knee pain

I have knee pain that generally triggers going up stairs. But today when I ran I had it for the the first 10-15 minutes of being out - but then it eased right off. The pain is under the kneecap/just below knee cap. It doesn't hurt to walk on - just with stairs and bending down! Does anyone have any idea???


  • 4 weeks ago i ran 3 x races in 7 days :- A 5 mile race on a mondayevening ,  a Park Run on the Saturday and Newbury 10k on the sunday -  My plan was to use the Park Run as a gentle training run in between the two races, but i saw someone that used to work for me (  dismissed ! ) so i went for it eyeballs out like an idiot !  

    Since then i have had knee pain and after the Penn Seven on sunday i have bit the bullet and been to a Physio...

    Its turns out my left calf is bigger than my right calf and is causing my left knee to inflame !  I know have a series of exercises to complete each day to right the wrong !


    My view :- do something early image

  • Are you still running???
  • Rudders, a word of warning.  I had similar symptoms about 7 years ago.  It started when I tweaked something in my knee while running up stairs at work.  It was a bit sore for a couple of weeks or so, then it felt ok again (or so I thought).  Fast forward 16 months and many miles later, the tendon snapped.  My initial pain was due to straining the tendon (didn't know it at the time).  Sometimes on runs, my knee would lock momentarily.  Each time it did, I was putting more strain on the tendon.  It might just be a bit of tendonitis and hopefully, rest and physio will sort it out.  All the same, get it checked out as a precaution.

  • I only got signed off at the sports injury clinic in January 2012 - for an on-going hamstring pain. I found that I had treated that but transferred the pain into my knee!!! Im waiting to see the physio (after going back to Doctors). All my problems seem to be in the one leg! My right leg is great - left is a nightmare :-/

    Thanks for your advice!!!
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