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    Keep it going, Kevin, some good miles there. 

    Hi, Skinny. Yes there's lots of reasons not to run for sure.

    Mcf, same here re the work wardrobe, much more comfortable than a daily shirt and tie. It was a lovely day out there today, sunny and still. 

    I had intervals today, 20 x 400m off 45s. Meant to be at 10k pace, progressing to 5k pace if feeling good. It's hard to gauge and adjust over 400m though so slowest was 1.27 and fastest were last two at 1.21 and 1.20. Nice to blow the cobwebs and I didnt find it overly strenuous as I was stopping every 85s or so.
  • You know you want to McFlooze. It’s very mild out this week - was bitter last week. Strike while the weather is indecisive !

    I’ve got to remortgage in the spring and thinking of extracting some equity to extend and expand the kitchen - just have a little galley kitchen at the moment on the end of a two up two down terrace and would love to extend backwards as I have a (not meaning to brag) long back garden. But ... 5 months you say ? 🤔

    I felt exhausted on Sunday so skipped long run and had a rest day yesterday too, but clocked up 30 miles last week after 3 weeks off. Just 4 miles this week so far, aiming for 35 ish as I had a nasty email through from Manchester telling me that I have a marathon to run in October. I had completely forgotten about that.
  • Did you go?

    We agreed with plasterer yesterday that we would suspend activities due to the ridiculously high level of Covid cases in Carlisle - so we have a half plastered kitchen, a new one due back end of Feb that the kitchen won't be ready for, need to choose a new back door which will have a 5 or 6 week lead time, we had an unrelated leak at the weekend that required an emergency plumber and the floor man is being a bit vague about what he's actually going to do about the floor and the damp protection. So not really feeling the exciting bit right now which is exacerbated by the fact that all the aforementioned is causing Mrs Skinny to go into meltdown.

    Also one of my daughters who should be doing her final year at Uni has been home since October and we're all getting on top of each other a bit.

    Plus work is absolutely mentally busy despite the Covid crisis.

    GRRRRRRR - I feel my own stress levels just writing this stuff down! 

    I haven't actually been able to take part in the WFH revolution but on the odd day I have worked from home I would say I work less but get more done which sounds like a good model.
  • The above was in reply to McFlooze's post on the last page - I didn't realise we were on a new page.

    October's a long way away Muddy - look on the bright side it might get cancelled again.....
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    I think it ought to happen in October, Muddy. With the Govt plan to have offered a vaccine to every adult by mid September (though I think that could happen sooner as they ramp this up knowing it's the fastest way out of this) if that doesn't allow us to return to normal then I'm at a loss as to how we will!

    Another 50m week last week. Decent tempo Friday, 8m alternating between mp and hmp. The hmp reps surprised me coming in at 6.05s and based on both feel and HR, that was about right. 6.25mm average for the session for a low 157bpm. Yesterdays 15 was very comfortable at 7.45 average for a 139bpm, so within my recovery range.

    Fairly similar week again this week.

  • Hi guys - I'm a classic seasonal runner that piles on the weight every winter then spends 9-10 getting most of it back off! The trouble is, every year my base weight edges up and I really want to get back to a weight range where I can feel good and challenge my pbs. (I'm 37 and did OK last summer regularly running 35/40 miles a week with some long ones in there).

    I'm seriously out of shape after winter and a new baby so my question is this...

    After a really light boot camp of just jogging to the park then walking/jogging/sprinting the pitches and hills, I then went on to run a 5K most days in the subsequent week. (27 to 29 mins). Is it a big mistake to keep running virtually every day or should I be fighting this strong urge? I know that once I lose some weight and start the longer runs I will need days off - but right now I just have mild DOMS that doesn't impact my daily runs.

    I really want to run 5/6 days a week but I dont want to keep making the same mistakes every year. I'm seeing results on the scales and its just too tempting to get out there every evening.
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    And your weight is? Max & Min for full info (don't be shy mace almost brags about being 25 stone now and he did a 2:52 marathon about 5 years ago when he weighed a bit less).

    I would think 5 days a week is plenty at moment and if you're feeling frisky on the off days do a Joe Wicks or summat similar to build the rest of your body strength (oh if only I took my own advice).

