Running with a rucksack

I have been running every other day for two weeks now and it is going well. I have two 4.5 mile routes that I use, one is a run across heath land to our local supermarket. As I run in the evenings this 'dinner run' obviously needs me to take a rucksack to carry the shopping back in. I have a really nice pack from berghaus 'freeflow' so I don't get a sweaty back. I find it odd to run without a rucksack and I even run with it on my other route. I stash my reflective jacket in there with my phone, purse, head torch and water bottle. Just missing the kitchen sink! I think I have turned it into my comfort blanket! Am I just weird?


  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭
  • Good!


  • tricialitttricialitt ✭✭✭

    Sounds like you will turn into an ultra runner in the future- lots of talk about rucksacs, carrying lots of food, etc, over on the ultra threads, just find a supermarket that's a bit further away, and you're allset!

  • I run home from or sometimes to work and need the rucksack for my uniform, phone etc. Now when I'm doing my long runs at the weekend my back feels really odd and naked without the bag. Also and this probably does sound weird I think running with the bag has helped my posture no end I definitely feel myself running without hunching now and where I used to get neck and shoulder pain after running I don't anymore!

  • Not that weird. Just makes sure it's adjusted properly so you don't do your back any harm. You'll probably feel like your flying when you run without it. I personally like to run with as little as humanly possible. I'm lucky if I can be arsed taking a water bottle.image

  • Yes it's all adjusted just to stop it rubbing.  It's only heavy on the way back from Sainsburys.  I've found this stops me from buying crap for the sake of buying it.


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    You're not weird. I do the same thing - i like carrying my rucksack even if it's slightly empty.

  • Just be careful about straining your back with the extra load


  • I like the idea that you combine the shopping with running, must get a few strange looks in Sainsbury's. Beware the multibuys.

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