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Hello All,

I've been lurking for a little while but I thought I'd actually post something! I don't run too much, probably about 10-15 miles a week. The vast majority of these miles are off road and I run in New Balance Minimus shoes. 2 months ago I did a fairly brisk 3 mile run on the road...this was a bit faster than normal as I was in a group and I was feeling a bit competitive. I felt fine (great!) whilst running, but the next day I tried to run again and I had a terrible pain in my foot. This pain is at the front of my foot, just behind where the toes join onto my foot. It feels like it's on the top of my foot. I didn't run again and it got better over the next week. However ever since then the pain has still been there. It hurts as I transfer the weight towards the front of my foot. I can cycle, walk and climb with no problems. It does ache a bit if I walk a long way, but nothing too bad. I tried to run for the first time since, last week. However it started hurting immediately so I stopped. I thought that if I didn't run it would heal itself but that doesn't seem to have happened. It's very frustrating!


Does anybody have any ideas as to what I could have done? It's the first time this has happened. I finally made a doctors appointment today but it's not until Wednesday next week. I'm supposed to be training for a marathon in October so getting it sorted as soon as possible would be great.


Thanks for any help!


  • I'm really not sure, it sounds a bit odd to me. The only foot related things I can think of is plantar fascitus and I don't think it's that. I suppose you need to know whether or not it's muscular or skeletal. Maybe pressure sensitive?

    I bet it was cause by the change in surface, trail vs road use different muscles I think.

    Fat lot of help I am image

    Try the old rest and ice technique, I'm sure a doctor will be able to clear things up. image

  • Hog-mouseHog-mouse ✭✭✭

    I have a problem very similar sounding to what you mention. It's the tendons. It can take up to 12 weeks, yup you heard right, 12 weeks for tendons to recover from injury.

    I would see a physio if I were you. They may be able to tell you for sure. Could be a stress fracture, or at least an injury that could result in a stress fracture. Resting for at least 4 weeks is your best option.

    agree that the cause is most likely to be running on the road in minimal shoes at a faster pace than normal.

    I would suggest investing in a cheap pair of Nike free's or free run for the road or for now. The free run have far more support while allowing the muscles in you feet to strengthen.

    For now xtrain. Swim and cycle. do core work and free weights. See the fizzy, you may be able to strap your foot to minimise pain and any possible further damage.

  • The mouse is right.

    I gave myself a similar injury walking in minimalist shoes on pavements with them tied too tight (a sure way to give myself tendinitis) for an afternoon.

    The top of my foot swelled up badly and went red. I iced it and gave running a break for a couple of days, then started up again. It was painful for a week, then discomfort for a week. Five weeks later, it's painless, but I developed a weird lump on top of the tendons that's just going now. Perhaps it would have fixed itself faster if I had stayed off the foot. I was pretty sure from the day after doing it that it wasn't a stress fracture.
  • Hi everyone, thanks for all the replies. 12 weeks does sound like a long time, but then I hurt it about 9 weeks ago and it's still nowhere near healed. I cycle about 30 miles to work and back each day so at least I can keep moving. I'll see what the doctor says on Wednesday.

    Thanks again.
  • Sounds like what I had too, I was told my injury was soft tissue damage as X Ray  didnt show a stress fracture (which is what I thought it was) 

    I was told to ignore it that it would go away and wouldnt get anymore painful if I kept running on it, but it did so I rested more. I think all in all I was about 6 weeks to recover.



  • Hi,

    I went to see my GP and he thinks it's Moreton'sNeuroma or maybe a stress fracture. I need to go for an ultrasound :-/.
  • Hi Lizzy,

    What test's did your GP do?

    What does the pain feel like when you get it, and does it migrate anywhere (ie into the toes, back up into the foot, across the foot, etc)?

    And go and see a podiatrist...

    Kind regards,

    Ablefeet image

  • Hi Ablefeet,

    He just prodded my foot and asked me some questions.

    The pain is always in the same place and is quite sharp. I'm beginning to think a podiatrist may be my best option!
  • Extensor endonitis is still a distinct possibility - I was off for nearly four months with that last year. Just rest isn't enough, however - mine didn't heal with six weeks off for the stress fracture I'd achieved at the same time. Took some serious work from the physio (working on the muscles those tendons attach to), plus me doing exercises as instructed to get it sorted. Try massaging/pressing up both lower legs at the same time, one with each hand, on the musces to the side of the shin bone and see if you can find a tender area (as in, it hurts when you put pressure on it, while the same pressure at the same place on the other leg doesn't hurt).

  • Hi Debra,

    Thanks for the suggestion but I can't find anywhere on my lower legs which feels different. I'm feeling at a bit of a loss!
  • Hi Lizzy,

    are you any better? Hopefully healed. Did you find out what it was?

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