    What sort of times have you been able to race at in the past?

    PS have you ever thought when you put away your trainers for the winter that if you just put a woolly hat on, some gloves and an extra layer that running in winter is not that much worse than running in summer? Just a lot darker!
  • 2020 Review

    I ran about 1120 miles last year which is a major step forward from where I've been.

    Races - prior to lockdown I ran 2 parkruns, one 10k and a 12 mile hilly road race that was actually 11.7 miles

    After lockdown I ran a 10 mile race and also a 10k MT time trial.

    20:35 parkrun was my best time at Carlisle since 2017
    40:41 10k which was my best 10 since 2016

    Being able to actually complete the 12 mile hilly road race in a respectable 81:33

    And I was second in the 10k MT Virtual race in 41:35 and got a voucher.

    Goals for 2021

    More mileage than 2020

    And if we get racing again I'd like 

    A sub 20 5k
    A sub 1:30 half
    A sub 40 10k

    And in my wildest dreams I have my eyes on completing a marathon (time not important) but first I need to get my mileage back to 40 a week for all of March and see how I feel.

    DT that now allows you to write a whole self indulgent post about some of your achievements in the last year despite Covid. :D

    Cheers, Skinny

  • That's a good session DT. I doubt I could do 6.05 for hmp right now.

    Vaccination will stop us getting grievously ill but the virus will still be in circulation and will (hopefully) weaken and we (the over 50s and vulnerable) will receive a preventative vaccination every year as with flu strains now. Outside of the vaccinated group, deaths and long term symptoms will be "tolerated"/"accepted" (quotes, because that makes me sad).

    Kristoffer - If the running is enjoyable do it, if you start feeling aches and pains take a break and do something different but active like cycling or hiking to act on your weight. There is a little honeymoon phase when you start running where your aerobic system catches up and you feel fit (as in not huffing and puffing so much). However the tendons, muscles, bones, ligaments are slower to develop in strength and too much running will catch up with you there. But if you've been running for years, you would hope those bits don't need much development.

    People say to build up safely but no one really knows what that is for individuals. I think starting with 3 days running a week with cross training on the other days is a good idea, then build miles on running days, then introduce extra running days. And keep all the running at a pace where you can hold a conversation.  I'm a big believer in time off for rest and recuperation if you want your running to be consistent and not interrupted by long periods of injury but inevitably when you get in pb shape and start testing your body at its limits, injuries do crop up.
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    Thanks, Skinny...…..wanders off rolling sleeves up ready to draft!

    Kristoffer- I think Skinny and Muddy have said it all. I would just add, most people grossly overestimate the calorie burn from exercise. I am sure you are aware of the common view that a lb of fat contains 3500. In my last marathon I just about got through that many. I'm sure you can imagine. I'm sure you can work out that in 30 mins you aren't burning that many. Of course there are some on-going physiological adaptions that will help you burn calories when not running, but fundamentally the best way to lose weight is in the kitchen.

    If I had a choice between forever running in winter or summer, I would be winter hands down.

    muddy, yes, unfortunately there will have to be tolerance in society. I guess though it's like anything else in life. We know that many driving fatalities happen in the 14-25 age group, however society tolerates it as the benefits outweigh it on balance. My neighbour has been off work since March, having had covid early on (he's a teacher) and is mid to late 30s. The on-going issues and the fact nobody has the answers is a huge drain on him.

    Session day today, 3 x 2m at 10k effort off 2 mins. First pair were straight into wind and came out 6.05 and 6.04. Then I had a tailwind and came in 5.51 and 5.58, finally I had a mix of both and came in 5.53 and 6mm. With walked recoveries I covered exactly 10k in 39.57 and 6.26mm average pace.

  • Great stuff DT.

    When I'm running 35 to 40 miles a week I struggle to maintain my weight (and being skinny already I don't like it to drop further). The two times I've completed a marathon plan I was able to enjoy 4 full meals a day and still lost a pound or two.
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    Skinny, when I was injured over the Spring/Summer and I couldn't do a thing I put on a stone in no time. However, I am not sure that was just down to not exercising. My whole dietary discipline went and I was drinking more than I would normally as it was inconsequential as not only did I not have to suffer a run after, I wasn't having to get up and out for work etc.

