Running to music

How do you listen to music whilst running. I have tried it a couple of time with in ear and on ear headphones, and I hate it, hot sweaty, cable is annoying.... It just seems horrible to me, how do you manage and am I the only one that doesn't enjoy it at all. Just a weird Sunday morning thread whilst I wait for brekkie to settle before I stagger 10k


  • I don't do it, but I prefer to hear the birds, etc., when I'm running outside.


  • I used in ear headphones that have adjustable sizes and an iPod armband type thingy that I can tuck all the wire into. Frankly, the routes I run have no interesting scenery, rarely any fellow runners to say hello or chat to and the weather is usually pretty pants. Running with music is a bit of a survival method for me, bit extra motivation.

    Each to their own though, some sunny days are pleasant without tunes on.

    Mind and check for cars and bikes though!! image

  • I'm with Wilkie!  I can also hear the cars on the narrow lanes!

  • I used to like running to music, but I have read too many articles warning women against doing this so I have been trying without. Also the wire used to get on my nerves and the ear buds kept falling out. I think I'm a little faster without music, or it could be that I'm just getting faster anyway.

  • I take an orchestra on bicycles. I find it's the best way, though obviously if I'm on a trail or more restictive path, then I take a chamber quartet on unicycles.

    Nothing like getting them to belt out the theme from "Chariots of Fire" as I plod along the promenade by the sea. Very uplifting.

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