WANTED: Positive Mental Attitude

Two years ago I was training for a Half Marathon but it all went Pete Tong on my run-up 10k when I developed horrible blisters during the race (raining, hills, wrong socks...) and I lost my confidence - and my ability to continue training as I couldn't walk for a week afterwards!

Since then I've found it really hard to get back into it - I'm not a natural runner, athelete, exceriser.. And I've found it easy to come up with excuses not to run eg being too tired (I travel a lot for work), the weather, temptation for other options etc.

I really want to get back into it to lose weight, increase my fitness levels and generally feel more 'healthy'. My husband and I would like to start a family next year so I have motivation to get in shape for that reason too...

Can anyone give me any realistic tips as to how I can start again, banish the bad thoughts and stick with it so I can get back in the zone of considering myself "a runner"?

Would appreciate any wise words. Cheers!


  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    Did you enjoy running before? If you don't like it for its own sake you'll never keep it up. If you liked it, remind yourself why and remember it when you go out for a run. If not, find something else to do that you will want to carry on writhing.
  • Mr. Puffy is right: there are much easier ways to stay fit and healthy if you don't enjoy running itself.

    Having said that, if you find motivation a problem, join a club. With set times to go to runs, you'll be less likely to miss them, and the social aspect is enjoyable, too. Try going to park runs and attempting to keep beating your PB on this shorter distance to keep yourself focused.
  • I have just read the article in July's edition of RW and that should give you the lift you need. I only have a bit of weight to shift and need to step it up a gear so if someone can lose 9st in a year I think that could be the should be the lift you need. I'm planning next weeks run and sticking to it. Let you know if I feel the same this time next week!

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭
    Not THE Caroline Hawley???
  • Concentrate on the conditioning of your body to carry a child, this should give you lots of pma and a happy sparkling feelingimage I know it can be hard, when I get low I remember what I am running for, my son needs my kidney.... It kind of gives me a kick up the arse!
  • Not a natural runner myself I get the 'how can I do it and why am I doing it' but the feel good factor that it gives after your run is wow! I only started running last September, could barely manage a mile before getting out of breath, then it was a mile and a half and then 2. I now go out 3 to 4 times a week and do at least 7km each time. If you can't run walk around the block, I used to drag my husband kicking and screaming to walk around the block to just do something active. Used to walk a 3.5 mile round trip to post letters even though I could have nipped around the cormer. Not sure about how fit I am now but PMA, managed to avoid the slippery slope of depression at the begining of the year. I have done 7.23km today and aiming for 25km by the end of Friday, need to do it, need to do it. Do a fast walk in the rain one night after work - it feels sooooo good. Post what you have done Ali Geake I will read it and post whether I am on top of reaching the goal this week! Don't fret - I am still over weight but Rome wasn't built in a day and all that jazz. Do it do it do it.

  • Thanks all for your encouragement and advice. I thought long and hard about whether I do actually enjoy running... I think it's more that I don't really like exercising or getting out of breath but the competitive side of me is also present and I like the idea of 'beating myself'. So... I've downloaded the 'Get Running' app for my phone to get me from 'couch to 5k' in nine weeks and keep reminding myself of the 10k I did do when I felt amazing afterwards (rather than the 10k when I was injured and cold and wet!). My husband has also been very supportive and agreed to let me splash out on a new pair of trainers to get me going - always good to have a shopping motivation - I am female, after all...image

    So...here we go, nine weeks to run a 5k and here's hoping some lbs drop off along the way!

    First run scheduled for Sunday when we're back from hols - and I've signed up for Pilates classes too to include some cross-training and work on my core...

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