Round Rippon Ultra 35 miles

Hello, I have chosen this as my first Ultra and was wondering if anyof you had done this one before and may be able to give me any friendly advice ?



  • Hi Amanda,

    I've entered it too and it will be my first. eeeeeeek!

    Which Marathon's have you done previously?

    I'm nervous even thinking about it and it's months away. I've planned to start my training on Monday so I've been searching for training plans. If I find one I'll post the link.


  • Hello Ruth it will be my first too. I have done London and halstead and Essex marathon. I had to pull out of Edinburgh at 14 miles due to an injury so am currently on the bikes at the gym and the cross trainer. I plan on starting my running again mid July and am peeking at a few training plans and nutritional guides. Haven't managed to find a whole lot of reviews on the race though which may or may not be a good thing as I might talk myself out of it lol. Am looking forward to the challenge have always wanted to do and ultra since I started ru Ning two years ago. If you want some inspiration download (if you haves kindle or I phone) a book called through the wall I is loads of short stories from people who have run ultras and is a seriously good and motivating read image would he good to meet you there on the day orthe evening before ? We are traveling down (myself and my mum are running and my husband and dad are supporting) there was only about 5 women last year looking at the results
  • It is Ripon not Rippon.

    The route map is not very clear and with so few runners last year (50) then route-finding could be quite  a problem.No mention of how much climbing there is but probably not that much ( I live about 25 miles away but do not know that area well).

    It sounds a good run and I wish I would be fit enough to do it by October but that is not very likely

  • Hi Amanda, running through the wall looks like a good read, I wasn't aware you could download books onto iPhone. Where would you go for this?
  • If you get the kindle app on the iPhone then you can download the kindle version of the books from amazon image
  • Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for that, I will download it later this evening. We are hoping to go down on the Friday evening. My Husband and two children will be coming too for support. You will NOT pull out!! I'm so scared about being disqualified part the way round but I'm sure we will both make it.

    I did London last year and Brighton this year. Already entered for Brighton 2013. I'm starting my training today but went to two children's parties and ate cakes so not a good start!!!!


  • thats the thing that worries me - am going to make some sort of plan so I know what time to expect to be at each checkpoint and write down when I HAVE to be there by as well. Off to the gym tonight for some strength training image

  • I did this last year as my first ultra and its perfect as an introduction. first half is fairly flat and second half more undulating. a lot of the paths are quite rough and not always runnable. navigation is fairly tricky but you get sent route cards and last year you could download route instructions. its a lovely course but be careful, ultras are very addictive. did this last october and have now just completed my first 100 miler. you'll never want to run a road race again.
  • I'm up for this...


    I recced the first couple of checkpoints on Thursday and found it fairly straight-forward;  I missed a couple of directions but quickly got back on track. The sections through the woods running up to Marsham were quite overgrown and there was a lot of mud to contend with.

    I intend getting back down there and knocking out the second half in the next couple of weeks

    I'm running with a mate; we'll be driving down from Hartlepool on the day.


    See you there.

  • Having never raced off road before I am a little concerned about navigation. Is there any way of getting details beforehand? The map on the web site is not too clear.

  • Also thinking of running this as first ultra.

    If the course is the same as last year, you can load it up on your garmin, just find someone else's details.. some phone apps can load the exported tcx files too, for checking or pointing you to each waypoint. plus of course you have the usual map, compass etc.

  • If you're less tech savy, then the maps that they give you are very good and as I said earlier, the written instructions were very comprehensive. If all that fails, then tag along with somebody who knows where they are going. It's been going a couple of years now so there should be a few people who know where they're going.
  • Thanks for the comments guys. Sure it will be OK on the day but don't fancy getting lost with 35 mile to do.

  • I'm doing this one for the first time and live fairly local. I was talking to some of the guys at my club last night and they say that the route is well marked so sounds a bit more promising.
  • It's not marked at all.
  • Funny image

    some tracks for last year on garmin connect here

    track 1

    track 2

    track 3

    can load these up as courses on some garmins, or export as tcx files for other types of devices., your smartphone even. use in combination with map & compass if you get stuck.

    you can always mark the waypoints on the course and use your garmin's compass type functions to guide you a little.

  • hello image for some reason I never seem to get the notifications when posts have been commented on (wvwn though I ticked the box and checked my email).


