now September 159. Incredible really considering where I was.

    This week so far 2, 7, 9 but giving my legs a chance to get over the fell run generated DOMS today. 
  • Tommy2DTommy2D ✭✭✭
    DT - I'll hopefully still get out on the bike when it's dry but will give it a miss in the rain. Yes saw that about XC relays, we'd just missed out on an invitation (think we'd finished 6-7 places below the cut-odd) but I'm not anywhere near the A team in any case. The guidelines released by England Athletics for hosting XC events are really onerous and I just can't see any of the leagues bothering with it. The worst suggestion in the guidance being solo XC time trials, that sounds like zero fun. 

    Skinny - we've been asked for a predicted time and we're set off in groups of 6 of similar estimated finish times so hopefully some of that race vibe will be there. I have no idea what sort of shape I'm in but I'm certain that I wouldn't enjoy a half marathon at the moment; good luck with it. 23 mins for a mile with that much ascent is good, there's usually a good bit of walking in fell races, the downhills will give you some DOMS. A couple of my club mates have attempted and completed the Bob Graham round this summer, impressive but not something I want to try anytime soon!
  • My work colleague has supported on the Bob Graham and is thinking of having a go himself in 2022 - I won't be supporting him it's just way too hard.

    Solo XC - you'd want to be off first rather than last wouldn't you! 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Skinny, yes, from where you've been the last what, 18 months? That is a pretty astonishing turnaround.

    Someone who used to run for my club, who I follow on strava, did that event a couple of weeks ago.

    I think we just have to accept that xc won't happen this season. Not a great loss to me, but I know many do love it.

    Off out over lunchtime for my weekly tempo. As usual the weather isn't ideal. So far it's either been warm and sunny, very windy, or today wet and windy!

    Looking forward to watching sundays race. Conditions look pretty decent, I am fancying a WR, perhaps sub 2.01.

  • "The worst suggestion in the guidance being solo XC time trials, that sounds like zero fun."

    Tommy, we agree !  :) 

    After last week's mileage down, I've really enjoyed my week of running so far: 8.5 + 7 + 7 so far. Nothing special going on - just sticking to easy effort apart from 10 x 50m hill sprints last night. Aiming for 40 miles by Sunday.

    ~120 running miles for me last month. ~50 miles hiking/cycling/canoe. Lots of weights too.

    My vo2max on the watch calcs shows me to be in Jan 2020 shape ... find it hard to believe without having a race.
  • kevin70kevin70 ✭✭✭

    Looking forward to catching some of Sundays marathon

    Managed 4 days of running so far this week, all easy pace bar yesterday, 4.2m of fartlek which I enjoyed. Managed 160mls running last month so happy with that.

    Enjoy your weekend

  • SkinnyPart2SkinnyPart2 ✭✭✭
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    I see Bekele is not going to make it and he’s blaming his calf injury on the instability of his new Nike Alphaflys.
  • kevin70kevin70 ✭✭✭

    Great finishes to the London marathon.

    How's everyone getting on, 7mls last night and hopefully out tonight for some easy miles.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Yes, enjoyed both races. Kipchoge showed as well just how many things come into play in running a good marathon

    Rounded last week off on 46m with 15m. started slowly as I was terribly hungover, then picked it up 2nd half.

    5M recovery yesterday then a pretty meaty session of 6 x 1m off 1 min over lunch at hmp-10kp. The first rep came in at half pb pace of 6.14, then I settled in with a 6.07, 6.08, 6.08, 6.07 and 6.02 as my finale. I was really working hard for it in the last 2 reps, wading through lactic Didn't look at the watch doing them and they felt slower than earlier reps so was surprised to see they were the fastest pair.

    Largely easy rest of week now.

  • Well done Kevin. I did 34 running miles last week and a lot of hiking miles again. But had a rather dissolute weekend and felt like an empty shell yesterday !

    Still feeling worse for wear, I got out there today for 8.7 miles with 4.5 miles at marathon effort in the rain which was my first decent volume session in ages. Turned out that the marathon effort was good - coming in at sub 6.10 min/mile. I will progress that session to half marathon effort over the next few weeks and add a touch more volume.

    Good session too DT. Might use that one ... (but with effort rather than pace)

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Decent enough  Muddy given you're not quite 100%.

    That was set as hm-10k effort, the problem was, after rep 1 I went straight to 10k effort. 
  • macemace ✭✭✭
    3 weeks of nothing here and I was heading into “ pack it in for the winter “ territory which was pretty much what I used to do before I got properly into running.