    Slightly tired legs today. At some point i'll head out into the storm for an easy 9.

  • Make it less DT - 9 miles the day after a big session and notably tired legs is asking for trouble.

    I don't ever check weight but I can usually tell when I'm fit as my heart rate monitor slips down to my waist :wink:

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    The problem is muddy, I'm at that point of mara training now where the mlr needs to extend out, and running on tired legs is part of the game. I'll just take it nice and slow. 

    I weighed this morning, almost back to my pre Xmas peak of 10,8. I was 10,9 today which is still lighter than I've ever raced. 
  • When's the marathon ? Double day of 4+4 (both recovery) or 4 + bike session would be my preferred choice, marathon or not and push the longer run further along in the week. But I guess if you're on a two session a week schedule that's harder to be flexible about.

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    It's 9 weeks Saturday. 

    Yes that's the issue, shifting it means it is then done the day before a session. Tomorrow is a very short recovery and bike so it's robbing Peter to pay Paul. 

    Plus with both kids at home and my wife wanting to workout I dont have the freedom right now to go out twice. 
  • DT19 said:
    ...and my wife wanting to workout
    It's Mrs Skinny's birthday today so an outside chance she might want to workout later too.
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    Welcome Kris, Happy birthday mrs S and a happy later on to Skinny :-)

    Still no running here but I have at least a valid reason. A couple of weeks ago I had an NHS letter reminding me of my free flu vaccine ( which I’ve not taken them up on since I turned 50 ) The very next day I felt like I had man flu-like symptoms so went for a covid test and it came back positive ( as did my wife and #2 son but not sons #1 and #3) 

    So I’ve not left the house for 9 days and for once feel fully justified in not running 

  • I’d be surprised if it goes ahead DT ... talk of April being a point at which restrictions will be adjusted but can’t see large scale events being permitted.

    Unlucky Mace - really hope it’s mild for all of you. 🤞 
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    Bad luck , Mace, hope you all recover well!

    Hope you had goodluck, Skinny!

    Muddy, yes on balance I believe it will cancel, however, if I am marathon ready i  also feel I can find something late April or early May.

    Kept the 9m very easy yesterday, average bpm 134 which for me is right down in the recovery zone. Easy 4m today and a bit of time on the turbo trainer.

  • Hope everyone okay mace and no long covid either.

    0,4,0,0,10,4,7 for 25 miles - first proper week’s running since end of October.
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    Decent,  skinny. My 17m didn't happen today asvtge snow came heavily at 8am.  Settled for 7m in the snow and lanes over lunch. 

    Decent 8m tempo Friday  6.24mm average for 159bpm. 

    Annoyingly the reduction of today's run cost me my 50m week run, with a 44m. 
  • Good to see you re-engaged Skinny. I did about 43 miles last week ... biggest for quite a while. Home schooling this week so less likely to get out ... after three weeks of mileage progress through January, it could be a convenient time to cut things back before the next mileage progression.
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    Mace how's you and your family

    Good miles skinny and muddy especially with the weather.

    DT you are on a great streak of form

    40miles last week and looking for the same this week.
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    All ok thanks kevin, isolation finished last week and finally feeling like my airways/coughing is clearing up. Definitely felt a bit short of breath with it.

    So many positive cases around at the moment and a lot ( like my son ) with no symptoms.

     How many people are out there with no symptoms or have a bit of a sniffle, don’t get tested and are spreading it about ? I reckon a heck of a lot 

    Nice miles 

  • Good news mace - hope everyone fully recovers soon.
  • 4, 3, 4, 3, 3 (5k), 6, 7 for 30 miles total.

    5k in 21:57 on Friday after work - might make that a regular feature of my weeks although maybe add in a mile warm up (and run it a bit faster :-)) 

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    Nice going, Skinny on both aspects. 

    59m last week and 223 for January.  
  • 59 sounds like a big week DT - is that more than you normally do or have I just not been paying attention? :D
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    I've been sat at low 50s for a good 5 weeks. Last week ended up being a bit higher because as a result of the snow we had last sunday I couldn't do my 17m run so did 7m then 10m on Monday, instead of my usual 4 so it just nudged things on a bit.
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