    If any of you are on facebook I have made a page on there for us for this event image

    Come join us image Also my mum and I will be doing a bit of a rekkie of the route on the 15th September (day before gt north run) as it is on the way so if any of you want to join us you are more than welcome although we plan on walking  and not running as our husbands will be with us and they don't run.

    Either way even if you do run would be fab to meet some of you before the day

  • Hi all, Ive entered this too. I've never run a straight forward marathon,done a 54 miler and loads of 20ish mile road runs so thought I'd give this a pop! One question I have, do people stay for long at the CP's or run through whilst collecting whatever supplies they need? Thanks!

  • I've signed up this morning. Can not wait. Did it last year and would like to beat last years time of 7.30, but might notbe able to as am not specificly training for this but using it as early preparation for next years tp100.

    Joe - I usually just top up my fluids and eat whatever I can at checkpoints. I tend to spend a bit longer at a cp at around lunchtime to make sure I eat enough. I'm sure some of the leaders run through them a bit quicker.
  • I'm in for this, just entered this morning.  My second ultra after Grim Reaper 40 earlier this summer.  Hoping this one is a bit drier!

  • I wasn't getting the notifications either. Hope everyone's training is going well. My IT band is inflamed as I was wearing old trainers to run in and ballet pumps at work. Now have my stretches to do and new trainers to pick up next week. See you on FB.
  • I done this twice. My advice Is to take the first part (to Mashsm) very steady as from that point the route gets steeper and very steep in parts. Some bits are definitely to be walked rather than run. Last year we had written instructions too which were great but be warned the navigation is a little tricky in parts so you do need to pay attention to the map & written instructions. I live close by & have still managed to go of course each year at about the 28 mile mark! That said its a fantastic race & very well organised @ checkpoints well stocked with food & drink. I'm doing it again this year & although it's a tough one it was also my first ultra & I've kept coming back for more so it must be good! The downhill finish through Fountains Abbey is stunning
  • Johnny - there is a lot of climbing about 2500 ft in total from memory as the rout goes out onto the moors. another thing I'd say is that unless you are super speedy your garmin will probably run out of battery before you finish so you might want to take a back up watch. As a guide, I did a canal side 30m ultra at 9 min mile pace but have never managed this race on less than 7 hours ie about 11/12 min mile ave pace! A lot of time is lost to navigation unless you've done loads of pre race reccies
  • The more I read about this event, the harder it seems to become.  Perhaps I need to stop reading!!

  • This sounds quite scary!

    You say the checkpoints are well stocked. Jovi, are you planning on carrying much fuel around with you?


  • I wonder if we'll get the written route description this year.
  • Thee is water and electrolyte drinks at each stop. At Mashsm there was also tea & coffee last year. There is fruit cake at ach stop and at checkpoint three last year there was also sausage rolls and some other savoury snacks which I can't quite remember. I don't ever eat much On the run anyway but will just take a few gels & a couple of bits of malt loaf & rely On checkpoints for anything else. If its hot though I will carry some extra liquid - only about 300ml though. Last year was very very very hot & I still found that was sufficient to last between checkpoints. I think I still have last years print out somewhere - I must have a look for it. I was Planning in doing more revved this year but with having a stress fracture for 10 weeks not had a chance. This is a great race and definitely worth doing. It is tough but that's what makes it more fun! There are all pace levels & I can recommend it whatever speed you are. You're always in site of a farm even on the wilder sections so you could always ask (as I did last year!) of you get lost. The farmer commented that a lot of others had already asked soni knew I wasn't the only one to have gone wrong at that point! image
  • Thanks for the tips. I'm really looking forward to it.
  • Hi! Newish here but not to running or Ripon. image

    I recced the last 20 [and first 2 miles] yesterday, Im from Ripon, but i didnt realise how lovely the course was image. We had a great morning out after being dropped off in Masham at half 7, Great dry course and im pleased to say Shitty farm 1 and 2 are pretty clean! 

    Plan on doing another slowish recce a week on saturday from Masham. We were hitting 9.30min/pace overall at the weekend, slower then i expected. It really is pretty hilly/undualting and at times hard going underfoot. Should make for an epic day.

    The course has a bit of everything to keep you occupied with fantastic scenery and terrain and really shows off the area. Shame it doesnt go further in to nidderdale AONB but then it would be even longer! Its far enough already!!

    As you were.



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