kayanno 17 to 18

New trainers needed has anyone gone from the Kayanno 17 to the Kayanno 18 what is different about them? I know the 16 to the 17 was not much changed other then the lacing and colour but the 18 looks completly different to me what is it?


  • They are slightly lighter but thats all. There is a coloured section that was white before which makes them look different  but I have only noticed the weight and even that is so slight that it makes no difference to me.

  • I've gone through from 16 to 18 same size etc and the new ones are definitely narrower

  • I went from 17 to 18 a couple of weeks ago. Agree with the comments already posted, a tad lighter and a tad narrower.

  • Thanks Guys, I to have gone fron the 16,17 and now the 18's and yes they feel a little narrower to me to. I can't say that I feel the weight differents though over all Im quite happy with them.  

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