Any advice

Hi guys.... Im Very new to running/ jogging lol I'm running my first 10 run next Sunday. I've been training about 4 times a week. Any tips our there for the morning of the race. The race starts at 9.35 and I'm not sure of times to eat etc Anyone else running in the British 10 km? Thanks in advance!!!


  • I'm up at 6 most days. I'd have my trusty beans on toast about 6.30 -7.00. Plus lots and lots of water before I leave. I might nibble on some nuts or a tracker bar or equivalent. Go for a wee before I go image Essential. Then when I am there I usually do not need to eat or drink till after the race. Its the days running up to the race that you should also think about eating and drinking.

  • Thanks for the advice. Beans on toast maybe a little tricky as in a hotel and breakfast not included!

    Thought of a brown bagel and bananna. Got an energy bar so hopefully won't overload lol

    Will let you know my first 10km time !!!
  • Not saying the magic beans on toast is for everybody. But yeah a nana and bagel would be fine. Just take it steady and dont over do it in the race. If this is your first ever race. Just enjoy it. Worry about times etc in the future image I done my first 10k a few weeks back and got another this Wednesday. As I am training for an ultra, I just go along to enjoy it and have a laugh and plod along image

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