    So I bagged a little 3 miler this morning.

    Here we go again 
  • Great session DT.

    mace - maybe try and lace up every day and do something even if only a mile then you will find yourself increasing the mileage as time goes on - the hardest bit is lacing up and getting out which is simply a habit.

    After a good start to last week I got a cough and so had to have a covid test, negative, then H&S Manager said I might have tested too quickly and should self isolate then have another test so finished up self isolating and having two covid tests which meant no running until 4 miles yesterday. I'm a bit wheezy though anyway so probably would have needed to cut back a bit.

    Will try and get a run every day at the 4 or 5 mile level till I feel better just to keep the miles ticking.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    It's going to be carnage this winter, every time some bugger comes down with the most minor and common of winter bugs it'll be isolate and test.

    Easy 7m over lunch planned.

    In other news, I weighed in at 10,13 this morning, so that's 9lb lost since I decided to make an effort at the start of September. I'm basically only 2lb off the peak I hit in March, which was an exceptional weight for me and the lightest i'd been since 98. I don't really need to squeeze any more right now but it's good to know that with nominal sacrifice I can get there in a reasonably short time.

    I've gone in a month from most of my clothes being a bit on the small side and out of bounds to many things hanging off me!

  • Mr VMr V ✭✭✭
    DT - you are making me feel  bad with your super fast sessions and racing weight! Great to see you running so well.

    I've finally entered the world of fancy new running shoes by treating myself to a pair of Brooks Hyperion Tempo. Although not carbon plated they still feel amazing to run in compared to my ordinary old fashioned running shoes. Hadn't realised just how much shoe technology had improved over the last few years (with the obvious exception).
  • That's a shame Skinny - hope things go better this week.

    Hello Mr V - he's making me feel bad too !

    An easy 5 miles at lunchtime (hilly) turned up 6.45 min/mile pace. It's starting to feel like I might be ready to hit the non-existent races in November and December.

    Mace - As Skinny says, just lace up and get out. Look at what huge potential you've got to improve and look at where Skinny has been and got back to.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    I think I just have pent up desire having been dragged to no running for the best part of 14 weeks this year.  I have been quite amazed how fast I have got back to what is on paper a fitness level on or around where I left off in March.

    Muddy, I m eyeing up the Leicestershire 10k on 25th October, going from Prestwold Hall. I did the half they organised in February. The company have managed to get a few events happening with covid safe plans. The only caveat is, we are looking to go on holiday on 23rd for a week, however i'm willing to take a punt on entering the race as the Government look keen to ensure there's no where left with an air bridge to go by half term.

    Easy 7m over lunchtime done.

  • muddyfunstermuddyfunster ✭✭✭
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    Yeah I have a similar level of surprise given the number of weeks I've had out too DT. When this has happened in the past it's taken an age to get back to normal level.

    I think I'm free that weekend DT ... will have a look at it. 10k might be the right distance for me to try first off for a race. Also looking at the MK Winter Half in December.

    Easy effort undulating 5m at lunchtime came in at 6.45 min/mile. Not quite sure what's going on with easy runs these days. In the past they were typically slower than 7.30 min/mile on this route.

  • kevin70kevin70 ✭✭✭

    Great reps DT and weigh in.

    Mace did you get any runs in

    Muddy getting back in the grove, recovery period looks to have sorted you out

    Skinny how's the form

    Hi Mr V

    6 mls last night with 4 at 7.51avg, unsure what that pace is but hopefully can move on with these paces and up the miles to 6 on this session.

    Have a good weekend everyone

  • How did you get on @mace ?

    I managed a slight increase in mileage last week - 35 running miles, and the usual tranche of hiking miles. Will try to up my game a little more this week as I have booked in for a couple of races in November and December which has left me feeling surprisingly anxious - contemplating racing 10 miles and a half off my current mileage and training seems a bit far fetched.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Mr v, you seem to be popping up on strava with increasing consistency again. Are you back at it?

    I am also in the same 10m race, if it happens....

    I rounded the week off with a very enjoyable 14m for 48m for the week.

    Pretty successful session and well executed with reps of  3.57, 3.49, 3.46, 3.41, 3.44, 3.44, 3.44, 3.41, 3.40 and 3.40.

    Off out over lunchtime for an easy 7 miler.

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